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Re: Türk Düşmanları İle Ön-Türk Tarihi Hakkında Bir Tartışma

MesajGönderilme zamanı: 18 Eyl 2015, 22:06
gönderen TurkmenCopur
MrButlerKing yazdı:You Turkish have only 9.2% of G and Azeris have from 3-18% G. And you know what?
All your G haplogroup belong to G2 which are are found only in Europe, Middle east, Iran but is non-existentin Central Asia and the highest frequency of G2 are people who speak Caucasus languages

How are you going to claim that you are related to G1 Madjar people?

Or do you want to claim Turks are some kind of genetic mutants who can change their haplogroups

There is not even one modern nation which has only one genetic haplogroup results. The focus of a non Turk on the genetic pattern of the GREAT TURK NATION, shows that you are a simple silly TURK HATING troll which is being paid to spread the obviously LIES. I have disproved all your lies with all the corresponding arguments based on solid scientific data. Dont you have any shame, continuing your silly game? You are making a clown out of your self and you cant fool anyone.

The genetic mutations date to tens of thousands of years ago. People with different haplogroups could have lived together with the same culture for tens of thousands of years ago since the beginning of the occurence of several mutations.

Read the study named "Armenian Y chromosome haplotypes reveal strong regional structure within a single ethno-national group". You can see that in a study, out of 173 Turkiye Türks, between 24,6% and 49,13% have Haplogroup G.

http://www.ucl.ac.uk/tcga/tcgapdf/Weale ... rmenia.pdf

By the way, the "Excavating Y-chromosome haplotype strata in Anatolia" study has 10,9% of haplogroup G.

It does not matter, the G1 or G2. Also, they dont speak Caucasian languages. The Karachay Turks, Balkar Turks, Kumik Turks, Kuban Nogay Turks, Terek Cossack Turks and Karai Turks mostly live in the Caucasus region AND they speak the SAME TURK LANGUAGE and are originated from the Huns, Turks and Sakha's from Central Asia.

There are several studies, some of them have not subtyped haplogroup G*. In the "Excavating Y-chromosome haplotype strata in Anatolia" study there are also G1 results.

Coming to the Haplogroup G results among the Azerbaijan Turks. You are so ignorant and dumb, lmao. Read the obvious study results at the following link: viewtopic.php?f=83&t=4215.

The study "Armenian Y chromosome haplotypes reveal strong regional structure within a single ethno-national group" shows that between 29,3% and 58,62% of Azerbaijani Turks have Haplogroup G. Another study named "Mitochondrial DNA and Y-Chromosome Variation in the Caucasus" shows 18%(7/39) of Haplogroup G among the Azerbaijani Turks.

Re: Türk Düşmanları İle Ön-Türk Tarihi Hakkında Bir Tartışma

MesajGönderilme zamanı: 20 Eyl 2015, 16:07
gönderen TurkmenCopur
MrButlerKing yazdı:Mongoloid.... East Eurasian... who cares!!! I just want you to understand my point.

Firstable you and other claim too many culture as Turk. For example the Scythians, Batrician, Andronovo. Tocharian, Alan and many which are Indo-European speaking but you claim they are Turk.

Here is what Arabs said to Turks. During Muhammads time.

Allah's Apostle said, "The Hour will not be established until you fight with the Turks; people with small eyes, red faces, and flat noses.

Most Indo-European are always predominately R1a

Most Uralic are always haplogroup N

Most Mongolic are always C3

Most Sino-Tibetan are always O3

What about Turkic??? you do not have a predominate haplogroup that all of you share. In East Siberia the Turkic are dominant Q and N, In Central Asia is C3, R1a, J2, in Turkey and Azeris is a heavy mix of haplogroups of haplogroup.

Look at the archaeological culture of the Gök Türks from the 6th century. Then look at the archaeological culture of the Huns(Ogur, On-Ogur, Bes-Ogur, Acatziri,...) from the 5th century and earlier. Only these cultures are qualified as being defined as the same culture as the Iron Age Scythians, and earlier Andronovo. For example look at the carpets of the Iron Age Pazyryk culture, it contains the exact same cultural traits and tamga's as the Huns, Gök Türks and modern Türks. Look at the anthropological studies performed on the core of the Huns and the Gök Türks, then you will see the connection from Sumerians to LBK to Andronovo to Scythians to Huns to Gök Türks and modern Turks.

You keep saying, most, this and that. This is not science, you can not even show me one Indo European(faked up culture title/label) modern nation which has only one specific haplogroup. Tell me a name of a modern nation, and i will proof you are wrong. By the way, 100 or 1000 people of which the historical origin(with historical documents from national archives) is not known and not shown as proof, can never count as the majority of a nation which has a population number of tens/hundreds of millions.

Look at the portrait of my ancestor Attila(5th century is earlier than 7th century), and you will see the physical facial feature of the Turks.

Read the ancient Chinese sources. Their descriptions of the physical facial feature of the Tuku(Turk) nation, is as the following: "They have light or yellow hairs and have blue eyes, they are known for their strength and military expertise".

There is no such thing as a heavy mixture of haplogroups, like i mentioned before, show me one modern nation which has only a single Y-haplogroup, and i will proof you are wrong. Genetic mutations occured 10's of thousands of years ago, the oldest human culture is the Proto Turk culture. Process this truth in your nasty brains which is full with hate crime feelings against Turks.

MrButlerKing yazdı:Here is Kul Tigin. Leader of the Gokturk, look more Mongoloid than anything.

Archaeology is about culture. Anthropology is about the facial structure. It is known from the historical documents, that the royal Gök Türk khans married with royal Chinese woman for political reasons. This is the reason for the change of the facial structure. The facial type is neither Han Chinese, and is neither Germanic, facial type is of Turk origin. Some facial features will not change so easily in the majority of the family members, like the skull type, or the colours of the eyes. The Han Chinese historical documents describe the oldest Huns / Turks(Tuku) as having light coloured eyes, and describes them being completely different than the Han Chinese. The anthropological type of the Han Chinese is East Eurasian, which is equal to the term Mongoloid. And the Huns/Turks are different from the Han Chinese and were in majority of West Eurasian origin.

The Mongols of Genghis Khan are not equal to the anthropological term "Mongoloid". The Mongols of the 13th - 19th centuries are just a Federation of Turk Tribes. Mongols are not a different nation. The current population number of Mongolia is ONLY 3 MILLIONS. This proofs that the medieval Mongol Turks of the 13th - 19th centuries migrated heavily to the countries like Türkiye, İran and Azerbaijan where the Ilkhanid Empire had ruled. Almost the complete Mongol Turk population of the Chagataids and the Ogedeid migrated to the regions of Türkiye, İran and Azerbaijan from the Khorasani Mountain routes.

Look at the descriptions of the facial type of the Royal Family of Genghis Khan, do the Han Chinese(East Eurasian anthropological type) have red hairs and blue/hazel eyes?:

Temujin himself was noted in Chinese descriptions of him, for his tall stature and heavy beard. [Günther (1934) 185.] We should also note the following depiction of Temujin's appearance, as given by Harold Lamb, in his biography of the great Khan:

"He must have been tall, with high shoulders, his skin a whitish tan. His eyes, set far apart under a sloping forehead, did not slant. And his eyes were green, or blue-grey in the iris, with black pupils. Long reddish-brown hair fell in braids to his back." [Lamb (1928) 23.]

Ab ul Ghasi also observed that the family of Yesugai, the father of Temujin, were known for the fact that their children often had fair complexions, and blue or grey eyes. [Günther (1934) 185.] Temujin's wife, Bourtai, bore a name which means "Grey-Eyed". [Lamb (1928) 23.] As both Günther (1934) and Lamb (1928) note, Temujin's relatives and descendants also possessed fair features: Temujin's son and successor Ogadei (1229-41), had gray eyes and red hair; Temujin's grandson Mangu (1251-9), had reddish eyebrows and a red-brown beard; Subatei, who conquered China, had a long, reddish beard. Indeed, it was said that people were surprised Kubilai Khan had dark hair and eyes, because most of Genghis Khan's descendants had reddish hair and blue eyes. [Günther (1934) 185.]

Re: Türk Düşmanları İle Ön-Türk Tarihi Hakkında Bir Tartışma

MesajGönderilme zamanı: 29 Eyl 2015, 15:24
gönderen TurkmenCopur
MrButlerKing yazdı:You make a big mistake.

Mongolia today is 3 million but together with Inner Mongolia is 9 million.

Hazara ( Mongol descendants) 5 million

And in Central Asia 50 million Turks are all mixture of

Even in Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, North Uzbekistan, Karalpakstan people are MOSTLY EAST EURASIAN.

You are stupid and do not deserve to be taken seriously.

Answer me one question. What is the term Mongol? Firstly, the term "Mongol" is the name of a Turk federation. If Mongol is associated with Genghis Khan, then lets look at the sons of Genghis Khan. Where did the majority of the 14th century descendants of the Ogedeids, Chagataids and Jochids settle to? To which regions? Answer is very simple: Türkiye, Azerbaijan, Iran, Crimea, Caucasia. Only the descendants of the Toluids stayed in China. The descendants of these Ogedeids, Chagataids and Jochids became mainly assimilated by Oghuz tribes.

Second question, Genghis Khan has so many sons and so many grandsons, and so many descendants. Also, it is a fact that in the medieval many tribes declared themselves being direct grandsons of Hazreti Muhammed(S.A.V.) or Genghis Khan, altough they are actually not. It was mostly because of the respect in their hearth to these great leaders. So, i am asking you, do we know the location of the grave of Genghis Khan? No, we do not! Do we know that Genghis Khan had blue eyes and reddish hair? Yes! Until now, did we see any kind of ancient dna study performed on the graves of the direct grandsons of Genghis Khan, like Kubilai Khan? No! Then how do we know for sure what the haplogroup of Genghis Khan is? No, we do not know the haplogroup of Genghis Khan!

You can keep on denying the data i presented as proof, in which the obvious Western Eurasian major component of modern Central Asian Turks is presented. This will not change the truth, be sure about that.

Also, looking at a final ancient dna study, "Khazar's confederates in the Don basin (archaeological, anthropological and genetic aspects)" on the ancient Khazar Turk graves, from the Saltovo-Mayaki culture, we see that all three results showed Western Eurasian haplogroups, G, J2a and R1a1a1b2a2.

Re: Türk Düşmanları İle Ön-Türk Tarihi Hakkında Bir Tartışma

MesajGönderilme zamanı: 29 Eyl 2015, 19:32
gönderen TurkmenCopur
MrButlerKing yazdı:Topic: Early founder of Ottoman were Turkmen Mongoloid

Centrix Vigilis yazdı:I have but a single question and then a statement.

Why is this of importance other than from an 'objective' historical developmental viewpoint? Iow. the examination of historical migrations and ethnic assimilations, creation-transition of a nation state...etc.

The statement is simple...if your answer is other than that above... then afaic, your motivations and agendas become suspect as ultra nationalistic or a counter that.

Hello there, i came across this topic recently. Didnt i earlier mention the fact that posters like "MrButlerKing" are paid trolls, which have goals to satisfy their hate crime feeling towards the Turk Nation? I suspect that the previous topic opener is the same person as "MrButlerKing". Their strategy, is to spread all their falsified, non logical lies(which dont include any kind of truth and backed up data) about the Turk history, with their booby trap approaches.

Re: Türk Düşmanları İle Ön-Türk Tarihi Hakkında Bir Tartışma

MesajGönderilme zamanı: 28 Eki 2015, 00:53
gönderen TurkmenCopur
Kurdeus Hentaibuddy yazdı:You got those copy and paste shit from http://www.turktoresi.com/viewtopic.php?f=16&t=12320 but nevermind,of corse he was a Turk,but i wouldnt be proud of this Islamist at all but anyways,how can he be a Turk if the Arabs called the Time where Saladin lived the Al-akrad whcih menas Kurd,Saladin also called Crack the chevalliers in Arabic castle of the Kurds.

Haha lol, copy / paste :) funny guy. Read chapter 3 of post one to enlighten yourself about the relations between the terms "Huns", "Khazars" "Turk", "Kurd", "Etrak" and "Ekrad".

http://www.theapricity.com/forum/showth ... ost3918331

Re: Türk Düşmanları İle Ön-Türk Tarihi Hakkında Bir Tartışma

MesajGönderilme zamanı: 28 Eki 2015, 01:41
gönderen TurkmenCopur
Kurdeus Hentaibuddy yazdı:You dont actually think that i take this serious since it comes from a Turkish site.

This is you admitting that you are a TURK HATER, this is a hate crime speach. It has nothing to do with science or the truth. If you are man enough, if your hearth is not darkened, try to analyze the points i have described one by one, and you will see that i am r

Kurdeus Hentaibuddy yazdı:But anyways,Saladin is your stupid "Hero",have fun with all the Arabs

I dont know what this means, so please improve your trolling mechanism, maybe you will have some effect, this is really pathetic aimbot message, lol :)

Re: Türk Düşmanları İle Ön-Türk Tarihi Hakkında Bir Tartışma

MesajGönderilme zamanı: 28 Eki 2015, 13:48
gönderen TurkmenCopur
Kurdeus Hentaibuddy yazdı:You are a Muslim,arent you.
Its just so,Saladin was not a Hero,only an Islamist who murdered countless non Muslims just like the Prophet Mohammed before.
And now Turks will be the one who say"Im a Muslim because Saladin was one".

If there is a troll,then its you.
You are an Ataturk fanboy and a Muslim at the same time,you know that Ataturk hated Islam,didnt you?

So improve your Aimbot messages.

I understand you, you are and feel like a proud slave of the Crusaders, just like you feel like a proud slave of the US/UK. And you know that i know you are not a Kurd, lol its so obvious :)

On the contrary, i myself, as a Noble Turk, i am the same as the Seljukid, Saltukid, Artuqid, Ayyubid Turks, and today i am the same as Ataturk and the Independent Turks.

Do not make the mistake of mixing religious norms with national norms.

The culture of the Noble Turks:

Has always provided peace, equallness, freedom, brotherhood between different ethnic populations, true nationalizm without racism and all kind of different goodness that came from Noble Turks like Pir Sultan Abdal, Hadji Bektashi Veli, Yunus Emre, Mevlana, Hodja Ahmet Yesevi.

On the contrary the culture of the Romans, Germans, Crusaders, Vaticans etcetera:

"Only provided religious child rape in the churches, homosexual and bisexual forums, egoizm, capitalizm, anti nationalizm, slandering other populations while you are the genocide committer yourself, any kind of non ethical way to achieve your goal is permissible, back stabbing of your own family to become more rich."

Re: Türk Düşmanları İle Ön-Türk Tarihi Hakkında Bir Tartışma

MesajGönderilme zamanı: 28 Eki 2015, 16:43
gönderen TurkmenCopur
Kurdeus Hentaibuddy yazdı:This is getting awkward.

Your "Noble" Turks have murdered Millions of Christians,Armenians and Kurdsa s well,i wouldnt be proud of that,not to mention that all those Ottoman soldiers were Arabs,Bosniaks and Kurds who later betrayed the Turks.

But now if you dont lreaized that,Turkey is gettign kurdified and Arabified of corse.
So there wont be a Turkish majority in the next decades:)

We did not kill anyone stupid simple troll. Bosniacs and Kurds are of the same Hun-Turk origin, that is first of all :). Secondly, the non Muslims like Armenians, Greeks etcera. they were all in high positions in the Ottoman Empire? If the Ottoman Empire did something wrong, is that they forgot about their own people(the Turks) and made people of other nations rich. How could populations like the Armenians have been killed by the Noble Turks, if they lived together for 1000 years in peace, and if they all lived rich lifes? Why and how do all these treasons happen just when the First WW started? Because they were all used as puppets and proud slaves by the intelligences of the US and the UK!

Lol, you are very lowly, it is so obvious. Let me be your teacher.

History = Science
Historical Documents = Scientific Truth that tells the ethnic origin of all inhabitants of Türkiye and other Middle Eastern countries

These Historical Documents are solid and can not be altered by simple troll sentences like yourself. Countries like Iraq and Syria is full with Turkmens and assimilated Turkmens who think they are of Arab origin. The Kurds are 100% of the same ethnic origin as the Turks, so i am leaving the calculation to you to decide the formula of the Turk population number. Lol, i forgot you are so bad intended, so i dont think you will be able to admit any kind of truth. Your job is to just simply write sneaky trolling messages, to direct the discussion to other subjects.

Re: Türk Düşmanları İle Ön-Türk Tarihi Hakkında Bir Tartışma

MesajGönderilme zamanı: 28 Eki 2015, 19:01
gönderen TurkmenCopur
Kurdeus Hentaibuddy yazdı:On the contrary, i myself, as a Noble Turk, i am the same as the Seljukid, Saltukid, Artuqid, Ayyubid Turks, and today i am the same as Ataturk and the Independent Turks.

Thats pathetic since Turks confuse Religion with Ethnicy like Erdogan or Bahceli,No matter if Islam or Tengrism,Islam shaped a big part of the Turkish culture,just for your information.

Erdoğan and Bahçeli or any other political leader in the government, do not represent the Noble Turk Nation, that is the first point. The Turk Armed Forces is the root of the Türkiye Republic and the root of the Noble Turk Nation, only the Turk Armed Forces can represent the Noble Turk Nation. Islam is a religion between one person and ALLAH, and the Turk state is being ruled by Turk Nationalizm which is equal to a democratic system. A country is and can only be ruled with politics. Politics has to do with people, and people living under one state are one nation. This state serves in a nationalistic way to defend the safety, and provide a healthy economy for the whole Turk Nation. Turks and Kurds are of the same ethnic origin, they are both descended from Royal Hunnic families, in other words they are the descendants of the Hunnic tribes like Oghurs, Saroghurs, Aghachiris, Kutrigurs, Kidarites, etcetera.

So, to conclude, the modern Turks and Kurds are of the SAME TURK ETHNIC ORIGIN, every Turk and Kurd can feel this in their bloods. This is why the intelligences of the enemy states United States and United Kingdom did never succeed in the creating of a civil war between Turks and Kurds. In Europe even if one homosexual political leader is killed by a secret agent that is falsely and in a sneaky way representing himself as a Muslim, all low IQ having Neo Nazi people begin firing up Mosques. In Türkiye, the PKK which is a part of the ground forces of the US army, which is full with US(like Delta Force), UK and Israel army soldiers and commanders, uses every kind of unhuman non ethical ways since the 1970's to start a civil war between Turks and Kurds, but the US and their puppet slaves are now slowly realizing that they have lost the battle in the Middle East against the Turk Armed Forces. So, write this in your stupid head: "No One Can Divide the Noble Turk State"! The US is now busy with the retreating process out of the Middle East, this is a good situation for humanity, once the US and UK is completely removed from the Middle East and all Middle Eastern Countries are being ruled independently under the leading of their big brother state Türkiye, there will be peace in the Middle East, and the maddness and hell life that the US and the UK have created in the Middle East will stop forever, be ready for this, because this is happing very soon in a couple of years.

Re: Türk Düşmanları İle Ön-Türk Tarihi Hakkında Bir Tartışma

MesajGönderilme zamanı: 28 Eki 2015, 19:14
gönderen TurkmenCopur
Kurdeus Hentaibuddy yazdı:Wow,never heard so much bullshit,you are posting stuff from dubious sites with no seriousness.
But the funniest thing is that Kurds are of Hunnic Origin since Huns never megrated to the Middle east and not any reputable Historian has ever adopted this facts.

But something is clear ,Turks are mixed people,who knows,maybe you have an Arab ancestor just like the rest of your Turks:)

But at least its the internet where you can write whatever you want.

Your Historical"Documents" are invalid and are not even recognized by any reputable historian expect of the Turkish ones,that disqualified you from the discussion:D

Read this:

G- The Hephthalite White Huns, settled/migrated from the Caucasian regions into the region of Mugan(located presentday Azerbaijan-Iran)(also called Belasegân) at 445 AD. The Arabic sources confirm this event and call the Mugan region as Belasegân. This name is the same as the name found in Central Asia: Balasagun. The Huns who settled in Mugan were called Khaylen-durk, the final part meaning "Turk". The Arabic sources mention that the same people(The White Hunnic Turks) who lived in this region in the 7th century AD, were named "Kurds". The meaning of the word "Kürt" is "Nomads who are busy with herds", and is not equal to an ethnic term.

So the Kurds were obviously nomadic Huns who spoke a Turk language, and who were later called Kurds or Ekrads by Arabians. The Khalach Turk tribe of the Khorasan-Kuhistan region who is obviously of Turk origin was also called Ekrad/Akrad. In time, just like the Selcukid dynasty(also of royal Hunnic origin) did, they started talking/mixing the Persian and Turk language, which ended in the sub languages like Kurmanci.

The origin of the word "Kurmanc" is linguistically obvious the same with the Turk word "Kuman". Look at the name of former Kyrgyzstan president "Kurmanbek Bakiyev".

K- Ancient geographer İbn'ül A'sam'ül - Kufi(9th - 10th century AD), had travelled the "Aran" region at 926 AD, and have written that the Language spoken in Aran was the Khazarian Turkish Language.


11th century Syrian historian Ebü'l-Ferec İbnü'I-İbri, shows the letter written by Seljukid Sultan Tuğrul Bey, in which Tuğrul Bey admits that he is of Royal Hunnic origin. Read the following pages for more detailed information:

http://www.islamansiklopedisi.info/dia/ ... 360255.pdf

So, it is a fact that the Seljukid Turks are EQUAL to the Royal Hunnic tribes. The Seljukid Turks and Kurds came into the Middle East, so it is a fact that the Huns came into the Middle East, since there is no mention of the Hunnic state during the 9th and 12th centuries. The name of the Hunnic State became the Turk State. This is the formula:

Seljukid Turks = Royal Hunnic tribes

Kurds = Royal Hunnic tribes

Turks = Kurds = Huns

Even a child would be able to understand this fact.