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Churchill, Hitler ve Stalin Beraber Çalışıyorlar

Burada Gizli İngiliz Ajanı Adolf Hitler'in Faaliyetleri hakkında önemli başlıklar bulabilirsiniz.

Churchill, Hitler ve Stalin Beraber Çalışıyorlar

Mesajgönderen TurkmenCopur » 19 Tem 2012, 10:59

Churchill, Hitler and Stalin Work Together

Chaplin Plays the Muse

When the British soldiers returned from war on the Continent and compared notes with British Intelligence in Britain, they suddenly felt very sick. The British Intelligence chiefs woke up in 1945 and realised they had been had, that the war was an arrangement, a fallacy, a pre-organised hoax with goals well defined before WWII ever broke out. This led to personal disillusionment amongst many high-ranking soldiers who then refused to talk about the war - the tight-lipped, big-eared generation, as indicative of determined survivors (large noticeable ears), who were bitter about their responsibilities (tight-lipped).

British Agents - Adolf Hitler and Dr Theodor Morell

Hitler’s doctor, Dr Theodor Morell, was a British agent, Freemason, secret Tibetan Lodge member and ‘Vril’ practitioner, placed there by King George V and VI. These were all qualities he shared with Adolf Hitler, although Hitler denies the Freemasonry connection.

‘Vril’ was the life force as taught in Tibet to Gurdjeiff, who taught Hitler’s dentist, Dr Friedrich Krohn and Professor Karl Haushofer, both of them Hitler’s primary spiritual mentors in the occult. Vril was so popular as a concept in the early 1900s, it led to the brand name ‘Bovril’ - ‘Bovine and Vril’. Karl Haushofer’s son Albrecht was the Duke of Hamitlon’s lover, who was the Duke of Kent’s lover, who was King George Vi’s brother.

Dr Morell was offered a position as doctor to the Shah of Persia. This is a tell-tale sign that he was a British agent, as the Shah of Persia was a British hostage, allowed to function, but completely under British rule.

Dr Morell had been a doctor on board elegant trans-Atlantic liners between Hamburg and Buenos Aires and was a fashionable dermatologist at the Berlin Tennis Club, making him something of a VIP. Although he was recognised and well received by high society (he was a short fat curio), the opinions of his colleagues and historians were that he was a complete charlatan. I don’t disagree, but he was a purposeful charlatan. The fact that Hitler’s own staff didn’t stop his over-medication defies logic and points to a phoney war with disaffected double agents.

Hitler’s photographer, Heinrich ‘Heini’ Hoffmann was an alcoholic and latent homosexual with gonorrhoea whose wife had just died. Dr Morell switched to specialising in venereal disease from 1936 and was invited to treat ‘Heini’ who just happened to be employing Eva Braun. Only those with British intelligence connections had access for the drugs required to treat venereal disease and this gave Morell access to Hitler in the weeks afterwards.1

From January 1937 Dr Morell was Hitler’s preferred doctor and like Winston Churchill with Lord Moran, Hitler preferred doctors of dubious repute.

Dr Morell didn’t drink or smoke, but he ate like a horse, belched like a mule, stunk like a pig and had chronic flatulence as did Hitler under Morell’s treatment. The 5’ 6”, 105 kg (16*/2 stone) Dr Morell was not popular in Hitler’s circle, was refused an SS uniform, was a social outcast and chuckled at anything Hitler said, just in case it was funny.

Hitler didn’t eat meat, poultry, fish or eggs. He ate fruit, vegetables and pastries. By October 1937, Hitler’s consumption of pills overtook his consumption of food and his health declined rapidly. Morell gave Hitler morphine, hypnotics, dextrose, hormones and vitamins and endless anti-gas pills compounded with strychnine and belladonna, up to 16 per day.

Dr Morell systematically ruined Hitler’s health, feeding him banned drugs, toxins and narcotics which aged him prematurely. Dr Brandt even alleged that Morell had systematically poisoned Hitler with strychnine disguised as anti-gas pills. Morell more or less admitted to this in their shared prison cell in 1945: “Hitler was never ill”.

“Morell converted the largely healthy man that Hitler had been earlier into one constantly plied with injections and tablets which made Hitler more or less dependent on him; he played on Hitler’s neuropathic nature by spouting utter rubbish about how Hitler’s heavy workload meant that he was burning energy at the same rate as people in the tropics, and that the lost energy had to be replaced by all manner of injections like iodine, vitamins, calcium, heart-and-liver extract and hormones.”

Dr Morell kept Hitler heavily medicated with an antagonistic cocktail of uppers and downers - an action which suggested he was deliberately medicating Hitler into insanity. He gave Hitler 28 different pills and injections each day, some of them more than once. These were a combination of stimulants, digestive aids, anti-influenza drugs, vitamins, hormones, and glucose including Prostacrinum (an extract of sperm and prostatic tissue), and Bromnervalit against depression, Indelan to stimulate appetite, Eupaverin to alleviate colitis, Eufrasin against colibacillary infection, ecalyptus lozenges and even Dr Korster’s quack pills.

After Hitler’s second attempt at peace, which the British sabotaged, as well as his planned escape to America in June 1941, the doses were increased with injections of strophanthus and nicotinic acid. By August 1941 Hitler was nauseous and had uncontrollable shivering. His legs became oedematous (they held water), he became weak and deteriorated rapidly.

Dr Morell ignored the side-effects and increased his doses adding Cardizol, Coramine, and Sympatol and even more anti-depressants. When that didn’t work, he gave Hitler caffeine, Pervitin (speed) and Vitamultina (amphetamines with even more caffeine). The bulk of the Nazi military were also on speed and they had containers to be accessed in an emergency.

Hitler had a heart attack, arterial hypertension, icteric hepatitis, his eye haemorrhaged, his right eye closed up, he had long and frequent lapses of memory, constantly burped and aged five years to every one. His staff reacted to him in much the same way that most people react to heavily medicated old people - they sold off his assets. By 1942, Dr Morell’s drug-induced condition of Hitler had become such a success that even the Allied Headquarters kept an eye on Hitler’s ‘psychiatric situation’.

Hitler’s own generals were completely baffled by his ever-changing battle plans. This gave them further impetus to ‘run away from that crazy old person’ and defect. As a result of Hitler’s drug-induced madness there was a plan to kill Hitler using Martin Bormann’s gun (a universal agent) and there was another attempt by the German High Command/British agent Hermann Goering, who attempted a Palace Revolution in early 1945. Hitler’s madness was deliberately induced and he was meant to die many times, but the assassination attempts kept failing or the doppelgangers were killed instead.

This was a direct result of having MI-6 arm and finance Hitler’s would-be killers, when MI-6 were also in charge of looking after Hitler’s life ... so only the doppelgangers died.

There is no doubt that Dr Morell was a quack and an expert quack. His treatment history showed that he wanted Hitler to ‘govern in a mad rage of irrational forgotten decisions’ which he achieved on behalf of King George VI. It was quite brilliant really. Hitler spent most of his time burping and leaning to the right, rather than carrying out war strategies. His movements, moustache and hairstyle certainly usurped those of Charlie Chaplin and this gave great mirth to the Freemasons.

Between 1939 and 1941 Hitler started WWII with the masterful intuition of a double agent. Between 1941 and 1945 he spent four years in a heavily medicated stupor. This was followed by five years (1945-50) of recuperation, after which he was assassinated by the very people who trained him, drugged him, and gave him the information he needed to achieve his international status. It was a 40-year wind-up and wind- down that created a platform for experimentation, which gave rise to a plethora of inventions, and killed 50 million people in the process.

World War II was a ‘how can we most easily rule’ experiment. Regrettably the answer was:

1. The deconstruction of disgruntled foreign nationals as double agents, activated at will and deactivated by debriefing.
2. The medication of the masses with a daily cocktail of uppers and downers and mild poisons like beer, coffee, cigarettes, medication, drugs, fluoride and radioactive water.
(See The Fluoride Con, Appendix 2)
3. Government department and police-enforced socialism, or communism, of which today’s brand is sex-communism or gender-feminism where children are removed from their fathers at 45 times the rate of war.

War has been a huge success.

What happens rapidly in war, happens slowly in peacetime. War has always been the acid-test blueprint for what the next society will become.

According to the medical records on Dr Morell, he suffered from partial paralysis and lost his ability to speak on 17 June 1945. He was formally arrested a month later on 17 July and remanded in the prison at Reichenhall where he shared a cell with Hitler’s competent doctor, Karl Brandt. Morell’s last words to him were:

“I wish I were somebody else.”

With British complicity, Dr Morell was judged too sick to attend the war trials of the 23 other Nazi doctors which began on 15 November 1946. Only the competent doctors were accused. Ironically, it was the competent Dr Brandt who was hanged in 1947 and Morell was allowed to live out his days, although with Hitler’s curse.

Dr Morell was "cleared of war crimes” and discharged on 20 June 1947 (Prisoner No. 52,160) and went straight to the local clinic in Munich, where he was treated for arteriosclerosis in the same way that Hitler was - by injection. Within eleven months he was dead.

“There is some evidence that Himmler, the Gestapo chief, Martin Bormann, Hitler’s executive officers and the ill-famed Dr Morell conspired in a plot to slowly poison the Führer.”

Dr Morell was a self-convinced suspiscionist who did more to destroy Hitler in the last three years of the war than anyone else, or anything else.

The fat man is an unsung hero. In war, even the delusional have their uses. British agent, Dr Theodor Morell (22 July 1886-26 May 1948): “Well done, true and faithful servant.”

James Bond Revisited

While working as the intelligence officer at Grizedale Hall in 1941 Ian Fleming met a woman raising Herdwick sheep in the Lake District. Her name was Mrs William Heelis who wrote and illustrated The Tale of Peter Rabbit (1900) under her maiden name Beatrix Potter (1866-1943). Fleming promised her he would become a thriller writer and that his books would appeal to children.

Ian Fleming was a wartime-only sailor and after the war he became ‘the foreign manager of the Sunday Times’ (1945-59). However, this was more or less a cover for other operations including his heavy drinking and womanising. He would go through women like there was no tomorow.

In 1952, at the age of 41, Fleming was approached by his bank manager who insisted he write books as his only possible method of paying back his increasing debts. His first book, Casino Roy ale, appeared in 1953 to good reviews. On 21 October 1954, CBS screened a television version of Casino Royale. The show was quickly forgotten but a James Bond comic strip appeared. In 1960 film producer Harry Saltzman paid Ian Fleming US$50,000 for six months’ rights to the Fleming novels.

Sean Connery (32), in the British Royal Navy from 1946-48 (aged 16-18), was cast for the lead role. On 16 January 1962 the filming of Dr. No began. Ian Fleming recommended his author/singer/actor/ composer/playwright and witty friend Noel Coward (1899-1973) for the part of Dr. No. Noel Coward was Fleming’s homosexual neighbour on the North Shore of Jamaica and had been the lover of the Duke of Kent for 19 years. The written reply came back, “No, no, no”.

Rather ironically, two years later, in an act that linked reality, fake reality and illusion, Noel Coward’s cook and bodyguard Big Tom Stanford was commissioned to kill one of M’s doppelganger Hitler’s (February 1964). This theme was followed up in the trademark James Bond opening shot, using a pinhole camera photographing the inside of a pistol barrel, the person who appears as James Bond is not Sean Connery, but doppelganger stuntman Bob Simmons.

Looking down the barrel of a gun, it was a stunt man.

Dr. No premiered nine months later on 6 October 1962 in the Pavilion Cinema at London’s Picadilly Circus. It was an instant hit. In the spring of 1963 Dr. No also became a smash in America. The initial gross takings of US$20 million was 20 times the US$1 million budget.

In 1963, Ian Fleming sent Chris Creighton, the real James Bond, £20,000 in £5 notes to be shared amongst the survivors of OP james bond. In those days £20,000 would buy each OP james bond survivor a house.

“Many of James Bond’s experiences have some basis in fact. Facts that Fleming came across while serving as assistant to Britain’s Director of Naval Intelligence [Rear-Admiral John Godfrey] during WWII, which he has used to embroider the exciting adventures of secret agent 007, James Bond.”

Ian Fleming was a big drinker and James Bond’s drink was a medium dry vodka martini with a twist of peeled lemon, shaken, not stirred. The James Bond movies were satires of Fleming’s personal and operational experiences in government Black Ops. As in the movies, the British Secret Service was indeed on the eighth floor of a building in Regent’s Park, London. In the movie the intelligence company was known as ‘Universal Exports’. In real life they have very similar names.

After the war, Major Desmond Morton (M) sent Christopher Creighton to become an actor, training at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art (formerly the Old Vic) where he met Roger Moore who later played James Bond, and made contacts for Creighton to become a movie director with Warner Brothers in Hollywood.

In Hollywood Creighton wrote and produced Murder at 3 am (1952), acted with Noel Coward and Eva Gabor in Nude with Violin, acted in Present Laughter on Broadway (1957) and directed Judgement in Prague (1967) while under cover for NATO. He also acted and directed for television.

Of all the James Bonds, Roger Moore was Creighton’s closest lookalike starring in seven films from 1973’s Live and Let Die to A View to Kill in 1985. The real James Bond, Christopher Creighton, remained active in secret intelligence work until the early 1980s.

After the war, M continued to give Chris Creighton a bad name, adding “supposed villainy, psychopathic tendencies, gambling, bad debts and bankruptcy to his list of failings”. M also encouraged this reputation amongst his father and his stepmother, which saved Creighton’s life many times. He was, for undercover reasons, in the RAF as the disaffected pilot, John Davis, turncoat, arch-hater of Britain, and not in the Royal Navy. His name appeared in the Nazi list as an ardent disciple of the Fascist leader Oswald Mosley, which caused him to be disowned by his father and stepmother, who passionately abused the name Chris Creighton whenever they were questioned. It was full cover.

Laurence Olivier and Ralph Richardson (both ex-Fleet Air Arm Lieutenant-Commanders) and Somerset Maugham (gay) were all active in counter-espionage, some triple agents, and all becoming famous actors. They were rewarded with a life of luxury for their efforts, and good on them.

Spies were often retrained as Shakespearian actors. They are trained into people others want to be and will therefore talk to, spilling the beans. It used to be Shakespearian actors, but now it is televison and movie actors, musicians and DJs.

The British Mitford sisters took their lead from the heads of the British Conservative Party and via them it was the done thing to be pro- Hitler. As a result, Diana Mitford (1910-2003), the most outstanding beauty of her time, met Sir Oswald Mosley in 1931 and married him in Berlin in 1936 at the home of Hitler’s propaganda minister, Josef Goebbels, with Hitler attending.

Her sister Unity Walkrie Mitford (1914-48) went to live in Germany and soon met Hitler and slept with him. She attempted suicide in the British Garden outside the Bavarian Interior Ministry on the day Britain declared war on Germany. She was shot in the right temple with a small automatic pistol but survived another eight years as a brain-damaged invalid. Her father was Lord Baron Redesdale (David Mitford, 1878-1958) who had seven daughters, all notable beauties and brought up in isolation on the Cotswald Estates, almost as an experiment.

When Diana Mitford was interviewed recently she was rational and knew what the Nazis were involved in: "Hitler made the trains run on time and it was only afterwards we discovered the cost.” She was, however, as shallow as a puddle, but these people too have their place.

The world celebrates simple-mindedness wrapped in beauty and makes them famously so.

Churchill and Stalin

Stalin spoke perfect English and had spent almost four years training in England as a British agent. He could understand innuendo which showed that he had more than one English-speaking trainer.

Stalin later worked very closely with Churchill, using ‘C’ (Colonel Stewart Graham Menzies, 30 January 1890-29 May 1968) as his intermediary and they had over 1500 meetings. Stalin executed those whom he thought closer to C than him and eventually killed over 20 million people. C was trained at the Sandhurst Military Academy and in the Grenadier Guards.

The chiefs of the British Secret Service were always known as ‘C’. “C’s job was to direct espionage, sabotage, counter-espionage and much of the political warfare outside the British Empire . . . and to report to the Prime Minister.”9 Despite Winston Churchill and Colonel Stewart Graham Menzies being half-brothers, they did not get on and neither publicly declared who their shared father was. “Despite Churchill’s animus for Menzies at this time, Menzies subsequently became Churchill’s most important advisor.”

Spymaster: “Stalin had a similar relationship with his spook director, Sudopolotov, but treated him more harshly. Due to Stalin’s paranoia, Sudopolotov was in and out of prison like a yo-yo. Eventually the prison staff allowed him to wear his uniform in prison and referred to him as ‘Comrade, Major General’ because they never knew how long he was going to stay.”

Churchill warned Stalin of the imminent attack by Germany on the Soviet Air Force on the first day of Germany’s invasion of Russia on 22 June 1940, as did Germany’s Soviet Ambassador. Strangely Stalin chose to ignore both warnings and Germany wiped out most of Russia’s air fleet on the first day.

All three, Churchill, Stalin and Hitler were operating under higher powers, powers that were controlling the war. These were the Freemasons, the Illuminati and the Rothschilds who were funding both sides of the war. They wanted the war to go on for as long as possible and to be as all-encompassing as possible. Profit and depopulation were the goal - even of their own people, the Jews.

Stalin’s Intelligence was a mess, a reflection of the bloody chaos within the military. Every spy dreaded any communication from Moscow. No news was good news. Britain’s greatest intelligence coup occurred when a spy in Germany was summoned to Moscow over travel expenses. Instead of turning up to Moscow, he walked into a British Embassy and spilled the beans.

Communism had a real appeal in Europe in the 1930s. It was a Utopian dream placed before the masses with the vision of unified wealth. To most, the Industrial Revolution had brought a poverty of work conditions and a loss of quality of life and Communism was to do the same over a third of the planet.

Nothing succeeds like making the same mistake twice.

Churchill made a special visit to see Charlie Chaplin in America in 1929 and then went underground for 10 years from 1929-39 while he planned the war that would serve all sides but cost the populations dearly. Both Churchill and Hitler were Psych-Ops trained. It would be silly to train Hitler without training Churchill. If Churchill wasn’t trained, Hitler would have run rings around him. Churchill, Hitler and Stalin were all trained at the British Military Psych-Ops War Schools.

Chaplin Plays the Muse

Four days before Hitler’s birth, Charlie Chaplin was born in Lambeth, London, on the 16 April 1889. Hitler (20 April 1889-19 February 1950) and Chaplin (16 April 1889-25 December 1977) had a similiarity to their lives and Chaplin mirrored and mocked Hitler, as any good mime artist should do. Both had questionable grandfathers and were fatherless at young ages (3 for Chaplin and 13 for Hitler). Chaplin was raised in an orphanage from 9 and Hitler lived in dosshouses from 19. Both were trained by comedians and knew that success depended on appealing to the sympathies of their audience. Both had their first loves die on them. Both were romantics, a soft touch, loved women, but couldn’t live with them. Both were sexual deviants and raged against monogamy (Chaplin was into young girls and Hitler was a bisexual coprophiliac). Both were immigrants and had mental illness in their families. Both had confusion over their names of origin - Chaplin (nee Tbonstein, Bodges and Harley) and Hitler (nee Hiedler, Hutter, Schicklgruber). Both were accused of being Jewish.

The Jews often claim successful British-trained agents as having Jewish lineage, and rightly so. Often the agents are created two generations ahead. Hitler lived in Germany for 18 years before he got citizenship and Chaplin lived in America for 42 years and never got citizenship. Both were trained by British Intelligence and used to change the social landscape towards a One World Order.

Like Hitler, who studied under the Munich comedian Weiss Ferdl, Chaplin studied under the British comedian Fred Karno. Fred and Charlie went to Hollywood in September 1910. Hitler used his training for public speaking and Charlie went all the way in acting.

Charlie Chaplin’s first play role was as ‘Billy’ in Sherlock Holmes. In the West he was set up to mock Hitler so the American public wouldn’t treat Hitler as a threat. This worked very well with Chaplin adopting his out-turned feet, walking cane, British bowler hat and comical short moustache for his second silent movie The Kid on 6 January 1921, after which Hitler adopted his short moustache, first photographed on 8 November 1923.

Chaplin also made The Gold Rush (June 1925), City Lights (1931), wrote, directed and produced his first political film Modern Times (1936), wrote, directed and produced The Great Dictator (October 1940) based on Hitler, and Churchill’s favourite movie, Monsieur Verdoux (1947) in which he takes on the persona of the nearest person or machine, and Limelight (October 1952).

As a result of the visual similarity between Charlie Chaplin and Adolf Hitler, Hitler was constantly in the funny pages, and Chaplin was used to play down the Hitler threat in America. In 1933 “If they had heard of Hitler at all, they probably thought he was just a comical fellow with a loud voice and ridiculous moustache’’."

Chaplin admired Hitler and Hitler put up with Chaplin, knowing that he smoothed the way for him.

Chaplin had a front as a communist sympathiser, which he accomplished with actor’s credit (FBI File No. 100-127090, p. 45/2063). This gave him access to communist connections in America and overseas. Chaplin spied on France, Africa, Germany, Italy, Switzerland and Japan (September 1931-June 1932) and on his return wrote the script for Modern Times based on Hitler. He then visited China and the South Pacific (April-June 1936) before WWII broke out.

Many British agents were in the entertainment field and Charlie Chaplin was a huge success, his acting career far outshining his British Intelligence role. By 1916, at the beginning of his career, he was the highest-paid person in the world at US$10,000 per week, now the equivalent of US$2 million per week.

Hitler was first filmed silently giving speeches and looked ridiculous. He looked very Chaplinesque. The first talking picture (1921) was The Jazz Singer, a movie by Jews about Jews. By 1923 sound made Hitler a powerful film presence and Chaplin considered Hitler one of the greatest actors he had ever seen.

Hitler saw every American film he could. The Lives of a Bengal Lancer with Gary Cooper and Franchot Tone was his favourite and he loved Greta Garbo movies. Like many world leaders, Hitler couldn’t tell the difference between a lesbian and a breeder.

The Nazis were convinced Chaplin was a Jew and Chaplin never denied it. Chaplin had the balls to visit Berlin in 1931 and the Nazis loathed his rapturous welcome. Chaplin then visited Venice expecting to meet with Mussolini, but Mussolini took his line from Hitler, banned his films and refused to meet him.

Against a background of aggression and appeasement where Jews were cleaning the pavement with toothbrushes, Chaplin announced (18 October 1938) he was going to make The Great Dictator. Many thought Chaplin was a comic David against a German Goliath. Three weeks later Kristallnacht brought a wave of violence against the Jews (9 November 1938) and on 20 April 1939 Hitler celebrated his 50th birthday with one of the biggest military parades in history.

Chaplin financed The Great Dictator entirely himself and filming began on 9 September 1939 under conditions of strict secrecy. This was six days after WWII broke out in Europe with America not officially Joining for another two years.

No sooner had the filming finished than Hitler began his blitzkrieg. France fell in months and Denmark in a matter of hours. Chaplin was so appalled he spent another 111 days filming, changing the final speech, which became a parody of Hitler’s latest actions. The same day this speech was filmed, Hitler drove into Paris to view his conquest. When Hitler returned to Berlin, he drove through a carpet of flowers, but it was a doppelganger Hitler in the parading Mercedes (more portly with a smaller nose) as Hitler was in constant fear of being assassinated.

Chaplin gave his final speech in front of a flag with a double cross, wearing a hat with a double cross, alluding to Hitler and the war being a double cross. Chaplin wanted to premier The Great Dictator in Berlin but the British war-makers said they would ban the movie. After all, Chaplin’s dictator was a caricature of their own ‘double agent of war’.

Despite what the war-makers wanted The Great Dictator opened on 15 October 1940 in London at the height of the blitzes - almost as an attempt to destroy the movie theatres. It received standing ovations and calls for Chaplin, yet it was banned in Ireland, across Europe and in parts of South America. Roosevelt, who was Jewish but could not admit it, guaranteed its release in America. The Great Dictator was to become Chaplin’s biggest moneymaker.

Hitler watched The Great Dictator and then watched it again two days later. Even the German Army saw the film.

In Belgrade, Yugoslavia, the 17-year-old Nikola Radosevic (now a filmmaker) working in film despatch, discovered a print of The Great Dictator and showed it to the Blue Ribbon, a group which never fired a shot. Their modus operandi was to make fun of the Germans. “We wanted Hitler to hear what Chaplin thought of him.”

Nikola Radosevic substituted the German feature the Nazi soldiers were to see for The Great Dictator. “At the start of the show, the people didn’t immediately realise what was going on, but after 40 minutes an SS man pulled out his gun and opened fire at the screen. All the others rushed out of the hall. They didn’t want to stay any longer because something was against Hitler.”

Chaplin was officially written off as a lefty of the far left, when he was, in fact, a non-political British agent who maintained his cover throughout his life. As with Christopher Creighton (James Bond) the cover went deep. On 13 March 1944, the communist newspaper People’s World stated: “Charlie Chaplin had been a friend of the Soviet Union since 1917” (FBI File, 47/2063). He was a generous man who helped a lot of people out and said “I am for the little people”. He was 1.65 m and 65 kgs, some 5’ 5” and 145 lbs.

Charlie Chaplin’s brief was to spy on communism in America, feed it back to Britain and to mollify Americans regarding Hitler and communism. He was playing the communists in America. As part of his British Intelligence briefing, Charlie Chaplin spent a week’s camping holiday with Clare Sherridan, Winston Churchill’s free love cousin.

“. . . in September 1946, Chaplin will be subpoenaed before the United States House Committee on UnAmerican Activities where he will be questioned regarding his communist affiliations amid concern of his alleged partnership with a third political party” (FBI file p. 49/2003). That third party was Britain’s MI-6 - essentially Winston Churchill, via Clare Sherridan (who had sculptured Lenin and Trotsky) and whatever other contacts Chuchill provided from 1929. After 42 years producing a 2063-page file, the FBI still didn’t get it.

Chaplin wouldn’t take American citizenship and the FBI were so desperate to get him, they considered charging him with purchasing too much cheese - more than the war rations would allow for one household. How cheesy is that? “Mr Charles Spencer Chaplin, you will receive the maximum penalty for the excessive consumption of war-rationed cheese. You are hereby sentenced to sit next to people who talk in talkies.”

Chaplin had a weakness for young girls. His first two wives were 16 and his last was 18. Others look for such traits as it makes the agent controllable on threat of reputation alone. Both sides of this coin were a common trait in British agents and Chaplin was available for blackmail right throughout his career. Those blackmailed will usually even cover their own expenses in exchange for return cover. In exchange, Chaplin gave a respectable face to child-sex in Hollywood, was a British agent and was never charged.

At 59 Charlie Chaplin had an 18-year-old wife and a 21-year-old girlfriend, and went some way in inspiring Hugh Hefner’s Playboy enterprise. As is typical of British agents into underaged girls, he was knighted as Sir Charles Spencer Chaplin in 1975, aged 86. This would have placed his last act of child-sex 18 years earlier in 1957, aged 68, while living in Switzerland with his most troublesome daughter Geraldine (b. 31 July 1944), just 13 years old at the time. It is typical of a child who sees or senses her father with another young girl to have attention tantrums, for which Geraldine was renowned.

Chaplin died on Christmas Day 1977, aged 88, having married three times (a fourth marriage was a Mexican farce to keep her relatives happy), with 10 surviving children from two marriages between May 1925 and July 1962. Charlie sired his last child, Christopher Chaplin (b. 6 July 1962) at the much-celebrated age of 72. His wives were Mildred Harris, 16 (15 when they met), Lita Grey, 16 (whom he married on his boat, the Panacea within two weeks of meeting her), and Oona O’Neill, 18.

Politically, Sir Charles Spencer Chaplin was very well informed, enough to take politics lightly.

“I have no political views. I’m a comedian, not a politician ...

I don’t want radical change, I want evolutionary change . . .

I don’t want spy censorship . . . I’m against dictatorship . . .

I’m against everything ... I believe the purpose of language

is to conceal ideas rather than convey ideas.”

He never revealed to anyone he was a British agent and he never told anyone when Hitler died, except through his artform.

As soon as Chaplin got word of Hitler’s death at the end of February 1950, he wrote Limelight, started shooting in 1951, editing in spring 1952, with the first screening in London on 23 October 1952. It is the story of a fading clown who helps a paralysed dancer regain the use of their legs and achieve great fame. After the screening, Chaplin moved to Switzerland. Chaplin was connected to Hitler via British Intelligence and Limelight was his last movie. He was 63 at the time, and like Hitler, the most famous actor the world has ever known.

In the 1990s Charlie Chaplin was voted the greatest actor in movie history. Chaplin remains the second most famous person in the world. The first is Hitler. In the end, comedy is the most powerful tool for war.

Chaplin: “Courage doesn’t do it, Laughs do. Please parody me wherever you can” - It’s The Fool who owns history.

For Hitler to be referred to later as ‘the German Gardener’, his death in 1945 had to have been faked. This was drawn on by Peter Sellers (born Richard Henry Sellers, 8 September 1925-24 July 1980). Sellers was a stand-up comic, impressionsist, one of the original Goons from 1951 and a humorous chocolate soldier of the Secret Service with all the correct contacts, career, and support. He was also a Freemason and Freemasons placed a lot of value in having the wars they’ve created put in a humorous context.

Peter Sellers played the role of Chancey Gardener (also known as ‘Mr Chance’, ‘Chance the Gardener’, and ‘Chance’) in the movie Being There (1979), as in ‘you had to be there’. The gardener portrayed by Peter Sellers was a simpleton who became famous for repeating lines others attach esoteric meanings to. This parodied Hitler’s early years, Mein Kampf the repetition in his speeches, and the conversation the IRA billet (Father Ryan) had with Adolf Hitler over the roses.

Being There has many parodies of Hitler from 1945 to his death in 1950. His love interest is named Eve (Eva Braun) and even the voiceovers from the TV are pertinent. One of the most profound parodies is that the most malleable people, with the most hidden history, become the rulers of their countries.

At that time photocopiers were a rare thing and copies were cyclostyled with the print quality particularly bad. It may have been that Peter Sellers mistook the 80-year rule for a 30-year rule and this oversight killed him.

The movie was first screened on 19 December 1979 and Peter Sellers received an Oscar nomination for best actor in 1980. Spymaster: “His other reward was a pre-emptive death by heart attack brought about by an overdose of digitalis disguised in a dish containing apples - a favourite method used by British Intelligence.”

Peter (Richard Henry) Sellers (54) died on 24 July 1980, seven months after Being There was first screened. His life was then misportrayed in The Life and Death of Peter Sellers (2005) which showed him to be a miserable son of a bitch. Using misery to show a comedian’s life is cheap pop-psychology designed to write off any importance Seller’s had. To a degree it worked.

Being There was written in 1971 by Jerzy Kosinski (1933-91), a political scientist. He grew up in Lodz, Poland and studied political science at Lodz University where he taught from 1955-57, after which he emigrated to America and pursued an academic career, writing four books. The Painted Bird (1965) is a classic of holocaust literature. Although the numbers are up for debate, the ongoing emotionalism around Jewish deaths, rather than the more prolific Russian deaths, continues - 6 million Jews versus 26 million Russians.

A common theme to Kosinski’s books are characters who machinate to make the most of their situation, similar to Chaplin’s Modern Times.
This is the vacuum we live in today.

That vacuum can at least, in part, be filled with an anotomically accurate historical correction.

Peace kills and immortalises a few.

War kills millions and they are remembered, for the most part, as unknown soldiers of inaccurate statistics.

War traps surviving generations into a refusal to accept that their war was tried and executed with a predetermined plan of chaos, followed by order (peace) and then chaos (war) again, so that each generation always experiences a war (chaos), and boundaries are forever shifted, until finally, all that we have that is human, is lost.

Perhaps war is the fifth element:

Earth, Air, Fire, Water & War.

Perhaps humans are dependent on war as one of their elements.

World wars do have a habit of not occurring in places of active volcanoes and earthquakes, but in places of storms and harvests, where traditions and cultures create freedom worth dying for.

Perhaps humanity is just another clay on the world stage, and the world stage, for all its players, is there to be moulded.

Blessed are the war-makers, for the heroes are all dead.

Greg Hallett

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