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Wallis Simpson and King Edward VIII

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Wallis Simpson and King Edward VIII

Mesajgönderen TurkmenCopur » 19 Tem 2012, 10:28

Wallis Simpson and King Edward VIII

Sex and German Spies in the British Monarchy

The Oxford. Dictionary, which takes final editorial input from the monarchy, describes “Wallis Simpson (1896-1986) as the American wife of King Edward VIII [26 June 1894-28 May 1972], who reigned for 11 months in 1936 after King George V. Her relationship with the king caused a national scandal, and her second divorce forced the king’s abdication. They moved to France. He died and she remained a recluse until her death.”

In late 2003 the author was interviewing the Spymaster who said: "I spoke with a British Intelligence officer who told me this story ..

“Wallis was the subject of a round robin in 1930. A round robin is where all intelligence are circulated with a request. They were asked if they could provide a woman that might revive the future king’s jaded sexual appetite. This was Edward VIII, later famous for his 11-month reign, gay fashions, the Windsor knot and abdication.

“King George V had visited the front lines at the beginning of W^WI and his horse rolled on top of him breaking his pelvis. Thereafter he suffered ill health, mainly bronchitis and was in continual pain. His eldest son John was retarded, ignored by his mother and left to randomly garden on one of their estates. David was a little less retarded, but not much. He was to become Edward VIII. As King, it was essential to all who had designs on England, that David become their pawn.

This was as easily done as said.

“Somebody remembered having sex with an American naval officer’s wife in a Chinese brothel in the Forbidden City in Peking, China. She was learning the secrets of ‘Chinese amour’ while working for free, and it was this ‘free’ aspect that drew British Intelligence attention. They knew they were dealing with a lifetime actress who survived on attention rather than food.

“The agent replied back to London and London said, "That’s just what we need; we’ll be coming straight out to get her’.

The woman was Wallis Simpson, the future partner of King Edward VIII, and the gym instructor to his jaded, disinterested sexual appetite. She was brought back to England and the King liked her. She had sexual relations with David, the future King, but she also had sex with Ribbentrop, the Nazi German Ambassador to London, an American car salesman, and pretty much anybody else who could come up with the required attention. Flowers, a keen interest, and some form of status were generally enough.

“Just as Prince Charles was another Edward VIII (his grand-uncle), Diana also survived on attention more than food. Both Diana and Wallis Simpson were ‘sexual-bulimics’ in a pattern of desiring and denying; and both Charles and Edward were social misfits, incapable of being employed in the ordinary world. Both women were primarily concubines to disinterested, incompatible, and incompetent sexual partners.

“She [Wallis Simpson] introduced him [King Edward VIII] to homosexuality and photographed him in the process.”

The First market ‘Petite Camera with matching lipstick holder and compact’, from Kodak, was available to the elite from 1930, some four years earlier. Photographs of royalty and politicians in compromising sexual positions immediately became the most valuable piece of intelligence any secret service or hostile country could obtain. Cameras became big business, the smaller and the more hidden, the bigger the business.

Wallis’ role, as far as the Germans were concerned, was to enmesh the weak future King Edward VIII into a sexually perverse world and then threaten to reveal reports of his sexual habits to ‘high society’ and the British public at large, via American newspapers if necessary.

The conscious and unconscious illusion he adhered to was that he was successful in bed for the first time and this made him want to marry the woman. Wallis encouraged the future King to vent every pro- German/anti-English sentiment he could. The future King of England was being bribed by his mistress. These bribes were so successful he became completely dependent on the illusion she provided, despite all outward appearances to the contrary.

The truth was that Wallis was cheating on him left, right and centre and the future King was completely useless in bed and preferred prostitutes, the greater the actress the better. Having a sexually-based ego for the first time in his life, the future King was foolish enough to buy Wallis’ husband out of bankruptcy and the three of them were living in the same house for several years.

Wallis was half-American, half-German and actively spied for the Nazis. The sessions photographed included the future King of England having a menage-a-trois with another man. Wallis would get up from the bed, put on her lipstick, and at the same time take a photo from her ‘Kodak compact’ make-up case. This petite camera became a main agent for WWII and the invasion of France, which astounded even its inventors.

As many British secrets as possible were passed from the British Monarchy to Germany, obeying the Prince of Wales crest ‘Ich Dien’ (‘I serve, Germany’), honouring the family name, Saxe-Coburg-Gotha, their origins, and David’s uncle, the Kaiser of Germany. To King Edward VIII, revealing the British secrets to Germany was akin to sending a letter to his relatives.

Wallis Simpson’s German contact was the German Ambassador to London, Joachim von Ribbentrop, the Champagne General. He would read the state secrets, then check the homosexual photographs of the future King as proof of the information’s authenticity.

Ribbentrop would send Wallis roses every day, 17 being a reference to the number of times they had exchanged information and had sex- about once a week for four months, from August 1936 until the King abdicated four months later on 10 December. Wallis was having sexual relations with the King six days a week (for secrets) and rooting the Nazi ambassador one day a week while passing them on - that’s a lot of secrets and one of history’s most successful sexual-information highways.

Wallis and Ribbentrop were two hysterically horny international spies, laughing at the British monarchy as they made way for the invasion of France with the joining of their libidos. This was pure knife-edge fun. They had the monarchy by the balls, and the fact that they both got away with their reputations intact during their lifetime showed total complicity from the British press, MI-5, MI-6, Freemasonry and the gay community - all to the country’s detriment, but for the expansion of war.

Spymaster: “The British Monarchy should have fallen. Almost every other European monarchy fell in the 1920s, but the British monarchy survived because it had become such a non-nationalistic spy network that it virtually condoned the bleeding of sensitive military information to countries like Germany and Russia. This ensured the monarchy survived, Britain was severely damaged and the war lasted longer.”

The British monarchy’s spy network took rule only from the British Freemasons, the highest-ranking Freemasons being the King and currently the man with the world’s lowest EQ (emotional quotient), HRH Prince Phillip (33° Mason) who is married to his second cousin, the current Queen. Both are the great-great-grandchildren of Queen Victoria.

The British monarchy was not serving its people, it was serving its secret societies, its Freemasons, its Illuminati, its Mercer’s, the Livery Companies, the Anglican Church, the Boy Scouts, the paedophiles, and the creation of orphaned children as playthings for all of the above. The proof of this is in the near complete preservation of royal buildings during the war, while a third of the square mile of the City of London was completely destroyed.

The bribed King of England collected British secrets and passed them to his concubine, Wallis Simpson, who passed them to the Nazi Ambassador, in another sexual encounter, who then passed them to Hitler, who sniffed cocaine, snorted speed and masturbated over them. It was an orgy of information and one giant blowjob of secrets and it served to keep the Freemason’s war going. France was invaded at all its weak points (including its Prime Minister) and virtually without resistance. It fell within two weeks while Britain stood back and watched, fiddling over paperwork.

Prince Edward (later King Edward VIII) “regarded WWI as futile and stupid and a result of unnecessary conflicts between his grandfather King Edward VII and his father’s cousin Kaiser Wilhelm of Germany.”1 Reasons for WWII were equally vain. More than one secret service agent has mentioned that WWI and WWII were managed wars and WWII was a battle between the French and English Freemasons, or British royalty and French royalty.

Edward VIII, King of England, was surprisingly stupid and Wallis Simpson was surprisingly clever. She had spent most of her life entertaining two or more lovers at the same time and 17 yellow roses received daily from the Nazi Ambassador, was a lot to ignore - still, the constantly inebriated King Edward accomplished this with even more alcohol.

Abdication was a solution that saved the monarchy from certain extinction and prevented the King of England from being executed. Can you imagine a treasonous, bribed, homosexual king - surely that is a dead thing, except he was a Freemason which meant there would be no fall from grace in his lifetime and his true history would be covered up for generations to come.

Britain’s King Edward VIII was so entrenched in the German Nazi movement that the German Military Intelligence’s Abwehr even issued him with a ‘V-Mann number’ giving him special German military status. After 11 months as King, Edward VIII abdicated, retaining his title as Duke of Windsor (10 December 1936). As is so common with those on the sexual fringe, Wallis and Edward were actively destabilising their own family-based societies.

During WWII, the abdicated King Edward VIII and Wallis Simpson were both placed as far away as possible from Europe, its allies and from America. Consequently, a position was invented for them and they were made ‘Governors of the Bahamas Islands’ from 1940-45. Here they were both under strict surveillance.

Spymaster: “Wallis Simpson was investigated by the FBI in 1941 for passing information to Ribbentrop, the Nazi Foreign Minister in London, for being his lover, and for their involvement in the murder of the Canadian millionaire, Sir Harry Oakes, who inspired the private purchase of Spitfires for the RAF in 1940. When the Duke and Duchess of Windsor (Edward and Wallis) were accused of manipulating currency in France after WWII, the Labour Government had to step in and save them both from prosecution.”

No action was taken against Wallis Simpson; however, Ribbentrop, her German lover, was hanged on 16 October 1946, primarily for his knowledge of the Duke of Windsor’s sexual proclivities. At the end of WWII they were both asked to leave the Bahamas. This was a slap in the face with a wet bus ticket, but a shameful one nevertheless.

Wallis Warfield-Spencer-Simpson-Windsor was a woman primarily interested in her own sexuality. She was born in 1896 and died in 1986. Her father died when she was five months old. She (20) married a navy Lieutenant pilot, Earl Winfield Spencer Jr in 1916. He was an American- born Briton who was ‘Earl’ by Christian name only. They divorced in 1927. During this time she had an affair with Ernest Aldrich Simpson and they married in 1928, changing her name to Wallis Simpson (32). They divorced in May 1937.

Between 1922 and 1928 Wallis and her first husband Spencer were separated. In 1928 he suggested reconciliation and she sailed to China to join him. He then suggested she accompany him to a few Chinese brothels. They soon separated but she remained in China for a year, “haunting brothels by herself, enjoying close male friendships and a heady social life, refining her already considerable social/sexual skills”. Of this time she wrote: “without doubt the most delightful, the most carefree, the most lyrical interval of my youth - the nearest thing to a lotus-eater’s dream any young woman could expect to know”.2

She still wore fashion influenced by the Chinese brothel to the end of her days. British Intelligence later claimed she had learnt techniques in Chinese brothels that helped her snare a king. They should know, they arranged it. “The [famous China dossier] file contained interviews with brothel madams confirming that Wallis had entered into perverse practices in the singsong houses.”3

Wallis met the future King Edward for the first time in January 1931 and again in May. By January 1932, Edward, Prince of Wales was staying at Wallis and her second husband’s house in London. By 1934, Edward was a frequent visitor to Wallis’ home and she slept with both Edward, the future king, and her second husband, who didn’t move out for another two years. Prince Edward (David) and Wallis were a couple of swinging bisexuals. It was four years later, and six months into Edward’s reign (July 1936), that Ernest Simpson finally moved out of the marital home.

By January 1936, Edward, although King, was obsessed with Wallis. Despite Edward’s several more available mistresses, Edward was characterised as Mrs Simpson’s lapdog and their relationship, “sadomasochistic”, he, “relishing contempt and bullying”, and she finding him “dependent, burdensome and claustrophobic”.

Edward’s relationship with Wallis Simpson was now being reported in the foreign press; however, the British government had instructed the British press not to refer to the relationship. The British monarchy controlled the British press to the country’s detriment.

Wallis Simpson was described by the Queen Mother as “the lowest of the low”, presumably because she was conceived out of wedlock, from a solo-parent family that begged for survival, developed flirting as a survival skill, was a drug-dealer and gambler, trained as a sex-concubine in Peking’s Forbidden City at no charge, was twice divorced, falsified her own divorce papers, had affairs in each marriage, one of which began as a cuckolding affair, was involved with a high-powered group of society lesbians, had communist connections, spied for the Russians, was a Nazi sympathiser, and was having an affair with Ribbentrop, the Nazi foreign minister to London, and a married American car salesman (Guy Marcus Trundle4), while dating the King, whom she got to abdicate, married him in Nazi Germany and then cheated on him with a homosexual.

Wallis Simpson was no beauty, but she was seductive. All of her relationships revolved around her being in control of the new man, while destroying the masculinity of the live-in partner. She was as successful at attracting men as she was at fleecing them and rebutting them. (See Was Wallis Simpson A Man, Appendix 13)

When she got sick of men, she had affairs with bisexual women like the German Marlene Dietrich (1904-92) who acted in The Blue Angel (1930), The Devil is a Woman (1935) and, rather ironically, Judgement at Nuremberg (1961). In his autobiography, Laurence Olivier writes of the two of them dancing tit-to-tit with their hands up each other’s pants. Marlene Dietrich was a Nazi spy.

From 1949-53, while still married, she (53-57) began another affair with the gay playboy grandson of Woolworths. Twenty years her junior, it lasted four years, and Edward the Duke of Windsor (55-59), fully aware, trailed along behind. Edward, once King, had been usurped by a gay man. As the Duchess of Windsor once rebutted: “You can’t abdicate and eat it.”

You’d think by now that her given surname ‘Warfield’ meant something. She still wore fashion influenced by the Chinese brothel, her most cherished moments, till the end of her days. She remained, until her death in 1986, the Step-Aunt to the current Queen of England.

“He was not skilled in doing anything physical.”6 Despite the fact that Prince Edward was a failure at everything - education, sports, relationships, sex (including erections), reproduction (no children), sleep (he was an insomniac), sobriety (he was a lush), family (they shunned him), public relations, the press, politics, service at war, kingship, and was vain to boot, the press still managed to maintain a level of popularity between Edward and the public.

Edward was a poor student and after two years of failed study it was decided he should be given a commission in the British Army. On the insistence of King George V (3 June 1865-20 January 1936) and Lord Kitchener (24 June 1850-5 June 1916), Edward was excluded from any discussion on political issues and restricted to serving as a courier (staff appointment) during WWI.

As Prince ‘David’ Edward, he had a gay liaison with his Oxford tutor Henry Peter Hansell. In 1918 he had an affair with the wife of the Liberal Whip, Freda Dudley Ward, then a homosexual liaison with Louis Mountbatten during the Empire Tour (1927). By 1930 Prince ‘David’ Edward was lingering in the Tate Gallery picking up boys and men. Six years later he was king. “He was an unsatisfactory lover with homosexual leanings.”7

His father King George V encouraged him to find a wife and start a family. “In January 1923 it was announced in the press that the future King Edward VIII would marry Lady Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon.”8 On discovering his penis was so small as to be impractical, that he was bisexual, liked to be dominated, could not maintain an erection and was an insomniac, Elizabeth went with his brother Bertie instead, despite his bad stammer and shyness. “A week later her engagement to his brother Albert was announced; today she is the queen mother.”

The future Queen of England and Queen Mother became engaged to his brother Prince ‘Bertie’ Albert even though Bertie (the future King George VI and the current Queen’s father) had already an affair with a black actress and a homosexual affair with a young Parisian boy who later blackmailed him.

King George VI followed this up during his marriage to the Queen with an illegitimate son named Michael Canfield (1926-69). He was brought up by Cass Canfield of Harper & Row Publishing and was the half-brother to the current Queen. Michael ‘Fitz’ Canfield later married the Duchess of Marlborough and ‘died’ soon after the wedding. There was no way he was going to be allowed to have children.10

But even this was pre-empted in the colonies and became known as New Zealand’s worst kept secret. Recently married and on Royal Tour with his wife (Elizabeth), newborn child (Elizabeth II) and homosexual incestuous partner (Louis Mountbatten), the future King George VI conceived a child with a Maori woman in March 1927.

As an adult, he was in charge of DoRAs (Defence of the Realm Acts) for British paedophiles on holiday in New Zealand, especially in Rotorua. He would cover for those who were caught or who had complaints against them, ensuring that there was no police record and that “the British tourists” got out of the country safely. His job was to cover up for British paedophiles, but it was also to ensure there was a ready supply of young Maori boys available for paedophilia who were encouraged to swim naked in the Priest and Radium pools.

Secret Service (NZ): “King George Vi’s illegitimate son was an effeminate housebound homosexual who looked like a British royal who had been nuggetted. He was the Queen’s half-brother and 18 months her junior. She spent five days with him at Moosewood Lodge in Rotorua during the Royal Tour from 23 December 1953 to 30 January 1954. The previous Royal Tour in 1927 had sired the child.”11

The author has a bakelite cigar case stamped “ ROYAL VISIT N Z 1949 ”, but this was made in anticipation. The Royal Tour was delayed as King George VI became ill with a strange form of lung cancer called syphilis. He died of lung cancer/syphilis on 6 February 1952 and the newly crowned Queen Elizabeth II and her husband/second cousin Prince Philip went on the Royal Tour instead.

The former King’s doctor then came out to New Zealand, made child introductions to King George Vi’s illegitimate son and was then promoted and elevated to Governor-General. Elevations and paedophilia go hand in hand, especially when the little hand meets the big hand.

After the future King Edward VIII’s week-long engagement to the current Queen Mother, the monarchy did a ‘round robin’ amongst the secret service, chocolate soldiers and diplomats. They searched high and low for a woman to revive the sagging libido of the inheritor of the British Empire. They tried the American Thelma Furness, but David rejected her. (She was normal, he was not.) The best they could find for ‘the most eligible bachelor in the world’ was a divorced American woman working at no charge, in a Peking brothel, in the Forbidden City of China - Wallis Simpson.

The King’s challenged sexuality was confirmed by Wallis Simpson who told guests at a Paris party: “The duke is impotent and although he had tried sexual intercourse with numerous women they had been unsuccessful in satisfying his passions.” “The duchess in her own inimitable and unique manner has been the only woman who had been able to satisfactorily gratify the duke’s sexual desires.”12

The 5’ 5” (1.65 m) King Edward VIII had a small penis, could not maintain an erection and preferred to wear nappies and be dominated by Wallis Simpson.

Countess of Romanones: “The techniques Wallis discovered in China did not entirely overcome the Prince’s extreme lack of virility. It is doubtful whether he and Wallis ever actually had sexual intercourse in the normal sense of the word.”13 It was a sadomasochistic relationship in which she had total control. She despised him and he adored her.

Wallis was considered unsuitable for the monarchy by the public and this caused Edward’s abdication. After abdicating in December
they both confirmed their Nazi sympathiser status by visiting Germany in October 1937 and being entertained by Hitler and other senior Nazis. Edward VIII: “Dictators are very popular these days.”

Edward VIII had supreme influence over the Freemasons and the Masonic Lodge. It becomes increasingly obvious to all who read history that control of the press is the key to allowing secret societies like the Freemasons to carry out their own agenda for war (British/German versus French Freemasons), while the monarchy’s reputation is left untarnished.

Control of the press always leads to some form of civil unrest. It may maintain stability at the time, but ‘essential delayed knowledge’ is always detrimental to history. It is an expression of an ‘affective power vanity’ which always results in an ‘effective power vacuum’. It is the stuff of double agents.

On colonial visits Edward drew large crowds and his obvious popularity made him increasingly vain. As one observer noted, he had “difficulty in understanding the symbolic nature of his position and tended to assume that the attention focused on him was a direct consequence of his own particular gifts”.

Edward had no children, thank God, but his father, George V, had given him a few half-brothers and sisters, the most famous of which was Anthony Blunt. His younger brother Bertie became King George VI, whose daughter became the present Queen (QEII).

A sexually bent King and a prostitute/sexual compulsive for a prospective Queen made Britain an invaders’ paradise. War was planned and happened within three years.

It was essential for invading countries to find weaknesses in the key figures of opposing countries and then exploit those weaknesses. Embarrassment was something that was delayed as long as possible and, not surprisingly, the cover for such a plot always came from the country’s own media under government instruction. Edward VIII had weaknesses to be exploited in abundance and his shortcomings made England a spy’s paradise.

It was Edward’s weaknesses as a king, his naivety around politics, his lack of sexuality, his liking for prostitutes, and his continual intoxication, making him ‘non compos mentis’ most of the time, that almost brought down the British monarchy and perhaps should have.

With the British media’s continual suppression and virtual blackout of anything ‘Edward and Wallis’, Edward VIII maintained his cover and provided an easy source of information for WWII’s most competent and ingrained spy, Wallis Simpson, the Duchess of Windsor, and the King of England’s partner. “Edward VIII turned to Wallis for advice in doing everything.”

By August 1935, Wallis was surrounded by French and British special agents and a detective from Scotland Yard. In order to pass secrets she employed a lawyer (Gregoire) who was also the lawyer for Ribbentrop (Nazi Ambassador to London) and Otto Abertz who soon became the German Ambassador to Paris. When she couldn’t get through to them, she sent crucial secrets to Berlin via Italy.

Anna Wolkoff, the daughter of Admiral Wolkoff, was a Nazi spy sending crucial secrets to Berlin via Italy and was considered a leading figure in British fascism. She was the dressmaker to Wallis Simpson and Princess Marina of Greece (the widow of the Duke of Kent). Five associates of Anna Wolkoff were listed by MI-5 as being Nazi sympathisers. This list led right into the household of the British royal family.

For Pro-Nazi suspects, MI-5 had divided the country into regions, and when they were released 60 years later (October 2004) all but the central region of London involving British establishment figures were released, though the more obvious ones, the Duke of Bedford, the Duke of Windsor, Sir Oswald Mosley, Sir Barry Domvile (the former head of Naval Intelligence) and Lord Rothermere (owner of the Daily Mail) were included. These leading British fascists were quoted as saying “A victorious Nazi invasion would place the Duke back on the throne”.

None of their spying or sexual secrets made it to the British press as there was a media blackout on anything to do with Wallis and King Edward. Only overseas papers dared show the stories. Viscount Lord Rothermere,18 fascist sympathiser and owner of the Daily Mail, often published pro-Hitler messages:

“In England, many people imagine Hitler as a cannibal; but I would like to say ... he conveys good comradeship. He is unpretentious, naturally and apparently sincere . . . There is no human being living whose promise on important matters I would trust more readily. He believes that Germany has a Divine calling and that the German people are destined to save Europe ... No words can describe his politeness ... He is a man of rare culture.”19

“Hitler’s political aim and policy is directed toward attaining his goal without loss of blood. He succeeded in ascending to the highest power position in Germany with very little spilling of blood or loss of human life in a land of 68 million inhabitants. Austria was annexed without one shot being fired.”

King Edward and Wallis Simpson were a couple of swinging bisexuals. She divorced in May 1937 and they married on 3 June 1937.

Their official wedding photo in France showed Herman Rogers and Major Edward ‘Fruity’ Metcalfe. Wallis had had a menage-a-trois with Herman Rogers and his wife and ‘Fruity’ was a bisexual in a front marriage. These were sexually incompetent bisexuals and gays in show marriages attending dinners sponsored by German and Italian Fascists.

As his father King George V put it: “My son has not a single friend who is a gentleman and does not see any decent society.” Wallis was also sexually involved with “Thelma and Gloria Vanderbilt in a high-powered group of society lesbians”.

Snubbed by the royal family and the British establishment, the Duke of Windsor was forced into exile in France, Spain, Portugal and the Bahamas. He was considered a drunk and she obnoxious. Despite their exile, Wallis Simpson continued to provide Ribbentrop (the Nazi Ambassador in London) with the information required for the invasion of France in 1940.

The former King Edward VIII, abdicated and reduced to the Duke of Windsor, was posted to France to liaise between the British and French armies; however, “the Duchess of Windsor was in constant contact and communication with Ribbentrop . . . Because of their high official position, the duchess obtained a variety of information concerning the British and French official activities and passed this on to the Germans.”

With this information, the Germans invaded northern France in May 1940 with virtually no opposition. The couple then fled to Biarritz in the south of France. Wallis Simpson had informed Ribbentrop where they were going, and arrival to their secret hideaway was simultaneously announced on German Radio, along with their room number. This lifted German war spirits to new levels of hilarity not enjoyed since.

Within a month they travelled to Spain and communication with Ribbentrop was facilitated through Spanish Fascists. A month later they travelled to Portugal where the Duke made indiscreet remarks that Britain stood little chance of resisting a German invasion and may as well try to settle for peace with the Germans.

Edward VIII was allowed to leave Spain under the direct intervention of Walter Schellenberg, the Nazi Intelligence Officer. For this favour, Schellenberg was not prosecuted for War Crimes in 1946, but 1949. He was placed in British custody and made to sleep on a mattress with radioactive material inserted. He died soon after from stomach cancer (1952).

Schellenberg had managed the Venlo Incident for Germany but was never forgiven by the British for ‘acquiring possession’ of the Prince of Wales’ homosexual secrets. For this, in the end, he was ultimately condemned to die. The Intelligence Officer’s comment that often appears on British files and believed to be penned by ‘M’ read:

“Well done, true and faithful servant”.

The Duke and Duchess of Windsor spent the month of July 1940 in Portugal, during which time Winston Churchill arranged for the Duke to become the ‘Governor of the Bahamas’ from August 1940. The Bahamas were selected to prevent the Duchess from coming into contact with any British officials and from “establishing any channel of communication with Ribbentrop”

FBI memo: “It was considered absolutely essential that the Windsors be removed to a point where they would do absolutely no harm.”

London Guardian, 2002: “When the Duke and Duchess of Windsor sailed into Palm Beach, Florida, on the SS Berkshire from Nassau on April 18 1941, they were looking forward to enjoying three days of relaxation at the Everglades Club, playing golf and drinking and gossiping with American high society.

Little did they know that the previous night instructions had gone out from President Roosevelt to FBI chief J. Edgar Hoover to launch what was to be an extraordinary covert intelligence exercise that had to fool both the exiled royals and the US secret service agent who was guarding them.

“The exercise was launched after the FBI had been passed intelligence that the Duke and Duchess were being used by the Nazis to obtain secrets which could wreck the Allies’ war effort. The US investigation became even more lurid when FBI agents interviewed a Benedictine monk in a Franciscan monastery in the United States; Father Odo had once been the Duke of Wurttemberg, a minor German royal with connections to Queen Mary, the duke’s mother, and her brother, the Duke of Athlone, then governor-general of Canada.

“He told them that a prime suspect in the investigation - Joachim von Ribbentrop, then the Nazis’ foreign minister - had been the Duchess’s lover when he was ambassador to Britain in 1936. The minister was already thought to have been supplied with information by the Duchess during the German invasion of France in 1940. Now it was suggested that there was a far closer arrangement.

“A year after war broke out, the FBI sent a memo to President Roosevelt outlining the agency’s worries about the couple. It stated: ‘It has been ascertained that for some time, the British government has known that the Duchess of Windsor was exceedingly pro-German in her sympathies and connections and there is strong reason to believe that this is the reason why she was considered so obnoxious to the British government that they refused to permit Edward to marry her and maintain the throne.

“Both she and the Duke of Windsor have been repeatedly warned by representatives of the British government that in the interest of the morale of the British people, they should be exceedingly circumspect in their dealings with the representatives of the German government.” From their base in the Bahamas, the couple made frequent visits to the United States during WWII. After tailing the Windsors, on 2 May 1941 an FBI agent wrote to Hoover:

“The Duchess of Windsor had an intense hate for the English since they had kicked them out of England . . . and he [FBI agent] had definite proof that the Duke of Windsor, former King of England, had reached an agreement with Hitler’s deputy, Herman Goering. After Germany won the war, Goering, through control of the army, would overthrow Hitler and reinstate the duke as King of England.”

This pipedream of Goering’s was sympathetically treated in the higher echelons of MI-6, but was only for the consumption of Goering and the Prince of Wales.

This saga was not only circumstance, but also hereditary. Edward’s father, King George V, was described by his biographer Robert Lacey:

“As his official biographer I felt compelled to admit, King George V was distinguished by no exercise of social gifts, by no personal magnetism, by no intellectual powers. He was neither a wit nor a brilliant raconteur, neither well-read, nor well-educated, and he made no great contribution to enlightened social converse. He lacked intellectual curiosity .. .” and it was these qualities that King Edward VIII inherited, as did his brother King George VI, the father of the current Queen Elizabeth II.

King George V had the perfect parenting style for creating sexual repressives and moody ne’re-do-wells. He was a remote and stern figure who treated his sons like cadets on a battleship - they were always on parade when in his presence. He reprimanded them with savage anger and employed a succession of nannies, at least two of which were sadistically cruel. The children were raised by an unavailable, angry father, for whom they had to perform. Both Edward (David) and George (Bertie) grew up to be effeminate, non-performing, easily bribed bisexuals whose sperm had no morals.

King George V was killed by his doctor, Lord Dawson, who injected him with a mixture of morphine and cocaine so his death announcement could make the morning papers. He died within 15 minutes at 11.55 pm on 20 January 1936 at Sandringham, Norfolk, England. Hitler sent a message of sympathy and his entire cabinet attended a synchronous memorial in Berlin on 28 January 1936.

Hitler was infatuated with Wallis Simpson and assigned a German agent to film Wallis at the funeral procession. Both Hitler and Eva Braun were mesmerised by Wallis’s hair, make-up and severe, classic, timeless clothes. Hitler deeply admired Wallis and giggled uncontrollably in ecstatic pleasure when he viewed her on film in Obersalzburg.

Something drastically changed between 1936 and 1939. The continued use of hard drugs began to tax high society. Hitler was a speed and cocaine addict and the elite of Britain and Berlin were in a white powder epidemic. Cocaine (snow) was widely used in the 1920s and from 1933 the Nazis campaigned against their use.

Despite this, from April to December 1939 German soldiers were supplied with 29 million pills of Amphetamine Pervitine (Benzedrine, or speed) designed to keep the paratroopers awake. From 1942, Adolf Hitler’s personal physician (King George Vi’s agent, Dr Theodor Morell) injected him daily with methamphetamine or ‘speed’, very similar to ‘P’ which caused Hitler’s premature ageing and charismatic dementia.

Many Nazi servicemen of all kinds took emergency packets of supplied drugs. A paratrooper who jumped on Crete in 1941 said: “It was as if someone had boiled my blood. I suddenly had superhuman strength and could not sleep. I was capable of superhuman feats.”

Allied Officer: “I was assigned to guard a German ‘naval commander’ - a ship saboteur. He had dangerous knowledge but was not physically capable. He showed me shots of his children and I pretended to relax. He talked to me in English and one night when I came on duty, his eyes had changed. His pupils had got a little bigger and he moved a little more quickly. He suddenly tried to grasp my throat and it took a full magazine from a Lanchester SMG4 in .45 calibre to bring him down. He was dead on the deck before he fell. If I had engaged the safety he would have killed me. I have no doubt the previous guard had missed him taking something.”

The use of drugs and alcohol was a major feature of the life of Wallis Warfield-Spencer-Simpson-Windsor and her greatest supporter was the drug addict Lady Emerald Cunard. Wallis suffered from recurring bleeding ulcers from her ever-increasing alcoholism which resulted in delusions, and in the last 10 years of her life she would pick up objects and talk on them as though they were a telephone.

The ambition of the British monarchy from 1837-1910 had been to exert political influence (Queen Victoria, 1837-1901; King Edward VII, 1902-1910) in the tradition of Queen Elizabeth I (1558-1603). However, King George V (1910-1936) did not have the sufficient IQ required to manipulate the destiny of nations. As such, his royal perspective was considerably more humble, understandable in that he could comprehend little. Instead, George V chose, or rather, it was chosen for him, that he would do whatever he was capable of. This was limited to embodying qualities which the nation was to see as its greatest strength “diligence, dignity and duty”. This involved being seen parading in a glorified uniform and little else.

These new traditional values were to march men into war as proud cannon fodder. It was a well-dressed borderline retard leading the impoverished into deaths of glory and risking their lives for medals made of brass and silk.

Despite the lack of intellectual status assigned to King George V, even less was assigned to his son King George VI.27 Queen Elizabeth II is no bright spark either. Her lack of intelligence and inability to spell her own name correctly during signing is often confused with her not being amused. She is not amused because she does not get the joke. “She is a child in a woman’s body, does not understand murder and has little concept of Emotional Quotient.” In that regard, she is well matched to her husband/second cousin, Prince Philip.

As a result, Buckingham Palace is described as a sterile emotional void, and yet another generation morbidly waits on her passing the crown and the couple dying their way out of the history books. For such honoured people, at the end of their lives, we have to ask ourselves: “What have they done?”

More importantly, historians have to ask: “What have the royals done that the public generally don’t know about?” This usually takes 50 years or so to uncover, but in the case of Prince Philip’s tour of South America it is passed the the 50-year rule and still not released.

Going back to the late 1800s, the British royal family is a collection of German bisexual cuckolders and wife-cheaters. The bisexuals include King George V, King Edward VIII, King George VI, Lord Louis Mountbatten, Prince Philip, Prince Charles and Prince Edward. The cuckolders and wife-cheaters include King Edward VII, King George V, King Edward VIII, King George VI, Prince Philip, Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Charles and Princess Diana.

Prince Charles’ servant, George Smith, claimed he was anally raped in 1989 by a royal servant and had seen Prince Charles in a compromising position with the same servant. Diana recorded Smith’s affidavit and died within the year. Smith went public in 2003 dying two years later, apparently of post-traumatic stress disorder following military service in the Falklands War, 23 years earlier (1982). His illness was acquired soon after accusing Prince Charles. George Smith died ‘ex-military fit’ aged 44 on 24 August 2005. Unfortunately his late-detected long-time illness proved fatal.29

By no means is this history a good look. It looks more like a low grade American soap, a kind of super-rich Days of our Lives without the daily toil. The public at large can be justified in saying:

“We are not amused”.

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