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Kaşgar Emiri Yakub Han'dan Osmanlı Sultanı Vezirine Mektup

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Kaşgar Emiri Yakub Han'dan Osmanlı Sultanı Vezirine Mektup

Mesajgönderen TurkmenCopur » 20 Ara 2010, 17:40

Kaşgar Emir Yakub Han'dan Sultan'a Mektup

A letter from Yakub Khan,
The Emir of Kashghar, to the Sultan
I have been complimented as an obedient follower and humble servant of the imperial court and Caliphate. It is impossible to describe how happy I am to hear the celebrating news of Your Majesty's succession to the throne of Caliphate. The Muslims of Kashgharia also celebrating the happy news In their prays. I sent Seyyid Yakub Khan Tore, a relative of mine, to congratulate Your Majesty and give our best wishes and pray for a long and lasting reign over us and the other muslims. 1 know my emissary very well and he Is known by the people as well. Me is allowed to tell you how my people and I (your humble servant) were delighted with the happy news of Your Majesty's succession and our prays to God for a happy and long life you may live. I must not say any more but to wish Your Majesty a lasting life and power.

Your Majesty's Emir and humble servant In Kashghar.

Kaşgar Emiri Yakub Han'dan Osmanlı Sultam Vezirine Mektup

A Letter from Yakub Khan, the Emir of Kashghar, to the Grand Vesir of the Sultan of Turkey

My people and I relieved and happy with the news of His Majesty's Sultan Abdulhamid Khan, succession to the Caliphate. I am thanking and praying to Allah (God) on the occasion of this happy event.

As the follower and prayer of the Sultanate, I should have come to Istanbul to congratulate to succession of His Majesty but long distance between our countries made it imppossible. However, my mind and heart will be always there. To fulfill this duty. I am sending Seyyid Yakub to Istanbul. It will be very good of you if Your Excellency can discuss the matters with him.

Yazar: Mehmet SARAY
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