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Re: Türk Düşmanları İle Ön-Türk Tarihi Hakkında Bir Tartışma

MesajGönderilme zamanı: 26 Tem 2015, 20:43
gönderen TurkmenCopur
Mens-Sarda yazdı:7000 years ago Turks perhaps could be found somewhere between Turkmenistan and Mongolia, surely nowhere in Anatolian peninsula until XIth century

The Turks are the same people as the Kurds!

this made me laugh a lot, the usual Turkish bullshit propaganda

The Sumerians were Proto Turks from 5000 BCE.



The people from the Göbekli Tepe Culture were Proto Turks from 11.000 BCE, they have very obvious and clear signs of modern/medieval Turk Tamgas.

Kürtlerin Kökeni Hun Türk Soyundan Geliyor
Kurds Are From Hunnic Turk Ethnic Origin

In several other occasions in this forum i have proven that the Kurds around the Iranian and Azerbaijan regions themselves were an obvious Hunnic tribe.


The name "Kürt" is described in the Hunnic-Türk Yenisei Inscriptions located in the Altaian and South Siberian regions and dated between the 400 - 700 AD.


According to Gyula Németh, there were 9 tribes whom contributed for the building(830 AD) of the Hungarian State(9th-10th centuries). 7 tribes were of Hunnic-Türk origin, and 2 were of Finno-Ugric origin.

Tribes with Hunnic-Türk origin: "Kabar, Kürt, Gyarmat, Taryan, Yene, Ker, Keszi"

Tribes with Finno-Ugric origin: Nyek, Megyef


According to Györffy Istvan, the following subgroups of the 7 tribes with Hun-Türk origin(Kabar, Kürt, Gyarmat, Taryan, Yene, Ker ve Keszi) also were of Hun-Türk origin: Jalançak, Çertan (Çortan), Kondam, Borçol (Boroç oğlu), Yopogo (Yabagu), Ulaş


It is also obvious that the Szekely tribe of the 12th century was of Hunnic-Türk origin.


The dynasty of Arpad was of the Kabar tribe of the Khazars who were of Hunnic-Türk origin. The dialect spoken by the Kabars was close to the Bulgarian dialect, and both were of Hunnic-Türk language origin.


What is the oldest historical evidence for the Kurdish language? Did you know that the Turkmens and Kurds were both called Etrak and Ekrad, and does it not seem to you that the words "Türk" and "Kürt" are so similar? Yes, it does, if you puzzle with the word "Kürt", you can find the word "Türk", and vice versa. The oldest historical Kurdish scripts are of the 15th-17th centuries AD(source: Bruinessen, http://www.hum.uu.nl/medewerkers/m.vanb ... celeri.pdf). Why are there no earlier examples? The reason for this is because the Kurds are not a different nation, they are a tribe of the Hunnic-Turks, therefore it is not possible to find scientific ancient Kurdish scripts older than the 15th-17th centuries AD.


The Hephthalite White Huns, settled/migrated from the Caucasian regions into the region of Mugan(located presentday Azerbaijan-Iran)(also called Belasegân) at 445 AD. The Arabic sources confirm this event and call the Mugan region as Belasegân. This name is the same as the name found in Central Asia: Balasagun. The Huns who settled in Mugan were called Khaylen-durk, the final part meaning "Turk". The Arabic sources mention that the same people(The White Hunnic Turks) who lived in this region in the 7th century AD, were named "Kurds". The meaning of the word "Kürt" is "Nomads who are busy with herds", and is not equal to an ethnic term.


So the Kurds were obviously nomadic Huns who spoke a Turk language, and who were later called Kurds or Ekrads by Arabians. The Khalach Turk tribe of the Khorasan-Kuhistan region who is obviously of Turk origin was also called Ekrad/Akrad. In time, just like the Selcukid dynasty(also of royal Hunnic origin) did, they started talking/mixing the Persian and Turk language, which ended in the sub languages like Kurmanci.


The origin of the word "Kurmanc" is linguistically obvious the same with the Turk word "Kuman". Look at the name of former Kyrgyzstan president "Kurmanbek Bakiyev".

Re: Türk Düşmanları İle Ön-Türk Tarihi Hakkında Bir Tartışma

MesajGönderilme zamanı: 26 Tem 2015, 20:59
gönderen TurkmenCopur
Halgurd yazdı:Lets go along with this for a while. I have a few questions.

First how do you propose to solve the division of Kurdistan? For example 5% of Kurdistan is in Syria, 24% in Iran and 18% in Iraq.

Solutions, which will bring Peace in the Middle East and will Destroy All Terrorist Organizations:

1. Independent Türkiye, Independent Syria, Independent Iraq, Independent Iran and Independent Azerbaijan.

2. Union and Cooperation between these countries(Türkiye, Syria, Iraq, Azerbaijan), under the leadership of Türkiye.

3. The total of the Union should firstly give a Kick in the Ass of the fitna and sinister US and the UK in the Middle East.
Kicking the US and the UK out of Iraq and Syria.
Deporting all US soldiers, CIA agents and special forces in the Middle East to their own US country.

4. We must first of all acknowledge the fact that the El Kaide, ISIS and PKK is build and still controlled by the US state. Lets not be fooled by the international Hollywood fictive media. If the influence of the US is removed from the Middle East, then all terrorist organizations(El Kaide, ISIS, PKK, ...) will be erased from all Middle Eastern countries only within a week.

Re: Türk Düşmanları İle Ön-Türk Tarihi Hakkında Bir Tartışma

MesajGönderilme zamanı: 26 Tem 2015, 21:05
gönderen TurkmenCopur
Halgurd yazdı:Iraq and Turkey exist, and so does Kurdistan.

1. Its a region in Northern Iraq and its official name is Kurdistan and not northern Iraq and functions like an independent state
2. Its a region in Western Iran "Kurdistan province".

The referendum for independence is also ready, in a few years I will see Kurdistan as an official country. Your words wont change anything :)

Dont be so sure, the Heroic Turk Army will crush any kind of step towards the creation of such a puppet and symbolic country.

Re: Türk Düşmanları İle Ön-Türk Tarihi Hakkında Bir Tartışma

MesajGönderilme zamanı: 26 Tem 2015, 22:12
gönderen TurkmenCopur
Halgurd yazdı:Turkey already announced its support, many countries have, I don't see why not.

The ruler of Türkiye is the Turk Armed Forces, the current government is only a temporary puppet, the Turk Army is permanent. Any kind of step towards the creation of a Second Israel(fake name: Kurdistan) will be crushed by the Heroic Turk Armed Forces. Dont worry about it.

Re: Türk Düşmanları İle Ön-Türk Tarihi Hakkında Bir Tartışma

MesajGönderilme zamanı: 26 Tem 2015, 22:17
gönderen TurkmenCopur
Halgurd yazdı:Kurds don't want to be divided by borders. In your idea, will all Kurdish land be included in turkey?

Which lands are you talking about? In the history of 2000 years, when did the Kurds have a state? At the historical documents of between 0 and 900 AD, among which nation are the Kurds mentioned? You understand very well what the truth is, land and country can not be given like a birthday gift, it needs an independent war. The honourfell way of wanting an independent country, is an independent war, without being a 100% fully slave and puppet of the US! If the US does not support the PKK, then the PKK terrorist organization can not even live for one day, because they do not base their power on the Kurds, their power, ideology and goals are based on the benefits of the US.

Re: Türk Düşmanları İle Ön-Türk Tarihi Hakkında Bir Tartışma

MesajGönderilme zamanı: 26 Tem 2015, 22:22
gönderen TurkmenCopur
Mens-Sarda yazdı:Kurds are just the leftover of the northern provinces of the ancient Persian empire, they speak an Iranic language, they are just northern Persians

Taking away the meaningless trolling insults, only this little part is left. Look at the style of your language usage: "they are just northern Persians", "just". Are you a magician, do you not feel the urge to base your lies on scientific / historical proof? Or are you afraid that when you start reading and understanding the historical facts, you will see the obviously clear fact that Kurds are Hunnic Turks? :)

Re: Türk Düşmanları İle Ön-Türk Tarihi Hakkında Bir Tartışma

MesajGönderilme zamanı: 26 Tem 2015, 22:44
gönderen TurkmenCopur
Mens-Sarda yazdı:don't they speak an Iranic language? what other historical fact do you want?

or perhaps you believe your shitty Turkish propaganda that says that they are just Turks which forgot their language and invented a language of their own? Turks must be really stupid to believe such bullshits

There are many Kurdish dialects, Kurmanci, Zaza, etc. All are different from each other, and are obviously clear mixes of the Turk, Persian and Arabic languages. With the help of historical documents we can find the truth, not with the lies based on hate crime feelings. The Seljukid Dynasty also spoke the Turk, Persian and Arabic languages as official languages. The Seljukid Dynasty is now disappeared, maybe they are now Kurds who dont know anything about their Turk past. The Kurdish cultural elements like the Tamga's written on the Kurdish carpets and gravestones and the historical events(based on solid historical sources) clearly show that the Kurds are of Hunnic Turk origin.

Even today, among the modern Uygur Turks(from the last 50-70 years), because of the fake Islamic ignorant superstitions, the Turks in Xinjiang believe that they should read the Islam first in Arabic, then in Persian, then in Turk language. The reason for Persian, is because they believed for example that our Prophet Hazreti Muhammed(S.A.V.) permitted the Persians to read the Kuran in the Persian language. So, the willing of the Uygur Turks to speak the mix of a Turk-Persian-Arabic language, does not mean that they are of Persian or Arab origin, they are obviously of Turk origin.

Re: Türk Düşmanları İle Ön-Türk Tarihi Hakkında Bir Tartışma

MesajGönderilme zamanı: 26 Tem 2015, 23:00
gönderen TurkmenCopur
Craine yazdı:Irrelevant. They have always been a nation even though they never had their own state.

Give me one historical document/source, between 0 and 900 AD speaking of a Kurdish nation which is not of Hunnic Turk origin, you cant, because the term "Kürt" and "Ekrad" is not an ethnical term, it is equal to the word "Nomad", and the term "Kürt" was used for nomadic Hunnic Turks in Iran who were busy with herds. The reason for not even creating one Kurd state between 1000 and 2015 AD, is because there was no need for it, because there were already tons of Hunnic Turk states and empires like the Safavids, Ottomans and Seljukids.

Re: Türk Düşmanları İle Ön-Türk Tarihi Hakkında Bir Tartışma

MesajGönderilme zamanı: 26 Tem 2015, 23:29
gönderen TurkmenCopur
Halgurd yazdı:Yes we speak a North Western Iranian language.

Many different civilizations such as the Assyrians and Sumerians and Greeks mentioned peoples/tribes such as Guti, Kurti, Kurda, Karda, Huri, Hurti and similar names. I don't it find it a coincidence that they were all placed in the same geographic location and that the people who inhabit these lands today are the Kurds. We are talking thousands of years ago that these people were mentioned.

But its true that there aren't many historical documents concerning Kurds between 0AD and 900AD. So far there is only one and that is an ancient map created by a Turk who mentions "the country of the Kurds".

I'm sure there is a good explanation for this. Maybe trade routes changed. Maybe Kurds decided not to wander too far away from the mountains anymore, as the foreigners were better armed. After 900AD, Islam started making inroads into Kurdistan. Kurds, compared to their neighbours, were very late in accepting Islam. See Yazdanism, our pre Islamic native religion.

But before and after 0 AD- 900 AD there are many documents concerning Kurds such as battle with the Sassanian King Ardashir who battled "king of the Kurds" Madig in the mountains.

Also, before 0 AD, there is no evidence for a seperate "Kurd" nation, do not fool yourself. In another topic, i had clearly proven the fact that the etymological of the names of the Sumerian tribes like Turukku, Guti (Kut), Lulu, Subar were all of Proto Turk origin. Your arguments are empty, i advise you to rethink the history of present day Kurds, thinking will solve your problems. Kurds are of Hunnic Turk origin.

Re: Türk Düşmanları İle Ön-Türk Tarihi Hakkında Bir Tartışma

MesajGönderilme zamanı: 08 Eyl 2015, 11:17
gönderen TurkmenCopur
MrButlerKing yazdı:
You know what's funny. These Turks always post data or Argin people with 65 - 87% G1 despite having a sample size of only 6 or 7 samples from a random village with few people.
And when you give Argin 30-60 samples.
Haplogroup G1 in Argin is only 18.33 - 20%

You know you are lying and spreading false information, dont you? Of course you do.

Look at the following page for the detailed analysis of the following picture viewtopic.php?f=229&t=12267#p15199:


As you can see in the picture, the sample size in the "A Y-Chromosomal Comparison of the Madjars (Kazakhstan) and the Magyars (Hungary)" academic study is 45. If you do not have the proper IQ to read the values under the column with the letter of "n", i promise you i will help you to find out how to read these values.

As you can see, 39 of the tested 45 Kazakh Turks, belong to Y-DNA Haplogroup G1, this is 86,7%.
Also, Haplogroup G results are not only restricted to the Kazakh tribe of Turks. As you can read from the data at the following page viewtopic.php?f=229&t=12288:

Bashkir Turks, Karachay Turks, Balkar Turks, Kumik Turks, Kuban Nogay Turks, Terek Cossack Turks, Karai Turks, ALL HAVE HIGH FREQUENCIES FOR Y-DNA HAPLOGROUP G.

http://www.allempires.com/forum/forum_p ... 726#710726