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Sultan'ın Kaşgar Emiri Yakub Han'a Gönderdiği Fermanı

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Sultan'ın Kaşgar Emiri Yakub Han'a Gönderdiği Fermanı

Mesajgönderen TurkmenCopur » 20 Ara 2010, 17:41

Sultan'ın Kaşgar Emiri Yakub Han'a Gönderdiği 12 Ağustos 1875 Tarihli Fermanı

The Sultan's Name-i Humayun (Ferman) to Yakub Khan of Kashghar
(10 Recep 1292 (August 12, 1975)

We are delighted to hear of your friendly service which you have evidently shown since the establishment of your Government in Kasghgar. What I hear, since you brought you country under our authority, you printed my name in the coins and read the "hutba " in my name, made me so proud of you and have a great respect for you. I have heard all these from Seyyid Yakub Beg. your relative and good emissary at my court, once more.

It is known to me that you are requesting my permission for your elder son to be your successor. Your attitude and friendship doubled our feelings and respects which we hold for you. and proudly noted your fine services in bringing the good Muslims of Central Asia under our authority. As an example of my appreciation about your services. I am sending you "Sancağ-ı Şherif (the holy-flag of the Sultan) which you must not change its clour and shape, and under it you can print my name on the coins and read "hutba "in my name. I am sending you as a compliment and to honour you unci the Muslims of Central Asia.

The Governments and its riders, as the protectors of people, got to secure the lives of their people with their justice and good administration. To do this a kind of holy duty which has been given upon them. When the time changes we have to carry out new reforms in our lives and thought to secure the future of our peoples. Since you are willing to govern your people in this manner, you have my permission and good wishes in nominating your elder son as your successor.

The abilities and good will you have by birth which make me so happy to give my blessings and compliments to you and your people. You must carry on your good administration with justice and make the lives ofyour people wealthy and secure. You must also improve the science, education, industry and agriculture in your country. You got to built the bridges and roads in order to easy the transport in the country. These can be done with the abilities and needs ofyour people and the conutry one by one.

While you are doing these to bring civilisation and good life for your people, you must be so careful not to involve with the endless troubles and conflicts with the other countries around you. In such a trouble, you may loose some of the lives ofyour people and as well as your properties. Instead of doing this, you must have friendly relations by making peace agreements with your neighbouring countries. By doing these you can improve your trade relations with the others. This is the best and acceptable life for the present and future of our lives. This is my 'ferman " to you and to your people which you got to follow.

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