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Ftdna Tatar Dna Project Goals(Hedefleri)

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Ftdna Tatar Dna Project Goals(Hedefleri)

Mesajgönderen TurkmenCopur » 13 Mar 2011, 21:00


The goal of this project is to decipher our DNAs to see if Tatar ancestry is possible and if there is a relatedness through our common names, DNA and haplogroups. All are invited to submit their MTDNA and YDNA if their ancestry is from central Europe in particular Poland/Lithuania; & Russia.


Anikin, Aslamowicze, Bourg, Bulgakov, Camlica, Clay, Cowan, Goodman, Jakubowskich, Kirkillo, Kuprivte, Kuznetsov, Lake, Laptirev, Luczaj, Martazan, Medeksza, Murzicze, Newerdowski, Ozyavas, Polenov, Prokopowicz, Sayyid, Scott, Szynkiewicze, Tartarscy, Tatard, Tatari, Ulanowie, Wilkiewicz, Williams, Willis


Many Lithuanian,Polish, Russian nobles and non-nobles were originally from Tatar tribes especially the Crimean Tatars in the case of Poland/Lithuania. Members of these tribes who settled in Poland/Lithuania (Lipka Tatars) in the 14th century for example, eventually became Christians in order to own land, marry locals and changed their names accordingly. Some surnames are more obviously Tatar, than other Christianized surnames e.g. Tartarscy, Ulanowie, Aslamowicze, Jakubowskich, Murzicze etc. If some people are lucky enough to have COA's for their families, one can see they were often from Tatar Tamgas or property marks.
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