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Irkçı Düşman Partinin 21 Mayıs 2008'de Gülen Raporu

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Irkçı Düşman Partinin 21 Mayıs 2008'de Gülen Raporu

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Irkçı Düşman Partinin 21 Mayıs 2008'de Gülen Raporu

Feiten volgens dhr. Gülen - rechtbank Pennsylvania 21 mei 2008
Pagina's 1, 10 en 17, zoals vastgelegd bij de rechtbank in Pennsylvania


Fethullah Gulen, :
Plaintiff :
v. : CivilNo.07-cv-2148
Michael CHERTOFF, et. al,


Plaintiff Fethullah Gulen, through his allorneys H. Ronald Klasko and Theodore J. Murphy, and Defendants, Michael Chertoff, et al., through their attomcys Patrick L. Meehan, United States Attomey, and Mary Catherine Frye, Assistant U. S. Attomey, hereby agrue and stipulate to the following facts:

1. On or about November 21, 2006, Plaintiff completed and filed Form 1-140, Immigrant Visa Petition, seeking classification as an alien of extraordinary ability, under8 U.S.C. § 1153(b)(l)(A), with the USCIS Texas Service Center premium processing unit, including a premium processing fee (1-907) of $ 1,000. (Adininistrative Record ("A.R.") pp. 243 - 245 (1-140 Immigrant Petition for Alien Worker) and p. 242 (1-907 request for Premium Processing Service),
2. On or about November 22, 2006, the USCIS Texas Service Center premium processing unit issued to Plaintiff Gulen Form 1-797C indicating reccipt of PlainlifPs Form I-140 and ihe $1,000 premium processing fee. The case identification number is SRC-07-035-53075. Filing a petition with the premium processing unil guarantees a decision on the Politics of the Middle East" at the University of Utah (A.R. pp. 295 - 299), "Comparative Islamic Literature" at the University of Georgia (A.R. pp. 300 -304), "Politica! Culture" at Northern Illinois University (A.R. pp. 305-317), "Modern Central Asia: An tntroduction" at Johns Hopkins University (A.R. pp, 318 - 321), and "Life of the Prophet" at Georgia State University (A.R. pp. 322 - 325).

47. Mr. Gülen's work is also part of the curricula such as "Religion and Nationalism in Southeast Europe" at the Center for Interdisciplinary Postgraduate Studies at the University of Sarajevo (Bosnia) (A.R. pp. 331 - 336), "Islam: Formative Period, the Qur'an, Neofundamentalism and Tolerance" at Ateneo de Manila University (Philippines) (A.R. pp. 337 - 339), and "Radical Politics in the Middle East" at the Middle East Technical University (Turkey) (A.R. pp. 326 - 330), to name only a few.
48. Mr. Gülen is the founder of the "Gülen Movement."
49. The principles of the Gülen Movement are the foundation for hundreds of schools established in North America, Europe, and Asia.
50. The Gülen schools have recetved media coverage, in sources such as The Economist, which published an article in its July 8,2000 issue. (A.R. p. 340).
51. Mr. Gülen has published over 40 books and nearly 100 articles. (A.R. pp. 1467 -1470).
52. Mr. Gülen's books include Toward a Global Civilization of Love and Tolerance (A.R. pp. 1184 - 1188. p. 1623), Advocate of Pialogue (A.R. pp. 1228 - 12 40. p. 1627), The Necessitv of Interfaith Dialoetie: A Muslim Perspective (Windows Onto the Faithl (A.R. pp. Resources and Strategies," published by its National Security Research Division, Mr. Gülen is also recognized for "putt[ing] forward a version of fslamic modernity that is slrongly influenced by Sujism and [that] stresses diversity, tolerance, and nonviolence (Gülen, 1999)," rftfcrcncing his book Kev Concepts in the Practice of Sufism. (A.R. pp. 957 - 973).

73. An article, "Progressive Islamic Tkought, civit society and the Gulen movement in the national context: parallels with Indonesta," was submitted in support of the 1-140 petition written by Greg Barton. Greg Barton is an Associate Professor in politics at Deakin University where he teaches Political Leadership, Global Islamic Politics, and Society and Culture in Contemporary Asia. (A.R. pp. 905 - 955).
74. While in the United States, Mr. Gülen founded the Institute for Interfaith Dialog (Houston, Texas). The Institute of Interfaith Dialog (J1D) is a non-profit organization. (A.R. pp. 1029-1033).
75. While in the United States, Mr. Gülen has served as Honorary President of the Niagara Foundation (Chicago, Illinois). (A.R. pp. 1023 - 1028).
76. While in the United States, Mr. Gülen has served as the Honorary President of the Rumi Foundation (C\eve\md,Oh\o). (A.R.pp. 1020-1022).
77. While in Turkey, Mr. Gülen founded The Gülen Movement. In his position as the Founder and Head of The Gülen Movement, Mr. Gülen has overseen the establishment of a conglomeration of schools throughoul the world, in Europe, Central Asia, and the United States. (A.R. pp. 658 - 679. pp. 1343 -1370, pp. 1518 - 1546).

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