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Rothschildlerin Savaştaki Rolleri ve Ekonomideki Entrikaları

Birinci Dünya Savaşının galibi İngiltere'dir. İngiliz devletini yöneten unsur kraliyet hanedanlığıdır. Bilindiği gibi İngilizler, Almanlar, Hollandalılar ve Fransızlar gibi Cermen milletinin bir mensubudurlar.
Birinci Dünya Savaşından sonra Dünyayı yöneten unsurun Birinci Dünya Savaşının galibi ve baş aktörü olan ülkenin olduğunu anlamamız gerekir.
İşte bu İngiltere devleti, kendisinin bir uzantısı olan Amerikan devleti ve Almanya devletindeki bazı aile şirketlerini, şeytani tarikatları ve hükümet nezdindeki önemli kişileri kullanarak(ve ayrıca onları büyütüp, ünlü yapıp, sahneye çıkartıp ve sonrasındada besleyip), Devlet+Mafya-Tarikat-Gladyo sistemini İkinci Dünya Savaşı öncesinde ve sırasında kurmaya çalışmak istemiştir ve başarılı olmuştur.
Nasıl başarılı olmuştur ve bu Devlet+Mafya-Tarikat-Gladyo sisteminin içinde kimler var?
Devlet: İngiltere-Amerika.
Devleti Yöneten Hanedan(İngiliz/Cermen Milletine Hizmet Ediyor): Windsor(İngiliz Cermen Kökenli) ve Rothschild(Hazar Türk Kökenli) sülalelerinin karışımı
Mafya: Rockefeller-Rothschild-JP Morgan gibi sülale şirketleri
Tarikat: İlluminati, Mason, Bilderberg gibi şeytani tarikatlar
Gladyo: İngilizlerin kontrolünde olan Faşist İktidarlar: İngiliz Ajanı Kukla Hitler ve Kukla Nazi Devleti/Hükümeti, ve İngiliz Ajanı Kukla Stalin ve Lenin'in Sovyetler Birliği'nin Yıkımını Amaçlayan Yeni Sovyet Devleti/Hükümeti.
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Rothschildlerin Savaştaki Rolleri ve Ekonomideki Entrikaları

Mesajgönderen TurkmenCopur » 04 May 2011, 20:21


This chapter consists of opinions by various authors and authorities which cannot be conveniently included in the body of the book because they are somewhat disconnected.

Nevertheless, in my opinion they are important, because they provide a basis for the writings of those historians and researchers who have been almost solidly at one with the belief that the Rothschilds were one of the greatest forces at play in the 18th and 19th centuries, and who are in all probability, even more so, today.

The First World War brought to Eduard Rothschild more than 100 billion dollars. (Count Cherep-Spiridovich)

This mighty revolution which is at this moment preparing in Germany and of which so little is as yet known is developing entirely under the auspices of the Jews, who almost monopolize the professional chairs of Germany. (Coningsby, Disraeli, page 250, writing about events in 1844-1848)

Historians agree that he meant the Rothschilds. Practically all wars and revolutions were then financed by the Rothschilds. (Disraeli in Coningsby, pages 218-219)

The League of Nations is a Jewish idea. We created it after a fight of 25 years. (Nathan Sokolow, Zionist leaders at Carlsbad Congress, August 27, 1932)

The League of Nations is run entirely by Jews:

Paul Hymans, Sir Eric Drummond, Paul Mantaux, Major Abraham, Mrs. N. Spiller, The Jew 'valet,' Albert Thomas who helped with French millions to help enthrone the Bolsheviks in Russia, is "chief of the Labor Section. He receives a fabulous salary." (Le Peril Juif La Regue d'Israel chez les Anglo Saxons, B. Grasset, Peres, France)

Again this appears to refer to the Rothschilds and I take pains to point out that in most cases "Jews" may be substituted for "Rothschilds."

The modern social revolutionary movement dates back from the middle of the 18th century. Ever since that time there; has been a flowing of a continuous stream of subversive agitation, assuming many forms, but essentially the same, ever broadening and deepening until it became a veritable flood, which has submerged Russia and which threatens to engulf our civilization. (The Revolt Against Civilization, Lothrop Stoddard)

The great revolutionary movements began between the middle and the end of the 18th century, when in 1770, Amschel Rothschild became the manager of the Landgrave of Hesse-Cassel. Amschel hired all of the Miliukovs, Kerenskies and Lenins et al of the 18th century to start their subversive agitation, just as E. Rothschild hired those of the 20th century. (Count Cherep-Spiridovich)

Facts of world importance are known to too few men, and we need more facts. Humanity cannot find the light unless it has facts. (Editor of the Chicago Daily News)

What is this formidable sect of which Abbe Burruel speaks in the 18th century and Churchill in the 20th? Upon the answer may rest the power of Christianity and of civilization based upon Christianity. It was a power outside of Russia; it was a worldwide power and it was strong enough to bring down Russia, and also, the House of Hohenzollers. What was it? (Cause of World Unrest, Nesta Webster, page 35)

Lloyd George said he did not believe any statesman or ruler caused war. It may be a century before the world will know the full truth. (Senator Copeland, Congressional Record)

The House of Rothschild with a few co-religionists conspires to own the world.
(The Secret of the Rothschilds, Mrs. Mary Hobart)

The Kaiser had to consult Rothschild to find out if he could declare war. Another Rothschild carried the whole burden of the conflict which overthrew Napoleon. (The New York Times, July 22, 1924)

In the Imperial Archives in Berlin was found a letter from Rothschild to Wilhelm II, urging war.
(Truth About The Jews, Walter Hurt, page 324)

To the public, the archives of the family, (the Rothschilds) which could throw so much light upon history are a profound secret, a sealed book kept hidden.
(The Rothschilds, Financial Rulers of the World, John Reeves, page 59)

Bismarck, Beaconsfield (Disraeli), the French Republic, Gambetta etc., all are a force as nothing. A mere mirage. It is the Jew alone with his Bank who is their master and who rules all of Europe. The Jew will prefer VETO and suddenly, Bismarck will fall. . . To the Rothschilds, nothing could have occurred more propitiously than the outbreak of the American revolt and the French Revolution, as the two enabled them to lay the foundations of the immense wealth they have sine acquired.
(The Rothschilds Financial Rulers of the World, John Reeves, page 86)

Mrs. Nesta Webster cannot escape the conclusion that international financiers put up the money (for revolutions and wars.) More it is the Jewish financiers who supply the funds; it is Jews who have been the agents-provocateurs of revolutions of revolutions for the last two thousand years. It is the Jews who are the secret inner council of the five principal organized horrendous movements at work with which organized government has to contend. (The New York Times, March 8, 1925)

In the whole range of history, no one has aroused emotions so opposite and intense, or has claimed so much of the admiration of, the fear, and the hared of mankind. (Napoleon, Hebert Fisher)

A man, Napoleon, born without any advantage of wealth or high descent made himself master of the world before he was 35 and he finished his career of un-paralleled romantic impossibility when he was 46. (How Great Was Napoleon? Sydney Dark)

In conclusion how amazing it is, that the same leaders of the elite of the world, who have the power to excite wars for their own benefits, can also break and consign to obscurity, those formerly important national leaders who oppose their grand designs, particularly their plans to establish a New World Order operation inside a World structure of a single One World Government dictatorship. Unless a counter force can be erected to oppose these plans, the world could very well be plunged into the darkness of a brutal dictatorship by the year 2025.

Kitap: The Rothschild Dynasty
Yazar: John Coleman
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