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Türk Düşmanları İle Ön-Türk Tarihi Hakkında Bir Tartışma

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Re: Türk Düşmanları İle Ön-Türk Tarihi Hakkında Bir Tartışma

Mesajgönderen TurkmenCopur » 17 Haz 2015, 02:22

Aeoli yazdı: Your theory has a point but it is far from to proof that Y-DNA Genetic Structure of Türkiye Turks = Y-DNA Genetic Structure of Ancient & Modern Central Asian Turks.

Sorry, not to be blind as much as a romantic nationalist.

The point which makes sense is,

for example

approximately, we can match Haplogroup G with Georgeans (they have one of the highest percent in their society.)

not all Haplogroup G in Turkey are not coming from converted and Turkificated Georgeans. There are some Turkish tribes have also this haplogroup

But your sources are too weak to proof that origin of haplogroups in Turkey is Central Asia

again an example

Hakan Şükür was one the famous football player in Turkey.

We suppose that his haplogroup is I. He also declared that he has albanian ancester, nobody has any idea of his ancester before. Every body thought that he was an ordinary Turk

so should I believe that his haplogroup is coming from Kazan Tatars Turks (as you said) or from his albanian ancester?

First people in Central Asia were Europoid, but you are ignoring current Mongoloid effects in Central Asians and saying that

You are accepting that Y-DNA Genetic Structure of Türkiye Turks = Y-DNA Genetic Structure of Ancient & Modern Central Asian Turks.

Modern Central Asian Turks???

Kazakh Turks have 86,7% of Haplogroup G. How do the Kazakh Turks originate out of the Georgians?

And the mutations that define the Y-DNA haplogroups arose tens of thousands of years ago. How old is the Albanian, Georgian languages and how old is the Turk language? What is the origin of the oldest human language, the language of the Sumerians? In the past 20 years, extraordinary researchers like Kazım Mirşan and Servet Somuncuoğlu, performed studies which presented the results that the Proto Turks were the ancestors of all Eurasian populations.

Archaeological findings, like the Tamga's, which define the ancient ethnic origin of middle age Turk tribes, are found in the graves and other archaeological findings of many people/graves from Eurasian regions(from Europe to Central Asia) dating to thousands of years ago. For example, the famous skeletal remains of "Ötzi" from Italy of 3300 BCE had tattoos which were equal to these Middle Age Turk Tamga's from West Eurasian regions(from Central Asia to Europe).

These books of Servet Somuncuoğlu contain very important data and proof about the Proto Turks:

-Saymalıtaş - Gökyüzü Atları: http://www.dr.com.tr/Kitap/Saymalitas-G ... 0000364091

-Damgaların Göçü Kurgan: http://www.dr.com.tr/Kitap/Damgalarin-G ... 0000423211

-Taştaki Türkler: http://www.dr.com.tr/kitap/tastaki-turk ... 0000364092

For example, look at the Tamga's(Stamps) of the early 24 Oghuz tribes and the Kazakh tribes:

http://www.turktoresi.com/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=12289 yazdı:


Source: viewtopic.php?f=2&t=12289

They are all descendants of the Neolithic Sumerian Writings. For more information look at the following link:http://www.turktoresi.com/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=12289.

Sumerians spoke a Proto Turk language, and their people where the same Proto Turk people whom made migrations in West Eurasian regions(from Europe to Central Asia) dating at least beginning from 13.000 BCE until the Sumerian Period. Read viewtopic.php?f=2&t=12269 for more information. Everywhere these Proto Turks went, they left traces of the same Middle Age Turk Tamgas.

To conclude, these Proto Turks are the ancestors of all West Eurasian populations, and partially ancestors of East Eurasian groups.

First people of Central Asia, date back to Neolithic / Bronz Age and earlier. What you dont understand, is that these Proto Turks were the same as the West Eurasian(Europoid is not a logical description) originated Sakha, Huns and Turks until the 5th-9th centuries AD. After the 5th century AD, these people performed major migrations to the Western regions of Eurasia. So, at the time of the Mongol Empire, the East Eurasian originated Turks(not equal to the root of the Sakha, Huns and Turks) merged together with the West Eurasian originated Turks(equal to the root of the Sakha, Huns and Turks) in Central Asia. Thats why the frequencies of parts of modern Central Asia became 50%-50% West-East Eurasian origin.

But, the most important fact, what if the Proto Turks of 5000 BCE in Europe were people with West Eurasian and East Eurasian Y-DNA haplogroups? That would mean that the Proto Turks are equal to people of West and East Eurasian origin. It does not matter if the core of the Proto Turks was of West Eurasian origin, the East Eurasian groups were also Turks.

In ancient Germany, Spain and Hungary, 5000 BCE, West Eurasian Y-DNA haplogroups like G2a, R1b and T1a were found together with East Eurasian Y-DNA haplogroups like C1 and C6, among the Proto Turks of the same ancient Europe region cultures.

Also, the term "Mongol" can not refer to a nation or an anthropological type, it is not logical, why? Because, the Mongols were a confederation of Turk tribes that occured in the time of Genghis Khan. Earlier than that, you cannot see the term "Mongol" used as referring to an ancient nation or population. Therefore the term "East Eurasian" which also includes the Sino-Tibetian people is more properly and logically.

To give an example, The Y-DNA haplogroups N, O and Q were found among the skeletal remains of the oldest ancient Han Chinese graves. I hope you understand what this example stands for.

The East Eurasian originated minority of the Proto Turks were people whom lived in the regions/countires located to the East of Mongolia. The majority of the Proto Turks whom were the core/root of the Proto Turks, lived in the West Eurasian regions/countries located at the West of Mongolia. The genetic mutations occured tens of thousands of years ago, which means that parts of people with West and East Eurasian genetic structure could have lived together for thoudands of years, not knowing the fact of the occuring of genetic mutations.

The majority of the Modern Turks of Türkiye have West Eurasian Y-DNA haplogroups, but there is also a minority with East Eurasian Y-DNA haplogroups. Looking at the Modern Turks of all regions of Central Asia i can see that the people with East Eurasian Y-DNA haplogroups(C, N, O, Q) are in minority. There are dozens of genetic studies performed, we must analyze all of the results together. If you look at the results of only one study, then the picture is not clear. Also, the samples tested are to low, there are 100's of millions of Turks, testing only 3000-4000 samples does not show everything, not to forget the fact that we should only trust the studies done by academic departments. We cannot trust the conclusions made by profit making companies like National Genographics(associated with CIA) because their work is not scientific, and based on the samples send per post(not reliable for grouping the ethnic origins of the participants).

Also, ancient dna results are more important to define the origin of Central Asian Turks.

Altough the fact of the major migrations during the earlier periods in history, the Modern Central Asian Turks with West Eurasian Y-DNA haplogroups(E, G, J, L, R, T) are in majority. In some regions it may be different, but Central Asia is not only restricted to Kazakhstan.

Also, where to put the modern Chuvash, Bulgar, Gagauz, Bosniacs, Kumans, Azerbaijanis, Karachays, Avars, Crimeans, Karais etc.? Their ancestors clearly also migrated from Central Asia and they all have West Eurasian Y-DNA haplogroups.

For more information read the topics at viewforum.php?f=229
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Genelkurmay Başkanı
Genelkurmay Başkanı
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Re: Türk Düşmanları İle Ön-Türk Tarihi Hakkında Bir Tartışma

Mesajgönderen TurkmenCopur » 17 Haz 2015, 14:57

Aeoli yazdı:Your theories sounds like a Greek who insists that all things were invited by ancient Greeks

Your comment sounds like a CIA troll, with the view of point: "throw dirt enough, and some will stick" and you are most probably the victim of CIA strategies based on the philosophy of Joseph Goebels:

"If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State."

The lie in our situation, is that everyone is trying to proof that Turks are not the same as ancient and modern Central Asian Turks. It is just a simple lie, that is used by big intelligence agencies, i dont buy it, but you are free to buy it altough...

To clarrify my point with an example. Why do the general Turk hating people, not keep theirselves busy with the selling of for example the lie that ancient 4th-5th century Caucasian German tribes are not the same as the modern West European German tribes? Why does the general English literature, not seperate the terms German-ic and German-ish to distinguish the ancient and modern Germans? Why do the same people keep on insisting with the "ic" and "ish" additional endings on the word "Turk"?

And most importantly, you do not have the vision to see the real picture behind the curtains. At our site, our goal is to show the real picture behind the curtains. If you want to enlighten yourself, feel free to read our articles at:

-Ancient Dna
-Türk Dna, Y Chromosome Genetic Research
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Genelkurmay Başkanı
Genelkurmay Başkanı
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Re: Türk Düşmanları İle Ön-Türk Tarihi Hakkında Bir Tartışma

Mesajgönderen TurkmenCopur » 18 Haz 2015, 16:29

Aeoli yazdı:Actually, if you check the history of genetic research, Anatolian people seemed as Central Asian and Mongoloid

as this map

After the modern more rational research, it changed

You provide no sources, no names, no results, no nothing. You wont even provide one study name + results with Y-DNA haplogroup frequencies. Only one short sentence, with no data at all included in it. This shows your writing is insufficient. What is the name of your modern and more rational research? Which Y-DNA haplogroups found among the Türkiye Turks are not of Turk origin? Which frequencies for Türkiye and Central Asia do you provide as proof for your statements? You provide nothing, just an empty sentence, withouth a backed up solid argument...
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Genelkurmay Başkanı
Genelkurmay Başkanı
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Re: Türk Düşmanları İle Ön-Türk Tarihi Hakkında Bir Tartışma

Mesajgönderen TurkmenCopur » 19 Haz 2015, 15:48


+azad amed yazdı: İşgal diye birşey YOK. Siz düşmanın kim olduğunu bilmiyorsunuz. Türk ve Kürt aynı Hun-Saka soyundan geliyor, farkında değilsiniz. 8.yüzyılda Macar devletinin kuruluşunda rol oynayan On-Ogur Hun boylarının birisinin adı "Kürt"tür.

1990'lı yıllarda Saddam'a Kürtleri katlet emri veren kimdi sizce? Amerika Birleşik Devletleri. Gerçek düşman ABD, ama siz "biji serok obama" diyerek ABD'ye adeta bir put gibi tapınıyorsunuz. ABD sizi kandırıyor ve asıl amaçları İkinci İsrail'i kurmaktır, PKK hiçbir şekilde Kürt'leri temsil etmemektedir, PKK düşman devlet ABD'nin ordusunun bir bölümüdür ve tepedeki elemanlarının büyük çoğunluğu Kürt kökenli değildir. 1980'li yıllarda yapılan ABD darbesinden sonra Türk-Kürt çatışması yaratmak isteyene CIA örgütlenmeleri ASİL ATAMIZ ATATÜRK'ÜN İLKELERİNİ temsil etmemektedir! Bunu lütfen anlayın, Türk ve Kürt'ün namuslu şerefli onurlu ve güvenli bir şekilde yaşıyabilmesi için tek şart TAM BAĞIMSIZ TÜRKİYE CUMHURİYETİ VE TAM BAĞIMSIZ TÜRK MİLLETİ!
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Genelkurmay Başkanı
Genelkurmay Başkanı
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Re: Türk Düşmanları İle Ön-Türk Tarihi Hakkında Bir Tartışma

Mesajgönderen TurkmenCopur » 19 Haz 2015, 21:04

http://www.theapricity.com/forum/showth ... ek-dynasty

Polk yazdı:Is the Ottoman dynasty a Turkified Greek dynasty? The Sultans of the Ottoman Empire belonged to haplogroup J2. This has been deduced by the testing of one of the descendants of H.I.H. Prince Yusuf Izzedidin. Here is the ysearch id 94A9M. This haplotype looks like it probably belongs to J2a M410 as well.http://forums.familytreedna.com/showthread.php?t=13292

First of all, the ethnic origin of a family, is defined using the historical documents as proof. If there were no historical documents, if there was no historical science, then we could not be able to know anything about history. Genetics can not force any historical facts. The mutations that define the genetic haplogroups occurred tens of thousands of years ago. In these periods, the cultures of the majority of the modern nations were not present. The oldest human language is of the Sumerians, they spoke a Proto Turk language. And there are dozens of archaeological evidence of Proto Turks during the Bronze, Neolithic and Mesolithic Ages. The modern and medieval Tamga's(Stamps) that define the origin of each Turk tribe is found among the archaeological findings of the Proto Turks. The Core/Root of the Proto Turks and the Sakha, Huns and Turks were of West Eurasian origin, with a minority of East Eurasian origin. The West Eurasian origin is equal to one anthropological type and to more than one Y-DNA haplogroups(E, G, H, I, J, L, R, T, ...).

The tribe of the Ottoman dynasty is the Kayi tribe, they are of the Oghuz main tribe, but this tribe is also the same as the Kayi tribe among the Mongols. So, to conclude: the Ottoman dynasty is of Turk origin. They most probably migrated from Central Asia(like suggested from around present day Turkmenistan) during the 11th-13th centuries to Anatolia.

True Ancestor yazdı:Not just 'Greek' a mix of several Balkan ethnicities including Ukrainian and Russian and possibly some Baltic as well. Sure the dynasty is much more progressive and open-minded than their low-iq AKP-affiliated supporters. Most of Ottoman sultans pursued a secular lifestyle, drinking heavily and sleeping with many women. There wouldn't be a problem in Turkey if their followers tried to imitate them a little.

Marrying with foreign women does not mean that the Y-Chromosome line will be changed. The Y-Chromosome line is only related to the "Father" side, and the mutations do not change with marriage of foreign women. Drinking alochol has nothing to do with the Y-Chromosome line, or the goodness or evilness of a dynasty.

There are good intended, bad intended, succesful and unsuccesful Ottoman sultans. For example you cannot even compare Vahdettin with Fatih Sultan Mehmet. One is a traitor, and Fatih Sultan Mehmet is a heroe. The first period of Ottoman sultans was more Turk Nationalist and believed in the Bektashi Alevi sect, and during the final period which caused for the fall of the Ottomans, Ottoman sultans were based on the belief in the Umayyad sect which is equal to the fake Islam. So, when analyzing the Ottoman sultans, we must think with logics, and not with prejudice.

Polk yazdı:Yes, the Ottoman dynasty is mixed, but I'm talking about the paternal lineage which should have remained unchanged throughout the ages. The test done on one of the descendants of the Ottomans showed he carried J2 of subclade M410 which is commonly found in the Caucasus. It suggests that the Ottomans were Turkified Caucasians who moved west and created legends about their lineage to win support from actual Turkics.

First of all, i have seen other results of presentday Ottoman family, some of them also belonged to R1a. I think testing the ancient dna samples of ancient Ottoman sultans will be more reliable in this situation to find out the real Y-haplogroup of the Ottomans.

And, more importantly, a final study of Allentoft et al 2015, found J2 results among the Iron Age Sakha Turks of the Altai Region between 800 BCE - 100 AD. Read the articles at link Ancient DNA in Altai Republic region for more detailed information.

Also, like any other West Eurasian haplogroup, J2 is also found with high frequencies in many Central Asian and Balkan, Caucasian, etc. Turks. Not to forget the fact that an important frequency of modern Greeks consists of people with Christian Turk origin.

Please have a look at the results at the following link for more detailed information: Y-DNA Genetic Structure of Türkiye Turks = Y-DNA Genetic Structure of Ancient & Modern Central Asian Turks

Haplogroup J:

http://www.turktoresi.com/viewtopic.php?f=229&t=12267#p15199 yazdı:
-Among the Avar Turks, Haplogrup J is found with 72%(30/42), 90%(13/15) and 94,0%(17/18) frequencies. The subgroups belong to J1, J2 and J2b.

-Among the Uygur Turks Haplogrup J2 is found with 34%,

Among the Uzbek Turks in the Balkh region of Afghanisthan, Haplogroup J2 is found with a percentage of 60,0%(3/5).

-Among the Uzbek Turks Haplogrup J and J2 is found with 34,8%.

-Among the Azerbaijan Turks in Azerbaijan, Haplogroup J is found with a percentage of 57,9%(11/19).

-Among the Kumik Turks, the total frequency of Y-DNA Haplogroup J1+J2 is 42,5%(31/73).

-Among the Kuban Nogay Turks, the total frequency of Y-DNA Haplogroup J1+J2 is 37,9%(33/87).

-Among the Balkar Turks, the total frequency of Y-DNA Haplogroup J1+J2 is 19,3%(26/135).

-Among the Karachay Turks, the total frequency of Y-DNA Haplogroup J1+J2 is 18,9%(13/69).

-Among a group of Kazakh Turks, the Y-DNA Haplogroup J is found with a frequency of 18%.

-The descendants of the founder of the Qajar royal family, the grandsons of Mohammad Khan Qajar and Fath-Ali Shah Qajar were tested for Y-DNA, their haplogroup was J1.

-Among the Karai Turks, J1 and J2 is found with 47,6%(10/21).

-Among the Chuvash Turks J is found with 15,9%(7/44).

-Among the Kazan Tatar Turks Haplogroup J is found with 15,1%(8/53).

-Among the Tuzmazinsky Tatar Turks Haplogroup J is found with 10,0%(5/50).

-Between the years 800 BCE - 100 AD, among the Sakha Turks from the Altai Republic region, the Y-DNA haplogroup J2a is found.

-Among the Proto Turks, in Hungary, during the years between 1270 - 1100 BCE, J2a is found.

Source: http://www.turktoresi.com/viewtopic.php?f=229&t=12288

Shah-Jehan yazdı:Actually, their paternal haplogroup (Y-DNA) was R1a, probably owing to their central Asian origins. It is a complete lie that they had the j2 haplogroup.

What do you think about the Haplogroup J found among the Iron Age Sakha/Scythian Turks in the Altai Region? Does this not show that many West Eurasian haplogroups are of Central Asian Turk origin?

Like mentioned in my previous post, genetic mutations occurred tens of thousands of years ago, and the oldest human language is the Sumerian language. The Sumerian language is Proto Turk language, and the older Proto Turks with people of several haplogroups could have lived together for (tens) of thousands of years ago in the Central Asian / Altaian regions.

For example, how will people of 20.000 BCE know about the occurrence of new mutations? For example, the West Eurasian haplogroups R and T are both descendants of father mutation K-M9. Lets say that during 25.000 BCE, 1000 Proto Turks with the K-M9 mutation lived in the Altai regions. Then all the sudden, during 20.000 BCE, the mutations that define the haplogroups R and T occur. Altough the occurrence of both new mutations, what if the same group of Proto Turks kept living together until the Iron Age period of Sakha and Huns, not knowing the facts about the occurence of new mutations? Do you understand what i mean? Another example could be given between the mutations F-M89 and K-M9, or between the haplogroups CT-M168 and F-M89.

Maybe only the haplogroups A and B could be thaught as an African anthropological type. The haplogroups C, M, N, O, Q, S were of East Eurasian anthropological type, which includes Han Chinese. Most ancient Han Chinese of 1000 BCE had N, O, Q results. The majority of Proto Turks and also the majority core of the Sakha's-Huns-Turks were of the West Eurasian anthropological type, which is equal to haplogroups like E, G, H, I, J, K, L, R, T. A minority of Proto Turks were also of East Eurasian anthropological type.
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Genelkurmay Başkanı
Genelkurmay Başkanı
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Re: Türk Düşmanları İle Ön-Türk Tarihi Hakkında Bir Tartışma

Mesajgönderen TurkmenCopur » 26 Haz 2015, 21:41

http://www.theapricity.com/forum/showth ... a-Genocide

Do you guys believe in the system of the European Court of Human Rights? Read the following file and url for the decision of the European Court of Human Rights:



Read this statement of the court:

The Court took the view that the term “genocide” as used in the relevant Article of the Swiss Criminal Code was likely to raise doubts as to the precision required by Article 10 § 2 of the Convention. The Court nevertheless agreed with the Federal Court that Mr Perinçek could not have been unaware that by describing the Armenian genocide as an “international lie”, he was exposing himself on Swiss territory to a criminal sanction “prescribed by law”.

The Court pointed out that it was not called upon to address either the veracity of the massacres and deportations perpetrated against the Armenian people by the Ottoman Empire from 1915 onwards, or the appropriateness of legally characterising those acts as “genocide”, within the meaning of the relevant Article of the Criminal Code.

In this connection, the Court clearly distinguished the present case from those concerning the negation of the crimes of the Holocaust.

We Turks did not commit any genocide. Armenians betrayed the Turks and Kurds with whom they were neighbours for thousand years. It was the 1st World War, and the Ottoman Army was battling against the English, French and Russian allies. During this time of war, the Armenians did not fight for their homeland(the Ottoman Empire in which they were living), in stead in a treacherously way, they betrayed the Turks. While the majority of Turkish and Kurdish men were in duty of the Ottoman Army, Armenian terrorists openly joined the side of the English, French and Russian army.

They killed innocent woman and children in villages were there were few men left, because most of the men joined the Ottoman Army. The Armenian terrorists destroyed complete cities like Van and Erzurum. Much worse, they wore the uniforms of the Russian and French Army. While the Ottoman Army was busy with the 1st WW, the Armenian and Greek traitors stabbed the Ottoman population in the back. What the Ottoman State did was even humanly, look at what the Russian and US puppet Armenians did in Khocali? The Ottoman State only deported the traitors that stabbed the Ottoman state in the back. This has nothing to do with genocide.

The Armenians tried to divide and weaken the Ottoman state from the inner side to make their owners(the English and the Tsar Russians), and the Armenians and their masters were the ones that committed a Muslim Genocide during the 1st WW, the Turks only defended their country, during war, if the enemy tries to kill you, you have to defend your country, this is what we Turks did, the English and their Greek and Armenian puppets tried to kill us and take over our country, and we did not let this happen, and had a victory against them after the Turk War of Independence.

Also, there are thousands of documents in the Russian and US Archives, which shows the exact numbers of Armenians whom were deported to Syria(also Ottoman region at that time), and from here to the US and other countries. The numbers show that there is NO KIND OF A GENOCIDE, the population number of the people safely deported is the same as the number of Armenians that lived in Ottoman country before the 1st World War.

Of course, every human that dies, we should be upset about it, but this was a World War, and if you try to take over the country of the weakened dumb Ottoman dynasty, then the Turks will not surrender, and will defend their country, and that is what we did successfully! End of the Point!

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Genelkurmay Başkanı
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Re: Türk Düşmanları İle Ön-Türk Tarihi Hakkında Bir Tartışma

Mesajgönderen TurkmenCopur » 28 Haz 2015, 00:58

http://www.theapricity.com/forum/showth ... ganization

The US should Stop the Using + Aiding + Training of the PKK Terrorist Organization

The following article was written at 01 October 2014. If the US is serious about their Anti Terror speech, they first of all, SHOULD STOP THE USING, AIDING AND TRAINING OF SEVERAL TERRORIST ORGANIZATIONS LIKE THE PKK.

The US should stop with the false propaganda in which they want to proof that they are against terror, in fact the US is the main source of the majority of all international terrorist and illegal organizations. Did anyone of you know that Osama bin Laden was a CIA agent. Please have a look at the following picture in which Osama bin Laden is trained by CIA agent Zbigniew Brzezinski. How could the El Kaide and the sub group called ISIS be against the US, if they are created and controlled by the US? If the US is the source of dozens of terrorist organizations, then why does the United Nations not put an EMBARGO ON THE US?


The US Special Forces unit Delta Force is Training the PYD/YPG Terrorists

Ceyhun Bozkurt

01 October 2014 Wednesday 04:08

It turned out that the Delta Force squads of the US Special Forces, secretly infiltrated the North of Syria, and gave political and military education to the PYD/YPG terrorist militants of the Syrian Part of PKK.

It turned out that the Delta Force, which is the most elite unit of the US Special Forces, which performs the first operations of the invasion plans at the regions like Iraq, educated the PYD/YPG terrorist militants.

Turkish security units spotted/deciphered this political and military education approximately 3 months ago.

According to information reaching the Aydınlık newspaper, it is told that the Delta Force squads trained/educated armed terrorist groups in Syria for the last 3 years. When the attacks of ISIS increased in the month June, the Delta Force squads again entered the Syrian region and contacted the PYD/YPG. According to the activities identified by the intelligence units, After the talks with the senior executives of the PKK, the US squads started educating/training the armed and political elements of the PYD/YPG in the region. It was learned that the contents of the education had political and military dimensions.

The Reuters agency, made a news writing, that the Delta Force squads performed an operation on ISIS near the town of Raqqa in Syria at 4 july 2014. It is mentioned that at the region, there are many US, Israel and English irregular warfare elements.


The relationships between the Delta Force squads and the PKK is not a new event. Prior to the US invasion of Iraq, they trained/educated the PKK. The Aydınlık Magazine of 14 october 2001, made a news writing the information given by a Russian diplomat who worked at Moscow.

The diplomat told these facts:

"The number of specially trained military force that were placed in North Iraq by the US, reached 2.000 until now. Including those were placed in the region whom earlier moved to the island of Guam. Recently, the US slid a great number of Delta Force commando's to North Iraq. They're here for a variety of actions. In fact, they are training the PKK. The US wants to add Türkiye to the terror coalition. We do not think the Türk Armed Forces will be deceived to this attempt. We earlier gave the information to Türkiye, about the existance of 2.000 US soldiers in Northern Iraq, whom were specially trained for war. The information was provided to the Turkish authorities, according to the Turkish-Russian anti-terror agreement.

Ceyhun Bozkurt

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Genelkurmay Başkanı
Genelkurmay Başkanı
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Re: Türk Düşmanları İle Ön-Türk Tarihi Hakkında Bir Tartışma

Mesajgönderen TurkmenCopur » 28 Haz 2015, 00:59

http://www.theapricity.com/forum/showth ... ganization

Heroic Hasan Atilla Uğur: "The Capturing Process of Öcalan"

Hasan Atilla Uğur is the Hero Türk Colonel who questioned Öcalan after he was captured. During the questioning, Öcalan admitted many things, including the fact that he and the PKK terrorist organization had always been a puppet of the US(PKK is created an still aided and controlled by the US for the goals of the US), and also supported by other states(US, England, Syria, Iran, Germany, Bulgaria, Serbia, Netherlands, France, Greece). Hasan Atilla Uğur was also working together with the the Special Forces Command(Maroon Berets/Bordo Bereliler) team(who was under the command of Engin Alan) who captured Öcalan in Kenya and brougth him to Türkiye.

During a conference in Afyonkarahisar-Sultandağı, Hasan Atilla Uğur answered the questions about the capturing of Öcalan, the number one of the PKK terrorist organization. Hasan Atilla Uğur explained the following facts:

"Türkiye and the US made a bilateral agreement. Before Öcalan was captured, Syria was supporting Öcalan. The National Security Council of the Türk state in 1998, has given the Land Forces Commander Orgeneral Atilla Ateş a task.

After this task assignment, Atilla Ateş gave a speech, which included the following message: "Syria, Watch Your Step!". The Message was clearly a Threat against Syria.

After this speech, which included a threat, Syria was forced to send away the murderer that is named Öcalan. We collected information regarding his whereabouts, step by step. He went to Italy, he went to Russia, he went to Greece. Finally he went to the Embassy of Greece in Kenya. Öcalan thaught he was safe/guaranteed in there.


At that time, the US had also problems with terrorist attacks, "the attack on the Twin Towers". There is an organization called El Kaide. On the top of the El Kaide is Osama Bin Laden. El Kaide, performed attacks on the US embassies in North Africa. The US was in a state of panic. Those who performed these attacks were the El Kaide, which was earlier created, controlled, used and aided by the US(so, in fact, the El Kaide which was a puppet of the US, became a little bit of out of control). There were 2 members of the El Kaide whom were sheltering in Türkiye. We learned the names of these two terrorists, from the US, and we captured them, and delivered them to the US officials. In return for this, the US was already following Abdullah Öcalan step by step. They packaged Abdullah Öcalan, and it was delivered to our team whom went to Kenya from Türkiye.

The perception that Abdullah Öcalan was delivered with a condition is a LIE, and is an insult to the Türk Army, and an insult to the security forces."

To make a summary of the chronology of the capturing of Öcalan:

1. After the First World War, Syria became a country of the UK. After the Second World War, Syria and other countries like Iraq were now being controlled by an Union of the UK and the US, in which the US was the leading character. All dynasties whom ruled Syria were a puppet of the UK and the US(of course until the start of the Bashar al-Assad rule, who resisted against being a slafe of the UK and the US)(Bashar al-Assad became president in 17 July 2000).

2. Land Forces Commander Orgeneral Atilla Ateş threatened Syria(was still a puppet of the UK and the US and still under control of the UK and the US) to let go Öcalan in 1998. Syria(and their masters who are the US and the UK) was forced to let go of Öcalan, and he was send away from Syrian borders.

3. El Kaide, which was a puppet of the US, came out of control, and attacked the embassies in North Africa, the US was in panic. In exchange for the El Kaide members in Türkiye, the US intelligence agreed to help delivering Öcalan who was residing in the Greek embassy(Greece is also a puppet of the UK and US) in Kenya. The Maroon Berets/Bordo Bereliler Forces captured Öcalan and brought him successfully to Türkiye.

4. The Türk Army and the Türk Intelligence was already following all steps of Öcalan, and it was a matter of time that the Türk Army would capture Öcalan. In fact, before this capturing operation, the Türk Special Forces Command performed secret assassination attempts to kill the baby murderer terrorist Öcalan. Also, many other secret operations were ongoing. So, with or without help, it was a matter of time, that Öcalan would either have been captured or killed by the Türk Army in 1999.
Bülent Ecevit was a nationalist and independent premier who made Türkiye a strong world power again and eliminated all threats coming from the PKK(puppet of the US). In fact, the PKK was completely destroyed during his rule.
During(and a bit before) the state rule of premier Ecevit(1999-2002), İsmail Hakkı Karadayı(1994-1998) and Hüseyin Kıvrıkoğlu(1998-2002) were heroic heads of the Türk General Staff, who were victorious in the secret war against the US army in Iraq. İsmail Hakkı Karadayı and Hüseyin Kıvrıkoğlu were both followers of the great Atatürkists Eşref Bitlis(1952-1993, former Türk Orgeneral, was almost head of Türk General Staff, before his assasination), who made a revolution in the Türk Army after the Soviet Union was divided by the US.
They performed dozens of secret or public military operations in Iraq against the US army and the puppets of the US army(PKK). The Türk Armed Forces are still the secret rulers of the Türk State, the government is performing like an independent puppet of the Türk Army, the government gets warned when it is out of control. And the Türk Armed Forces is still being ruled by present or retired Atatürkist Generals who are following the same guidelines like the great Atatürkist Eşref Bitlis.
The Türk Armed Forces is the continuation of the Hunnic Army(Motun, Uldin, Rua, Attila, Dengizik) of 2000 years ago. Such a strong Türk Army, which consists of the great devoted Türk Nation whom is full with people ready to sacrifize theirselves to defend the independency of their country against the enemy states, CAN NOT BE BEATEN BY WAR, that's why the enemy states try many political and psychological warfare options, but the recent events show that all these attemps failed and will fail forever.

For detailed information: http://www.turktoresi.com/viewtopic.php?f=40&t=12299&p=15530#p15530
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Re: Türk Düşmanları İle Ön-Türk Tarihi Hakkında Bir Tartışma

Mesajgönderen TurkmenCopur » 28 Haz 2015, 01:00

http://www.theapricity.com/forum/showth ... ost3661077

Shah-Jehan yazdı:so say you'd prefer a random Tuvan over like a Bosniak origin citizen of Turkey like Mirsad Turkcan or Hidayet Turkoglu.

Very Interesting.

Svetlana Alexandrovna Pletneva:

http://www.turktoresi.com/viewtopic.php?f=229&t=12211 yazdı:Bosnians (Slav. “Pecheneges“)

At the end of the 9th century the Khazarian Kaganate, torn apart by internal problems and religious upheaval, lost its recent absolute power, its glory of invincible power won by rivers of blood. The neighboring peoples begun to agitate, one after another began leaving the tribes and the tribal unions of the Khazar confederation who used to pay a tribute to the Kagan.

In the Eastern European steppes at that time (ca. 880-890) formed a new nomadic union, Badjanaks (in the Latin and Byzantine literature they were called Patsinaks or Pachinaks, in the Arabian literature they were called Badjnak (بآجانآك Bechenek)).

In fact, the Latin sources called them Becens/Besenyos, which was close to their self appellation that came to our days in its Middle Age form, Bosnia/Bosnians.

It was headed by the descendents of the political union Kangüy (Kangar). The new association received a new name.

S.A.Pletneva glosses over a monumental ethnos, documented, unlike any other in the history of the humankind, over five and a half millennia in the space from the lake Balkhash to the Persian Gulf. The name of the ethnos is Kangar, attested in the Sumerian records in the Near East interfluvial, and in the Chinese records west of the Altai foothills. Besenyos were related to the Kangar people, hence their exoethnonym, “in-laws“, that came to be their adopted ethnonym “Bajanaks“. In the Kangar confederation the autonomous Besenyos had their own Khans, and we were fortunate to learn of their ruling clan and the names of some individual rulers from that clan.

Antropoloji-Arkeoloji-ve-Genetik-Haplogruplarla Türk Milleti
S.A.Pletneva (1926-2008) KIPCHAKS
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Re: Türk Düşmanları İle Ön-Türk Tarihi Hakkında Bir Tartışma

Mesajgönderen TurkmenCopur » 29 Haz 2015, 22:31

Musso yazdı:Armenians never had intent of destroying Turkish people. The Turkish Leadership along with their Army had a direct intention of exterminating the Armenians of Anatolia of that time. I'm sure some Turkish, Kurdish, Arab people were also killed in this time, especially in the Balkans, but when it comes to Anatolia, the intent was to exterminate and/or assimilate the Armenians of Anatolia.

If it were simply Turkish and Armenian civilians killing each other, then it would be a whole different issue.

Most important examples are the cities Erzurum and Van, the Armenians committed a genocide on the Muslim Turks and Kurds just to fullfill the orders of their Tsar Russian and English masters. The same unhuman situations were performed in all regions of Türkiye.

I really want you to understand what i mean in a good intended way. Think of it like this:

-There is a First World War ongoing.

-Majority of all Muslim men in Ottoman Türkiye did join the Ottoman army to fight against the Tsar Russians and British.

-The villages are left only with women, old people and children.

-Then all the sudden, Armenian terrorist groups like Hinchaks ve Tashnaks whom wore the military uniforms of the Russians, French and British, and were publicly in the service of the Russians, French and British armies, killed and raped the innocent civil(not soldiers) Turks and Kurds and burn and destroy as much as villages as possible(Van and Erzurum completely) with whom they lived together for 1000 years in peace.

-This is treason, and this treason is performed while the majority of the men were fighting in the battle fields against the real enemy armies of the British and Russians and their puppets(like French, Italian, etc.).

-The head of the state of the Ottoman Empire did not give any kind of order to massacre the Armenians that committed treason. The Ottoman Army was stabbed in the back, while the Ottoman Army was fighting in war, at the civil regions Armenians were commiting treason. The Ottoman state decided only to deport the Armenian population from "Türkiye"(Anatolia) regions to the region of Syria which was then still under control of the Ottoman Empire. The Ottoman State(The Turks) DID NOT in any kind of way perform any kind of massacre or genocide against the Armenians. Use your logical instincts, if an Armenian group of terrorists kills many of the relatives of a Turk who was in duty in the Ottoman Army, what would a Turk have to do to defend the remaining members of his family in his village? The fact is that the Armenians wore Russian and English military uniforms and tried to take over our country with the performing of hundreds of unhuman campaigns, and we Turks DEFENDED OUR COUNTRY, OUR FAMILIES AND OUR HONOUR SUCCESSFULLY, this is NOT GENOCIDE, this is a WAR, and the Turks were the ones being invaded. Of course, many unfortunate situations, revenge killings have happened, but if you look at the Ottoman records, you can see easily that the Ottoman State, executed(sentenced to death) dozens/hundreds of Turks/Kurds whom murdered against the law.

-Reading the following Report of Hovhannes Kajaznuni, the first Prime Minister of the First Republic of Armenia, shows that all my arguments above are completely true:

http://www.turktoresi.com/viewtopic.php?f=68&t=12301 yazdı:CONGRESS REPORT TO THE TASHNAK PARTY

Hovhannes Kajaznuni, or Hovhannes Katchaznouni (Armenian: Յովհաննէս Քաջազնունի) (1 February 1868 – 1938) was the first Prime Minister of the First Republic of Armenia from May 30, 1918 to May 28, 1919. He was a member of the Armenian Revolutionary Federation.

Hovhannes Kajaznuni, has submitted a report to the Congress of the Tashnaksütyun Party which was held in 1923 in Bucharest-Romania. In this report, Hovhannes Kajaznuni bravely tells the truth about what happened during and after the First World War.

The Summary of the Report of Hovhannes Kajaznuni is like this:

"The Tsar Russia, England and France DECEIVED us Armenians. They told us that they would give us a state reaching from a sea to another sea, and hereby they armed us(gave us weapons) and send us to the fire(to risk ourselves, to die for them, to kill innocent people for them, for what they promised us).

The Turks acted in the pupose of defending. Mutual massacres happened. We massacred the Muslim population. Guiltiness(The ones that did wrong) should not be sought outside of the Dashnak Party. In this case, htere is nothing left to do for the Dashnak Pary. The Dashnak Pary should dissolve itself.
The remaining other Armenian statesmen did also write reports like this.

-Also, looking at the Turk Genocide in 26 February 1992, which was committed by the Armenians against the Azerbaijani Turks in the Khocali region, we can CONCLUDE, finally that we TURKS DID NEVER COMMIT ANY KIND OF GENOCIDE. The Armenians murdered in any kind of horrifying unhuman way within only one day, hundreds of innocent Azerbaijani Turks who did not have the proper weapons to defend theirselves. Please have a look at the following pictures to understand what kind of horrifying massacres/genocides the Armenians committed to us Turks in 1992 and understand that the same kind of unhuman acts(massacres/genocides) were also performed during and before the World War 1(1914-1918) against the Türkiye Turks in the Anatolia region.

http://www.turktoresi.com/viewtopic.php?f=68&t=12279 yazdı:Resim



More photos of this horrifying unhuman Khocali Genocide can be seen at: http://www.turktoresi.com/viewtopic.php?f=68&t=12279

http://www.theapricity.com/forum/showth ... ost3661339
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