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Re: Türk Düşmanları İle Ön-Türk Tarihi Hakkında Bir Tartışma

MesajGönderilme zamanı: 28 Eki 2015, 19:33
gönderen TurkmenCopur
Wadaad yazdı:Turks, Kurds, Somalis, Berbers...these are ethnicities that did not exist before Islam. It is just a fact...maybe pre-Islamic times they had different names, who knows? But it is a fact there are no chronicles of these people before the advent of Islam, and I really tried to find.

The second category are ethnicities that NO LONGER exist, post-Islam...these are like the Numidians, the Scythians, the Khazars and so on.

The final category are ethnicities that existed prior to Islam, and still exist...these are the Arabs, the Persians, the Armenians, the Abyssinians, the Copts and so on.

Try as you might but this is the facts on the ground.

The establishment of the Turk State in Central Asia is in the 6th century AD, this is earlier than the start of the Holy Islam. In these centuries(6th-11th centuries) everyone knew that these 6th century Turks(= Gok Turks) are in fact the Huns. Only the name of their state has changed. Also, there are Persian sources that say that the nation of the 5th century Huns in the Central Asian regions are called Turks. And it is also very easy to see the fact that the Huns are the direct descendants of the Scythians/Sakha's. Many sources proof these facts. So, does it mean that if the name/title of the Ottoman Empire does not include the word "Turk", that the Ottomans are not Turks? Of course not! The name or title of a nation or a state can change but the origin of their nation will not change, all scientific good intended historians can make these conclusion very easy. Another example, the Uzbeks call theirselves Uzbek, and their state is called Uzbekistan, does it mean they are not of Turk origin, of course not!

About the root of the Armenians, i advise all seriously interested people to research the ethnic origin of Mamik and Konak, and the Arsakids. Also think about the fact that many ancient medieval Eurasian populations include the name of "Sak" which is equal to "Sakha", which is equal to the "Huns" which is equal to the "Turks".

Re: Türk Düşmanları İle Ön-Türk Tarihi Hakkında Bir Tartışma

MesajGönderilme zamanı: 28 Eki 2015, 23:10
gönderen TurkmenCopur
Kurdeus Hentaibuddy yazdı:You dont actually think that you can fool a Kurd like me with this copy and paste shit from Turkish propaganda sites.

And the Term "Türk" was firstly mentioned by the CHinese while Turan by the Persian.

But anyways,if you go to an academie and say this shit,everyone will laught about you.
Even Turks thing that its bullshit what you say,that Kurds are Turkic.

Propaganda site? Again you are committing a childish hate crime. Stop this madness, if your hearth has not darkened.

At a Persian source, at the year 420 AD, the word "Türk" is being used to define the ethnic origin of the Huns who lived in the Altai Mountain regions. This obviously shows that the Huns of Attila are of Turk origin. 420 AD is before the start of the Holy Islam. This is the point i was making to Wadaad.

All the facts i have presented are based on the data given by academicians, so mister super moron, how could these academician laugh to theirselves if they are the ones that performed the academic studies? Very stupid and meaningless.

Re: Türk Düşmanları İle Ön-Türk Tarihi Hakkında Bir Tartışma

MesajGönderilme zamanı: 29 Eki 2015, 02:57
gönderen TurkmenCopur
Kurdeus Hentaibuddy yazdı:Everything you dont like is Childish and by your logic everyone must be childish because of this.

What do you mean with academic facts idiot?
They are not mentioned by any reputable historian and no one of them even adopted those facts.
And if so,then which academians.
Means they are invalid and Turkish propaganda.
Type in "Mohammad s.a.v Türk" and you will find some dubious sites where they pretend that he was a Turk,same shit.

And back to your claim that Kurds are Turkic.
There is no genetic advice of the Turkic origin of the Kurds,neither in Britannica nor on any Turkish sites which means your copy pasted claims are foolish and invalid as well.

But anyways,the Kurdification of Turkey has begun,so what will remain from your "Master race" in the next 2 .generations?

Mister Super Moron, who is a reputable academician to you? Your hate crime feelings towards the Turks has nothing to do with academics. For example, look at all international universities what they say about Prof. Dr. Zeki Velidi Togan. The world is not only located in West Europe or the US, Türkiye, Iran, Kazakhstan, Russia, etcetera, all places full with qualified top class academicians. In science this is not possible, not right and not logical, so this is childish: "Your academician is of Turk origin, so he is not qualified"! This is equal to this example: "You are a nigger, you can not sit in this public bus". So, please stop the madness, this isnt going anywhere, you are just a super moron fool.

Re: Türk Düşmanları İle Ön-Türk Tarihi Hakkında Bir Tartışma

MesajGönderilme zamanı: 29 Eki 2015, 03:04
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jackrussell yazdı:
2 - When all said and done in a decade or two ; Turks will be everywhere from East Turkestan to Europe .

İNŞALLAH, because this is the only solution for the liberation of all humanity of Eurasia. All humans should take lessons from history, when Turks were ruling the world, compare it with today, when the Western countries are ruling it, you will see how important the existance of the Noble Turks are. All Turk haters, be ready, the Great Turk Union is ready to happen, inevitable.

Re: Türk Düşmanları İle Ön-Türk Tarihi Hakkında Bir Tartışma

MesajGönderilme zamanı: 29 Eki 2015, 20:21
gönderen TurkmenCopur
Halgurd yazdı:http://corduene.blogspot.be/

He'll just find out that Kurds are a homogenous society and that we are genetically quite different to all our neighbours, thanks to our mountains.

Hahahaha, do Kurds belong to only one single Y-DNA Haplogroup? Is there even one modern nation in the whole world belonging to one single Y-DNA Haplogroup? The answer is no! Genetic mutations date to tens of thousands of years ago, when the majority of modern nations did not exist, and only the Proto Turk culture existed. The oldest human language, the Sumerian language is of Proto Turk origin, dates to 5000 BCE. The only thing you can do with genetics is to classify 3 groups which are equal to their anthropological terms: West Eurasian, East Eurasian, African. Each of these terms has many haplogroups in it. The majority of Turks and Kurds belong to the West Eurasian. The majority of ancient Scythians(Sakha's) and Huns belonged to the West Eurasian group, with a minority belonging to the East Eurasian group. The exact same structure is also present among the Proto Turks.

Re: Türk Düşmanları İle Ön-Türk Tarihi Hakkında Bir Tartışma

MesajGönderilme zamanı: 30 Eki 2015, 12:53
gönderen TurkmenCopur
Kurdeus Hentaibuddy yazdı:I read enought of your shitstorm.

You have no clue for your point,havent you?

You and your kind has nothing to do with science, that is one. Secondly, watch in this video your hero öcalan, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8NTDSIGgf04, and you will see that your goal has nothing to do with science, peace and the truth. The PKK is a part of the ground forces of the US, and the only living purpose for PKK terrorists like yourself is to be used by the US against us NOBLE TURKS. By the way, the PKK has nothing to do with Kurds! The PKK is full with Israelian, Armenian, US and UK soldiers. Ocalan is of Armenian origin, Ahmet Türk is of Türkmen origin, Barzani is of Jewish origin, Talabani is of Jewish origin. To conclude, the PKK is a terrorist organization builded and today still used by the US and their corrupted puppet EU government allies, with its only purpose to commit hate crime terrorist actions against the NOBLE TURKS(TURK AND KURD). The final decision of the ECHR about the Armenian slander, needs to be seen as an unexpected slap from the inside against the corrupted EU governments and their masters(US and UK). So, please stop te madness, you are committing hate crime against Turks in a childish way, i advise every academic researcher on the internet to be careful with such trolling texts, their purpose is what i wrote in this message, so be warned!

Re: Türk Düşmanları İle Ön-Türk Tarihi Hakkında Bir Tartışma

MesajGönderilme zamanı: 31 Eki 2015, 20:32
gönderen TurkmenCopur
Kurdeus Hentaibuddy yazdı:You mentioned nothing.Here a real academic researcher for you and their facts about the Kurdish origin.

And to the PKK,well killing them is meaningless you cant stop the kurdification of Turkey.
Turkey have lied always and noone will ever believe them.

Kurds and Turks = Huns

Assimilation is not possible between two populations that are of the same origin.

The PKK is a puppet of the US army, and the US intelligence tries to divide the Independent Noble Türkiye, but the Turk Armed Forces have defeated the US army and their puppets, so it is time for the US and their puppets to fly back to the American continent, that is their only chance, be brave and accept it! The US has brought not more than madness and genocide in the Middle East, and now they lost and are forced to flee away.

Re: Türk Düşmanları İle Ön-Türk Tarihi Hakkında Bir Tartışma

MesajGönderilme zamanı: 01 Kas 2015, 02:16
gönderen TurkmenCopur
Kurdeus Hentaibuddy yazdı:If Kurds were really Huns?
How does it come that Turkey treat the Kurds as Humans second class and Animals?Is that the way they treat their "Cousins"?

Your mom is being tread as second class and animals by the US, that is a fact. Turks and Kurds live in peace, there is no problem between Turks and Kurds, there is poorness in the country, both Turks and Kurds are suffering from the economic problems, there is no difference between Turks and Kurds. Turks and Kurds are families of each other, one Turk has an aunt that is of Kurd origin, another Kurd has a mother that is of Turk origin, so Turks and Kurds are brothers just like they were for the last 1000 years. The only problem is the US and the CIA moles that got theirselves integrated in the Türk governments since 1980's. CIA, is on purposely trying make enemies of two brother populations whom have the same ethnic origin. The devil is the US and their CIA puppets, and the US has recently lost the battle against the Türk Armed Forces, and they can not divide the Noble Independent Türkiye State.

Who is it that was behind the Halabja unhuman gas attack against the Kurds in Iraq? One: Saddam was a US CIA puppet, and he was ordered by the US to perform a genocide on the Kurds. So, the truth is that the US americans have committed an openly known genocide on the Kurds in Iraq in the end of the 1980's. What was the goal of the US CIA for performing such an unhuman genocide? They aimed to give the Kurds such a pain, that they were in a position where they had to start begging for help from the US and so becoming proud puppets of the US. Why did the US had plans to use the Kurds in the 1980's? It was a matter of time that the Soviet Union would fall. So, the Cold War between Soviet Union and the US ended in a victory of the US in 1991. Now, the only problem for the US CIA policies was the Independent Noble Türkiye State of Atatürk which has an inevitable potential of creation the Noble Turk Union which will result in a World Domination of the Turks. Thats why the US CIA started the Greater Middle Eastern Project, in which their only goal was to try to divide the Independent Noble Türkiye State of Atatürk. Their main strategy for achieving this goal, was to try take pieces of land from Türkiye, Syria, Iraq and Iran, and build a Second-Israel(fake name is Kurdistan). To be succesfull in their campaign to build the Second-Israel they openly used the Kurds as pions, that were easy to used, and would die in stead of using US army soldiers who only work for money and dont have real love for their country. So, during this process of 1988-2015, the Kurds, or better said, US CIA agents that say that act as if they are Kurds, but in fact are mostly Armenians or Jews, were used by the US government to try and divide the Independent Noble Türkiye State of Atatürk. Finally, what has happened in 2015? The Greater Middle Eastern Project has failed, the US has lost the Battle against the Türk Armed Forces, and could not divide Türkiye! The US economy is in an internationally crisis, just like the EU. So, the US is forced by the Heroic Türk Armed Forces to leave the region. In fact there is an unofficial Third World War ongoing, in which the US army has been defeated by the Türkiye Army, end of the point!

Until 1980, it was not even possible to talk about difference between Turks and Kurds in Türkiye. Then all the sudden Kenan Evren, the evil sneaky CIA agent has performed a treason to his country with many damages to our country. But the system of this devilish traitor was erased by the Heroic Atatürkist Commanders being from the 1990's until 2015. This process of this Internal Battle of the Heroic Atatürkist Commanders ended in a position in which the Türk Armed Forces openly defeated the US army in the External Aynel Arab Battle(Kobani Battle). Now, the Heroic Atatürkist Commanders have defeated the US army, and no one has any kind of power to make enemies of the TWO BROTHER POPULATIONS(TURKS AND KURDS) WHICH HAVE THE SAME HUNNIC ETHNIC ORIGIN!

Re: Türk Düşmanları İle Ön-Türk Tarihi Hakkında Bir Tartışma

MesajGönderilme zamanı: 01 Kas 2015, 15:03
gönderen TurkmenCopur
Kurdeus Hentaibuddy yazdı:Americans are partiots and are willed to die for their country,every Soldier does that.But the fact is that most SOldiers in the Turksish army arent even ethnic Turks.

Turkish army couldnt beat the PKK and yet they wanna destroy a worldpower like the US or China?I guess too much WOW isnt good for people like you.

But listen and keep it in your mind,Turkey wont have a turkish majority in the next 2 Generations if you like it or not,the kurdification and arabisation of Turkey have already begun after all Turks are now like the Germans and Japanese the children's poorest people,ghow can you have a future without sucesserors?Your population is getting older and is shrinking and getting assimilated by the Arabs and all Middle easterns.

You are the one who is trolling here,i always told you,prepare for Kurdey 2038.

You sound like Thrall,the Orc from WOW.

Americans are patriots as much as patriot you are. So, in fact they are cowards, only thing their culture knows is exploit the weak and poor people with racism and hate crime, and become rich from slavery. The US army is build upon a system with paid soldiers. If the US cant pay the bills of their soldiers, then their army will collapse immediately.

Hahaha, lol, you are such a super moron, of course the Noble Soldiers in the Türk Army are of Türk Origin.

One, read the following two pages if you want to get enlightened about the structure of the US army:

PKK = Ground Forces of the US army:

Kahraman Türk Ordusu'nun 2015 Yılı PKK'yı Temizleme Harekatı:

Who is the president of the US? Obama? Yes.

Look what Obama said a couple of months ago:

"PKK is our Ground Forces".

Lets look at the English dictionary for the term "Ground Forces":

Army, regular army, a permanent organization of the military land forces of a nation or state

Also, there are tons of evidence showing that the PKK is the Ground Forces of the US Army in the Middle Eastern countries Iraq, Iran and Syria. For example, recently it was again proven that the Delta Force squads of the US Army were commanding and educating the PKK terrorists to fight against the Türk Army.

So, what did the Noble and Heroic Türk Armed Forces achieve since the very successfull operations in 2015? The Noble and Heroic Türk Armed Forces beated and erased the PKK and its complete hierarchy, so in fact, the Noble and Heroic Türk Armed Forces have defeated the Ground Forces of the US Army in the Iraqi and Syrian borders!

Kurds and Turks are brothers, US dogs like yourselves can pray a million years more for the start of a second Israel in Iraq and surrounding areas, because this plan has failed, and the Noble and Heroic Türk Armed Forces have defeated the US army, and will crush any kind of terrorizm that wants to divide our country.

Re: Türk Düşmanları İle Ön-Türk Tarihi Hakkında Bir Tartışma

MesajGönderilme zamanı: 01 Kas 2015, 15:36
gönderen TurkmenCopur
Kurdeus Hentaibuddy yazdı:Is that now the Turkish version of "illuminati" or WOW?
But well Orc,future will show s the results of your genocidal army of Turkey.

Stop the childesh comments and become an adult, stop the madness of lieing, and stop the darkening process of your hearth.

There is not even one genocide committed by the Noble Türk Army! You can not even provide one piece of evidence(not a CIA fabricated lie). On the contrary there are tons of evidence showing the genocides the US army has committed against the innocent poor and defenseless people in Iraq and Afghanistan.