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Adolf Hitler, Ensest Sonucu Doğan Katolik Bir Yahudi

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Adolf Hitler, Ensest Sonucu Doğan Katolik Bir Yahudi

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Adolf Hitler, The Incestuous Catholic Jew

“How incomplete, how absent, how fragmentary our knowledge of Hitler’s past and what made him tick is.”'

If you want to create a revolution, introduce new expectations and rules to live by. If you want to make a revolutionary, create someone out of their time - and ensure they are disgruntled about it. This is simply done by training them in an ideology different from their time or what is currently being expressed. Many are trained and most fall away. The one who survives to lead will be a revolutionary for a variety of reasons. The harder time they have, the more changes they will make. This is called ‘creating potential in the revolutionary’.

Most movements created are exported overseas for subversive reasons. Movements and ideologies have become the new war. With a movement or ideology it is possible to destroy an opposing country without firing a weapon. Political Correctness is a prime example - invented in Russia, it was exported to the West to destroy the family and fun ... and to stop progress.

Hitler’s family history is a near perfect example of how to create a criminal. Sadly, his personal history has been taken as an exemplary family pattern and is being repeated as closely as possible by nearly every government department involved with children across the Western world . . . but I’ve taken the stage here to outline Hitler’s origins and expose his training. His initial nature was kind, caring and gentle. He was a typical beaten boy from a family that had plenty to hide.

Catholic Incest

Officially Hitler had incestuous parents in Alois and Klara. His father’s grandparents and his mother’s great-grandparents were the same two people, making their marriage second- and third-degree incest - the wife (25) being the niece of the husband (48) who was also her uncle. This was no doubt known to Hitler and confused the family tree and the

head that studied it.

Nevertheless, Alois and Klara’s marriage was approved by the Catholic Church and they married in 1885. Adolf Hitler was born thirteen years later, on 20 April 1889 in Braunau, officially dying at 56 on the 30th of April 1945 in Berlin. In his life he tried to change the world, but the ‘powers that be’ changed it back - a little, and only for the time being. Nevertheless, in the back of darker boardrooms Hitler had become a model for ruling the world. Socialism was the outward goal and fascism was the method.

Hitler was an enormous success, an enormous failure and an even greater mystery. His life was a battle with confused beginnings.

Hitler tried to clean up his act and “His creed of Aryan superiority meant that he should be able to prove his pedigree, and that there should be no skeletons in the closet. Adolf desperately wanted to eradicate any type of family roots or origins in order to promote the impression that he was God-sent to the German people. He wanted to be seen as a divine figure.”

Adolf was desperate to eradicate any record of relatives, their misdeeds, their propensity for incest and his Jewish connection, as the German racial test required proof of Aryan descent back to 1750.

Both sides of Hitler’s family were from Walterschlag, Spital, Strones and Gross Wolfgers in lower Austria. Hitler’s father grew up in Strones, but it was too small to be a parish, so he was registered in the small farming village Dollerscheim.

As soon as Adolf came to power he ordered the residents hastily removed and the Wehrmacht use it for artillery practise (March 1938). Likewise in 1942 when a plaque was installed in Strones as Adolfs hometown, he threw a tantrum and ordered it destroyed soon after the concrete had set.

Adolf didn’t have anything to do with his father’s side of the family. None of his siblings knew who their father’s father was, but they liked the mother’s side of the family. They also practiced second-degree incest. This was common at the time and has largely been cured by common use of the motorcar.

Paula Hitler, 101st Airborne Division interview, 12 July 1945:

“The Schmieds and the Koppensteins are our dear relatives, especially a cousin Schmieds who married a Koppenstein. I know of no one of my father’s family. My sister Angela and I often said: ‘Father must have some relatives, but we don’t even know them.’”

Incest was very common amongst the Germans and Austrians, and after WWI, blowing up one’s graveyards and burning down registries were the most common methods of tidying up one’s family tree. British Intelligence officers were accustomed to walking at night, but they were advised not to walk too close to the German cemeteries as they had a tendency to explode around midnight.

Spymaster: “Most world leaders are keen to turn their ordinary origins into a showpiece of reflected glory. Who among world leaders today would get away with such an obvious ploy of destroying or rewriting their family history? Sending tanks to shell and destroy a perfectly good town, in what was once a foreign country, is extreme, even amongst world leaders who are renowned for their extremities.”

The name Hutter became Hiedler and then Hitler. Hitler was a spelling error and spelling errors have dominated history, the most important being ‘the children of Israel’, versus ‘the children of Ishmael’ (the Christians and Jews versus Islam); and ‘Oradour-sur-Glane’ versus ‘Oradour-sur-Vayres’ where 642 people were massacred in the wrong French village during WWII. The least important was the rugby team who “played like All Blacks” [sic] and the spelling error carried on to name the team.

Spelling errors have more to answer for than any other facet of history. Language is made up of different dialects and spelling mistakes find commonality with wider and faster transport, and become the norm. Those who stay put speak with strong accents, develop more phonetic spelling and tend to make fewer historical errors.

‘Crack’ in Ireland is a case in point. In one area it means ‘conversation’ as in ‘good crack’, and in another area you don’t know what you’re going to get.

Jewish Origins

Adolf Hitler received a letter from his half-brother Alois hinting at “very odd circumstances in our family history”3 and it is odd indeed. This referred to the conception of their father Alois Hitler.

Adolf Hitler’s grandfather was not part of an incestuous Catholic tree, but one of the leading financiers of Europe. To understand who Adolf Hitler’s grandfather was (Alois Hitler’s father) you have to understand what Europe was like then.

Werner Sombart, in his book The Jews and Modern Capitalism said that from 1820 on, it was the “Age of the Rothschild”. He concluded there was “only one power in Europe, and that is Rothschild”.

After the patriarch Mayer Rothschild died on 19 September 1812, his will set out specific guidelines for his descendants:

‘The family was to intermarry with their own first and second cousins, so their fortune could be kept within the family, and to maintain the appearance of a united financial empire.’

As a result, 16 of the 18 marriages by Mayer Amschel Rothschild’s grandchildren were between first cousins. Even his son James (Jacob) Mayer married the daughter of his brother, Salomon Mayer. This created an incestuous culture (although it is legal to marry your cousin) and also meant that the five Rothschild sons couldn’t have legitimate children outside the family. To compensate for this, they had illegitimate children, often with their servants.

According to Walter Langer, a psychoanalyst who wrote The Mind of Adolf Hitler, Adolf Hitler was a satanic German leader who was the grandson of a Rothschild. It was generally supposed that the father of Alois Hitler was Johann Georg Hiedler, but:

“There are some people who seriously doubt that Johann Georg Hiedler was the father of Alois . . . [an Austrian document was supposedly prepared] that proved Maria Anna Schicklgruber [Hitler’s grandmother] was living in Vienna at the time she conceived [31 August 1836]... At that time she was employed as a servant in the home of a Baron Rothschild.

As soon as the family discovered her pregnancy she was sent back to her home [House No. 13, Strones, Austria] ... where Alois [snr.] was born.”

In response, Hitler attacked the Austrian town of Dollerscheim and destroyed the graveyards, using them for tank practise. This destroyed his father’s birth records, which would have revealed his Jewish ancestry.

Hitler also closed the Rothschild’s bank, S. M. Rothschild and Sons in Vienna in 1938. It had belonged to Salomon Rothschild, one of his probable grandfathers.

The Nazi leadership hid their Jewish family histories with grenades. Even Heydrich’s admission to the SS was delayed until his family headstones were blown up. Heydrich was a quarter Jew from his mother’s mother and was responsible for almost all of the Jewish terror and repression of the Nazi rule. He was dispassionate and had a marked characteristic of inhumanity.

The Rothschilds were all Illuminati, an independent organisation that began in 1776 and infused itself with the existing Freemasons, eventually drawing out their elite. Their goal was worldwide dominance and control. By 1836, the Rothschilds were the most influential family in Europe. They had created the American Revolution and, as is typical of banks, they funded both sides.

The Rothschilds illegitimate children had two purposes. One was to create allies and the other was to create enemies. The ‘allies’ were used by the Rothschilds to front for their financial deals and the ‘enemies’ were used to create war. The Rothschilds funded both sides of the wars and profited enormously from the financial deals the wars created. Because the Rothschilds owned everything, they had no fear of retaliation from the courts.

Occult Origins

Since 1776 the ‘31st of August’ has been set aside as a satanic night, a time when the Rothschilds sowed their seeds to create the children of war. It is an important day for conceiving an ‘agent for war’ under their private occult coven, the ‘Golden Dawn’. Such occult acts are planned to occur between 1.30 am and 3.10 am (13s). This was the equivalent of Guy Fawkes for illegitimate children, with the Rothschilds dressed for Halloween.

The 31st of August is the last day of the Northern Hemisphere summer and the night when the authorities turn a blind eye to pagan rituals. This is similar to the Southern Hemisphere’s 27/28/29 February when beach party madness reigns.

On the 31st of August, the Rothschilds’ goal was to scare the bejabbers (Jesus) out of the women and for the women to conceive in absolute fear, believing that they were mating with the devil. It was pack rape, with three Rothschilds involved in each hit, one raping, one in the room ensuring dominance and confusion, with another outside, then changing roles.

The German ranks of peerage went from King, Prince, Duke, Markgraf (Count) and Baron, to Ritter. Ritter was equivalent to Knight and carried the surname ‘von Ritter’. This was the hierarchy of Germany. Whoever wanted to marry needed authorisation from the Duke and/ or Markgraf (equivalent to Viscount). The Markgraf was responsible for the area and had the right to sex with the wife on the wedding night. This was called prima nocte. It was the same in England, Scotland and all over Europe at the time.

The history of‘prima nocte’, ‘jus primae noctis’ (law of the first night), or ‘droit du seigneur’ (lord’s right, hunting, taxation, farming and sex with bridal-virgins) is full of denial, like “deflowering a virgin was considered a greater responsibility than a commoner bridegroom could bear . . . reflecting nothing but credit on the ruler ... so praised for his sheer courage.”

The custom was especially popular in France and Italy but when French knights emigrated to England they abandoned prima nocte as the British touted their female farm workers as bigger than they were.

In Nineteen Eighty-Four, George Orwell updated prima nocte as “The law by which every capitalist had the right to sleep with any woman working in one of his factories”.

This ‘night right’ was grabbed randomly by those given the title ‘Baron’, which all the Rothschilds had, some changing their surnames to Baron de Rothschild. Prima nocte created generations of illegitimate children and illegitimate Rothschild children but the Rothschilds were officially banned from this practice by Mayer Rothschild (d. 19 September 1812).

To compensate for this, the Rothschilds would have illegitimate children while dressed in masks and costumes to hide their identity;

Due to the commoners’ rebellion against prima nocte, it was easy enough to get into the bedrooms of breeding-age girls. Austria and Germany at the time were practising ‘windowing’, essentially young men climbing up girls’ drainpipes and trelliswork in the wee hours to get them pregnant before marriage.

Their fathers didn’t entirely object and often viewed the adventurous young men as potential farm help. When she got pregnant, the two would get married. It was a farming-based community and children were needed to help on the family farm. To this day, there is still a strong culture in Germany of marrying the pregnant girl.

If a girl of breeding age heard someone climbing up the drainpipe, rather than be scared, she would get herself prepared - a quick scrub of the teeth with a badger hair toothbrush followed by a natural sponge. Late summer especially was a time of roving bonking, and often the girls would not limit themselves to one partner, especially those in poverty - and half of the Catholic girls. After all, there was ‘the father, the son and the holy ghost’ to consider.

In order to simplify matters, the super wealthy Rothschilds had servant girls. Having illegitimate children with servant girls was so common, one of the Rothschilds had twenty and acknowledged them all, eventually living with his mistress and shunning his unresponsive wife - his kissing cousin.

At the beginning of August a lot of the servants were given leave for the hot summer month and temporary replacements would come in. These temps were often chosen with the 31st of August in mind, when the agents of war would be conceived after a month of familiarity between master and servant.

Hitler’s grandmother, Maria Anna Schicklgruber, was a none- too-bright Catholic girl who was invited to work at the Rothschilds in Vienna in the summer of 1836.

Her surname ‘Schicklgruber’ translates as ‘Reaper’ and refers to the grim reaper, or death. As Mary Anne Reaper, her initials spell MAR, one of the words for ‘death’, and with her given initials M.A.S., ‘MAS MAR’ becomes ‘mass death’. She was perfect fodder for a staged ‘Agent of War’ Rothschild terror rape.

The Rothschilds told their servant they were going out and to retire early. Three of the Rothschilds returned quietly around 11.30 pm on 30 August 1836, put on their devil costumes, completed a midnight Golden Dawn coven ritual and began terrorising Maria Anna Schicklgruber in a pressure-cooker scenario. Closing doors, rustling leaves, foot steps running away, all that Scary Movie stuff that has been ingrained in us for so long it has now become laughable with over exposure.

This was designed to create sustained fear, to flood her bloodstream with adrenalin, and to alter her physiological and psychological condition to one of absolute terror.

At 1.30 am the three Rothschilds appeared in her room as three devils. Not only was she financially helpless, but also physically helpless. Her screams were not heard as all the Rothschilds were supposedly out. She was raped, seduced by all three, or about to join the Rothschild family, depending on her perception. Each Rothschild had a three- in-one chance of conceiving a child with her and they took pleasure scaring the living life out of Maria Anna Schicklgruber for a multitude of reasons.

Totally financially strapped, in a very expensive city, Maria stayed on as a servant, but by late November her pregnancy had become apparent to the rest of the family and she was sent back to her home at House No. 13 in Strones - mission accomplished.

The most likely perpetrators were Salomon Mayer Rothschild (1774-1855); his younger brother, but head of the family, Nathan Meyer, Baron de Rothschild (1777-1836) who officially died five weeks earlier; and his son Lionel Nathan Rothschild (1808-79).

Salomon Mayer Rothschild (1774-1855) ran the S. M. Rothschild and Sons bank in Vienna. He allowed his daughter to marry his brother Karl (14 years younger than himself), who was based in Naples - an uncle marrying a niece.

Salomon was a Freemason and a member of the Illuminati whose leader Adam Weishaupt spent much time deciphering and bringing together all the occult practices.

Since the Rothschilds were synonymous with the Illuminati, they were also synonymous with occult practices. The founder of the Illuminati, Adam Weishaupt created their private occult coven, ‘Golden Dawn’, specifically for them. These were hard men for whom the saying ‘morality is for the masses’ was a given. They were the earliest practitioners of the Golden Dawn Effective coven.

Nathan Meyer Rothschild (1777-1836) founded N. M. Rothschild and Sons bank in London in 1805, at 2 New Court, St. Swithin’s Lane, near the Bank of England and the Stock Exchange. Although the third son, he was the patriarch of his generation after his father’s death in 1812. Ten years later he became the Austrian Consul-General in England (1822) but never carried the title of baron presented to him by Austria. His loans to France, Russia, and South America were popular with British investors because they required repayment in sterling.

At a party at his mansion Nathan Meyer Rothschild said:

“I care not what puppet is placed upon the throne of England.

The man that controls Britain’s money supply controls the British Empire, and I control the British money supply.”

Here was a man who could buy the law and for whom morality required a public outcry, which was easily quelled with silence, misinformation and control of the press . . . but it was his son Lionel Nathan Rothschild who actually fathered the child Alois Hitler.

Lionel Nathan Rothschild (1808-79) and his illegitimate son Alois Hitler.

Confusing the Birth Lineage of Historical Catholic Jews

The other possible fathers, all of whom claimed to be Alos’ father, were Johann Georg Trummelschlager, Johann Nepomuk Hiittler and his brother Johann Georg Hiedler. But when Hitler’s father was baptised ‘Alois’, in the Dollersheim parish, the space for the father’s name was left blank. Perhaps even the mother wasn’t sure.

According to Hans Frank, Hitler’s personal lawyer,5 Maria was living and working in the house of Mr Frankenberger when she became pregnant. “The lack of hard evidence, however, makes this thesis appear exceedingly dubious.”

From birth to 14, it was Frankenberger (a Jew) who paid money in support of Alois, while steadfastly denying he was the father. It appeared that he was paying child support on behalf of another and another who was most likely to also be a Jew.

Hans Frank’s theory was a ruse to put historians off the scent of the Rothschilds’ illegitimate children. Presenting ‘ruse histories’ was standard practice for the Rothschilds, and since they were history, any big event that occurred was most likely theirs. At any one time there was and always is at least one illegitimate Rothschild playing a major role in history.

Hans Frank later blackmailed Adolf Hitler and survived an SS plot solely due to the protection he engendered with the real knowledge of Adolf Hitler’s Jewish Rothschild ancestry.

So was Hitler Jewish? He was at least a quarter Jewish. Did Hitler have any Jewish uncles and aunts? You bet, and they pretty much ran the world. His grandfather was Lionel Nathan Rothschild (1808-1879), his uncle was the First Baron Rothschild (1840-1915) and his cousin was the Second Baron Rothschild (1868-1937) making Hitler something of an uncle to the Third Baron Rothschild (1910-90).

As a result of this, despite the outward chaos, Hitler lived an extremely pre-organised life dominated by occult practices from two generations earlier. Hitler definitely got the money wheels spinning for the Rothschilds and they made a fortune out of WWII alone.

For his services Hans Frank became the President of the Academy of German Law, leader of the National Lawyers Association, member of the Reichstag, and Governor-General of Poland. During the Nuremberg Trials he was known as ‘the Butcher of Poland’.

Hitler’s father (Alois Hitler) was conceived on the 31st of August 1836 (the same day and time Lady Di was killed in 1997) and was born on 7 June 1837 (madness day, its all 6s and 7s).

Alois Hitler’s conception was a pre-planned satanic sport fuck - a ritualistic rape, a gang-bang designed to ‘conceive in fear’ and ‘conceive fear’.

Adolf Hitler was a quarter Rothschild and a quarter Jew from semi- incestuous Catholic parentage. He was an illegitimate Rothschild bred as an agent of war. He was the Rothschilds’ physical enemy and financial ally with unlimited financial and political support.

Adolf Hitler was an illegitimate Rothschild playing the major role in the history of his times. His status was well recognised by the secret society financial elite. As such he was given complete assistance to achieve their goals. In his time, Adolf Hitler was recognised as ‘Hitler-Rothschild, the satanic Catholic-Jew’.

Hitler’s father Alois was certainly angry enough to be the product of rape and during the 1800s Jews were known to be prolific rooters of their servants. Intelligence Officers with a ‘living library’ and 'talking dictionary’ knowledge of history are certain Hitler was the grandchild of a Rothschild and all the other stories are a ruse. Usually they can be influenced by research, but in this case, “No, Hitler was the grandchild of a Rothschild”.

Adolfs Parents

It is common practice for secret societies to choose their days when influencing history. Certainly a rape of a single woman on the last day of summer, on 31 August 1836, who lived at House No. 13, was an ominous day for conceiving the angry grandfather of war. In the secret code of the Golden Dawn coven, dates are written with the numbers reversed, with the 31st written as ‘13’ and the 8 written ‘°°’. The 31st of August was the day for creating children of war - ‘13°°’.

Alois left home when he was 13 and worked as a cobbler in Vienna. At 18 he joined the Imperial Customs Service, where his mad bullying presence made him a renowned tax collector and lifetime employee.

In 1864, at the age of 27, he married Anna Glass, the daughter of a workmate. She was unable to have children and died nineteen years later in 1883. The same year he married Franziska Matzelberger and they had two children, Alois junior and Angela. His wife Franziska died of tuberculosis in 1885 within two years of their marriage.

Being the single father of two and having such a bad run with women and reproduction, Alois then employed his niece Klara Polzl as a housemaid and attempted to marry her. He said she was his cousin, when she was his niece.

Alois and Klara made a plea to the Bishop of Linz on the 27th of October 1884, which read, “They are prevented by the canonical impediment of collateral affinity in the third degree touching the second. They therefore make the humble request that the Most Reverend Episcopate will graciously secure them a dispensation on the following grounds ... he is a father of two minors, a boy of 2Vi years (Alois) and a girl of 1 year and 2 months (Angela) ... he is a customs official away from home all day and often at night.” Klara was described as his “home help [and] a woman without means”, meaning she did not have money or prospects enough to marry. She was quite boyish- looking.

The Bishop of Linz cared about incest and refused to marry them, so they appealed to Rome for special dispensation. The Vatican was only concerned about the size of their bribe and soon granted them the right to marry.

Alois and Klara were incestuously married and therefore prone to genetic defects becoming dominant. They had five children together, but only Adolf and his younger sister Paula survived childhood. Gustav and Ida died from diphtheria as children in 1885 and 1886 respectively. Hitler was the third child, born in 1889. His brother Edmund was born in 1894 and died in 1896, the same year his sister Paula was born. At the time of Adolf’s birth (1889), his father Alois was 51 and his mother Klara was 28. After Alois (b. 1882) and Gustav (d. 1885), Adolf was the third son.

It is rumoured that Adolf Hitler was born with only one testicle and another story that it was bitten off while urinating on a goat at Leondig in Linz, creating the Freemasons’ favourite limerick. The goat story is true enough. The person who told it was killed soon after the telling. From eight years old the young Adolf Hitler had only one testicle.

“Hitler had only one big ball.

Rommel had two but they were small.

Himmler was slightly similar, but poor old Goebbels had no balls at all.”

As an adult, Hitler’s doctor (Dr Morell 1937-45) treated him with Orchikrin for genital hypoplasia, the excessive smallness of a sexual organ; with Prostakrinum for sex hormone deficiency; and with Testosterone to restore his manliness. Hitler had one small testicle and one small penis. By the age of fifty he was starting to look like a woman.

None of Hitler’s doctors saw him naked. The only person to do so was his manservant, Emil Maurice, who spent some time in a prison cell with Dr Morell after the war. Emil Maurice kept dropping hints to Dr Morell that Hitler’s sexual organs were not all intact.

Hitler was born in the little village of Branau near the German and Austrian border and remained an Austrian until the 1930s. He considered Linz his hometown and the world considered Bavaria the cradle of Nazism. Even today when someone makes a Jewish joke on the trains, the whole carriage laughs. Like other groupings, the Germanic and the Jewish peoples being the prime example, racial hatred is passed down through the generations. It’s in their blood and surpasses all other aspects of culturisation.

Alois senior was mad-looking and ‘sanpaku’. This is a severe ‘yin’ condition in which the lower portion of the whites of the eyes can be seen. This is often a sign of a person who plays a part in history, yet has no control over the part they play, they just have to play it. Lady Diana, Princess of Wales, had the same condition as she set in motion the end of the British Monarchy, having children, who like Hitler, failed their university entrance and paternal examinations.

Alois was bald, with a handlebar moustache. He was deeply psychotic and obstructive. He was a “hard, conscientious customs official, punctilious to a fault, with a difficult temper that flared with no apparent provocation. Adolf bore the brunt of this”.

Adolf Hitler’s half-brother (from the second of three marriages) was also called Alois. He was ‘a ruffian, a thief, and a failure’. His mother had died and his father had married his housemaid and niece - what do you expect. Alois junior left home at 18 in 1900 (when Adolf was 11) and spent some time in jail. This made the young Adolf the oldest surviving sibling in the house. His sister Paula was 4 and their mother was also their second cousin.

As a result of Alois junior’s rebellion and marked failures, both Alois senior and Klara placed all their hopes on Adolf who was encouraged in the arts, especially reading and painting: “. . . her favourite, Adolf, whom she kept at home. He hid behind her skirts, never doing a day’s work.” Hitler was raised as a momma’s boy.

Alois senior was a severely borderline personality and strict father who beat Adolf savagely whenever he came home late, which was always, and “Klara was a kind and gentle woman who tended to overcompensate and spoil her son”, killing him with kindness. As a result, Hitler loved cops and robbers, was a dreamer, got poor grades, hated maths, and escaped into Wagner’s music.

Hitler was an escapist who learnt to love, serve and rely on women, while holding an intense dislike and distrust for male authority figures. These patterns ruled his life and were exacerbated by his inbreeding and the dominant madness that ran through his father’s veins.

Alois Hitler (senior) died from internal chest bleeding (pleural haemorrhage) at the age of 65 (7 June 1837-3 January 1903) when Hitler was 13. His mother Klara Polzl died of cancer five years later at the age of 47 (12 August 1860-21 December 1907) when Hitler was 18. Adolf never returned home after his mother’s funeral.


Bombed Dollerscheim - where Adolf’s father’s birth records were kept.

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