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Skulls and Bones Bildirisi No. 4

Bu Gizli Örgütte Kimler Var?

Birinci Dünya Savaşının galibi İngiltere'dir. İngiliz devletini yöneten unsur kraliyet hanedanlığıdır. Bilindiği gibi İngilizler, Almanlar, Hollandalılar ve Fransızlar gibi Cermen milletinin bir mensubudurlar.
Birinci Dünya Savaşından sonra Dünyayı yöneten unsurun Birinci Dünya Savaşının galibi ve baş aktörü olan ülkenin olduğunu anlamamız gerekir.
İşte bu İngiltere devleti, kendisinin bir uzantısı olan Amerikan devleti ve Almanya devletindeki bazı aile şirketlerini, şeytani tarikatları ve hükümet nezdindeki önemli kişileri kullanarak(ve ayrıca onları büyütüp, ünlü yapıp, sahneye çıkartıp ve sonrasındada besleyip), Devlet+Mafya-Tarikat-Gladyo sistemini İkinci Dünya Savaşı öncesinde ve sırasında kurmaya çalışmak istemiştir ve başarılı olmuştur.
Nasıl başarılı olmuştur ve bu Devlet+Mafya-Tarikat-Gladyo sisteminin içinde kimler var?
Devlet: İngiltere-Amerika.
Devleti Yöneten Hanedan(İngiliz/Cermen Milletine Hizmet Ediyor): Windsor(İngiliz Cermen Kökenli) ve Rothschild(Hazar Türk Kökenli) sülalelerinin karışımı
Mafya: Rockefeller-Rothschild-JP Morgan gibi sülale şirketleri
Tarikat: İlluminati, Mason, Bilderberg gibi şeytani tarikatlar
Gladyo: İngilizlerin kontrolünde olan Faşist İktidarlar: İngiliz Ajanı Kukla Hitler ve Kukla Nazi Devleti/Hükümeti, ve İngiliz Ajanı Kukla Stalin ve Lenin'in Sovyetler Birliği'nin Yıkımını Amaçlayan Yeni Sovyet Devleti/Hükümeti.
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Skulls and Bones Bildirisi No. 4

Mesajgönderen TurkmenCopur » 05 May 2011, 01:00

Memorandum Number Four: Who Is In This Secret Society?

The membership list of about 2500 initiates into The Order has very obvious features:

• Most members are from the Eastern seaboard United States. As
late as 1950 only three members resided in Los Angeles, California, but 28 members resided in New Haven, Connecticut.
• Members are all males and almost all WASPS (White Anglo
Saxon Protestant). In great part they descended from English Puritan families, their ancestors arrived in North America in the 1630-1660 period.
• These Puritan families either intermarried with financial power
or invited in sons of money moguls, e.g., Rockefellers, Davisons, and Harrimans, whose sons became members of The Order.

From this preliminary information we can derive Hypothesis One:


The chart on page 19 presents a simplified layout of this hypothesis. Full information remains for a later book - for now we'll give details of just two key families, the Whitneys and the Harrimans.

The Whitney Family

A key family is the Whitneys, descended from English Puritans who came to the U.S. about 1635 and settled in Watertown, Mass. Eight Whitneys have been members of The Order. Of these, three had brief lives; Emerson Cogswell Whitney died a few months after initiation and Edward Payson Whitney "disappeared in 1858" according to his biographer. However, three Whitneys, William Collins Whitney and his two sons, are the core of Whitney influence in The Order which survives today through the Harriman family and intermarriage with Paynes and Vanderbilts.


William Collins Whitney (1841-1904) is a fine example of how members of The Order rise to fame and fortune. W.C. Whitney was initiated in 1863 and by 1872 had only advanced his career to Inspector of Schools for New York. However, in the last three decades of the century, he rolled up a massive fortune, became a power behind the throne in the Cleveland Administration, and directed the often unscrupulous activities of a cluster of capitalists known as "the Whitney Group". A brief quotation suggests the power that Whitney amassed in a brief 30 years.

This is a list of Whitney estates at the turn of the century:

". . . a city residence in New York, a Venetian palace and 5,000 acres in Wheatley Hills, near Jamaica, L.I.; a Sheepshead Bay house, with a private track covering 300 acres; a mansion at Berkshire Hills, Mass., with 700 acres of land; October Mountain house, with a large tract of land; Stony Ford Farm, New York, used as an auxiliary to his Kentucky Stock Farm; an Adirondack game preserve of 16,000 acres; a lodge at Blue Mountain Lake with a fine golf course, a Blue Grass farm of 3,000 acres in Ken tucky; and an estate at Aiken, S.C., comprising a mansion, race course, and 2,000 acres of hunting land."

William C. Whitney married Flora Payne, daughter of Standard Oil Treasurer Oliver Payne. The Paynes are not in The Order, but adding the Payne piece of the Standard Oil fortune made Whitney's fortune that much larger. Their two sons, Harry Payne ('94) and Payne Whitney ('98), went to Yale and became members of The Order. After Yale Harry Payne promptly married Gertrude Vanderbilt in 1896 and so the Whitney-Payne fortune now joined some Vanderbilt money. This financial power was channeled into Guaranty Trust, the J.P. Morgan and Guggenheim outfits.

And it gets more complicated. For example, the son of Harry Payne Whitney, Cornelius Vanderbilt Whitney, married Marie Norton. After their divorce, Marie Norton Whitney married W. Averell Harriman (his first wife) who is today at 91 a key member. It is these tightly woven family and financial interlocks that make up the core of The Order.
So let's take a look at the Harriman family.

The Harriman Family

In the first few days of June 1983 a prominent American, a private citizen, flew to Moscow for a confidential chat with Yuri Andropov. A State Department interpreter went along.

This American was not the President, nor the Vice-President, nor the Secretary of State, nor any member of the Reagan Administration. It was a private individual - W. Averell Harriman. The first time any American had talked with Yuri Andropov since the death of his predecessor, Brezhnev. So who is W. Averell Harriman?

The elder Harriman, a prominent and not too scrupulous railroad magnate, sent both his sons to Yale. William Averell Harriman ('13) and Edward Roland Noel Harriman ('17) joined The Order. A good example of how old line families in The Order absorbed new wealth families, although as history has unfolded it may be that Harriman and his fellow investment bankers have dominated the direction of The Order in the past few decades.


Brown Brothers Harriman, advertisement from Wall Street Journal listing partners.

In the 1930s W.A. Harriman & Company merged with Brown Brothers. This was an older financial house whose partners were also members of The Order. Alexander Brown was founded 1800 in New York and Philadelphia.

By the 1970s the relatively unknown private international banking firm of Brown Brothers, Harriman, with assets of about one-half billion dollars, had taken in so many of "the Brotherhood" that out of 26 individual partners, no fewer than 9 were members of The Order. We don't know of any greater concentration of members.

And to make it more interesting, Prescott Bush, father of President George H. W. Bush (both in The Order), was a partner in Brown Brothers, Harriman for over 40 years.

Finally, because Brown Brothers, Harriman is a private banking firm it has relatively no government supervision and does not publish an annual report. In other words, we know NOTHING about its operations - at least we know nothing from Brown Brothers, Harriman sources.

Here's a line-up of Brown Brothers, Harriman partners who were also members of The Order in the mid 1970s:

Name of PartnerDate Initiated
Walter H. Brown 1945
Prescott Sheldon Bush1917
Granger Kent Costikyan1929
Edward Roland Noel Harriman1917
W. Averell Harriman1913
Stephen Young Hord1921
Robert Abercrombie Lovett1918
John Beckwith Madden1941
Knight Woolley 1917
This table brought to you by Excel2BB Converter. Created by Krem for World of KJ

It's worth thinking about this concentration of names and the power it represents in the light of outside comments on The Order over the years.
After the title page of this volume we reprint the verse of an anonymous Yale student of the 1870s. He commented on the requirement to put The Order ahead of all else.

The Editor of The Iconoclast (also in the 1870s) wrote:

And on their breasts they wear a sign That tells their race and name It is the ghastly badge of death And from his kingdom came The son of Satan, son of sin The enemy of man.

Another writer in the 1870s called The Order the "Brotherhood of Death": Outside already, in the doubtful dawn, Thither, from this side and from that, slow sweep, And settle down in silence solidly, Crow-wise, the frightful Brotherhood of Death. Black-hatted and black-hooded huddle they, With black cravats a-dangling from each neck; So take they their grim station at the door, Torches lit, skull-and-cross-bones-banner spread.

Ron Rosenbaum in his 1977 Esquire article a century later, was no less caustic. Rosenbaum called it a Mafia.
From evidence to be presented later this author would term The Order "an international Mafia" . . . unregulated and all but unknown. To the outside world, however, it's merely Brown Brothers, Harriman, 59 Wall Street, New York. But obviously Yuri Andropov over in Moscow knows who holds the cards.

The British Connection

Some well read readers may raise a question - how does The Order the its families relate to Cecil Rhodes secret society, Milners Round Table, the Illuminati and the Jewish secret society equivalents? How do these fit into the picture?

We are concerned here only with the core of a purely American phenomenon with German origin. It is undoubtedly linked to overseas groups. The links between The Order and Britain go through Lazard Freres and the private merchant bankers. Notably the British establishment was also founded at a University -Oxford University, and especially All Souls College at Oxford. The British element is called "The Group."

The Group links to the Jewish equivalent through the Rothschilds in Britain (Lord Rothschild was an original member of Rhodes "inner circle"). The Order in the U.S. links to the Guggenheim, Schiff and Warburg families. There were no Jews at all in The Order until very recently. In fact, The Order has, as Rosenbaum suggests, some definite anti-semetic tendencies. Token Jews (and token blacks) have been ad mitted in recent years.
There is an Illuminati connection. Some details are in the Esquire article, more details will be in our future volumes.

All these groups have cooperative and competitive features. But to argue that all the world's ills can be ascribed to any one of these groups is false. The core of The Order, like the core of "The Group" in England, comprises about 20 families. In the U.S. case they are mostly descendents from the original settlers in Massachusetts. New wealth did not enter The Order until the mid-19th century and until recently, has never dominated The Order. On the other hand, key families, the Whitneys and the Harrimans, are linked to their own banking interests. In many ways these old line Yankee families have outsmarted the bankers. The Puritans diverted bankers' wealth to their own objectives without always absorbing the banker families. The Order controls the substantial wealth of Andrew Carnegie, but no Carnegie has ever been a member of The Order. The Order used the Ford wealth so flagrantly against the wishes of the Ford family that two Fords resigned from the board of the Ford Foundation. No Ford has been a member of The Order. The name Morgan has never appeared on the membership lists, although some Morgan partners are with the inner core, for example, Davison and Perkins. Interestingly, the Astor name is prominent in "The Group" in England, but not in The Order in the U.S.

Kitap: Americas Secret Establishment An Introduction to the Order of Skull & Bones
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