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Rothschildler Amerika'da bir Merkez Bankası Kuruyorlar

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Rothschildler Amerika'da bir Merkez Bankası Kuruyorlar

Mesajgönderen TurkmenCopur » 04 May 2011, 19:48


There had been profound changes in Europe under the tutelage of the Rothschild Dynasty, perhaps some of the more important being:

* The rise of Napoleon I as the chosen Rothschild agent for toppling of the Monarchs of Europe;
* The fall of the Romanov Dynasty and the destruction of Christian Russia at the hands of the Bolshevik Communists;
* The Anglo-Boer War of genocide, a most important war at the turn of the 19th century that was swept under the carpet.

I believe that these most profound changes could not and would not have occurred save and except for the guiding hand of the Rothschild Dynasty and the commitment of its vast financial resources to this end.

Before dealing with events in pre-Bolshevik Russia, I will cover the history of what gave rise to Rothschild intervention in South Africa to secure the largest gold and diamond fields in the world that resulted in the Anglo Boer War 1899-1903.

In the 1830s the farmers at the Cape (known as Boers) moved into the vast, uninhabited hinterland in what became known as The Great Trek. They were angered by British interference in their lives, particularly the freeing of slaves. They overcame great hardships traveling a thousand miles in ox wagons often over rugged mountains, and settled on the barren land of what was to become the Orange Free State and Transvaal Republics.

When huge finds of diamond and gold occurred, the barren lands were immediately coveted by the Rothschilds who sent an agent in the person of Cecil John Rhodes to tie up possession and control in their name. In 1898, Rhodes, the agent for the Rothschilds in South Africa, requested Lord Rothschild to buy out French interests in the diamond mines, setting the stage for complete control by the Rothschilds.

The British Government "annexed" an area of the Orange Free State known as Griqualand West (the location of the diamond finds) and three years later annexed the Transvaal, although in both cases they had no lawful or legitimate claim to the land whatsoever, a tactic they were to use again in Palestine in 1917. (The Balfour Declaration)

Cecil Rhodes was the chief instigator of the Boer War. The fabulous gold fields of rich veins, which extended for 200 miles from East to West, was a glittering prize the Rothschilds were determined to acquire. Friction with Britain became endemic as the Boers refused to recognize Queen Victoria's bogus claims to the Orange Free State and the Transvaal Republics.

A clear provocation was the raid by 600 armed men under Starr Jameson in an attempt to overthrow the Boer Government of President Paul Kruger.
It was a prelude to the Anglo-Boer War, which broke out in 1899, after the machinations of Rhodes to achieve the desired goals of the British Government to seize the gold and diamond fields, failed.

The Boers were descended from Dutch, Irish, Scots, English and German stock. They had emigrated to the southern¬most tip of Africa known as "the Cape," where first the Dutch and then the British established a refueling, food and fresh water station for their ships plying trade between the Far East and Europe. At what became known in later years as Cape Town, a thriving independent community was established under Dutch rule.

At that time there were no black (Bantu) people in Africa south of the Zambezi River, in the vast, empty hinterland between the Cape and the Zambezi River to the North. Only a few nomadic "Hottentots" - a non-Bantu Mongolian type of people lived along the sea shore of the Cape eking out a precarious living through beachcombing and scavenging. They soon became workers in the vegetable gardens of the Dutch East India Company. But the British invaded the Cape settlement and set up their own administration under the British East India Corporation (BEIC) opium trading company in London.

From this inauspicious beginning grew a thriving, bustling community in which the Dutch were integrated. After the British invasion, the BEIC in London began to seriously interfere in the internal affairs of the Dutch community.

The Dutch, who were referred to as "Boers" (farmers) then began to organize a plan to leave the Cape and "trekked" (traveled) into the vast uninhabited plains of the north. After the long journey the Boer arrived and settled in the uninhabited land they named the Orange Free State Republic and the Transvaal Republic. I want to emphasize that the thousands of square miles of land the Boers traveled through was devoid of the Bantu races who lived north of the Zambezi. Contrary to popular history, the Boers did not take the Transvaal and Orange Free State away from the Bantu.

The discovery of the richest gold strike ever known brought Rhodes to the scene and from then onwards, Queen Victoria began to assert her unfounded claim to the new republics. War was inevitable after Victoria rejected the peace proposals of the God-fearing Paul Kruger.

Queen Victoria was determined to have war, and in 1899 the British Government sent the first contingents of troops, which by 1901 would reach the amazing strength of 400,000 men, this, to overcome a guerilla force that never numbered more than 80,000 men in the field at any time, many of them as young as fourteen years and as old as seventy five years.

The epic struggle of the Boers ought to be a model for all countries threatened by big, bullying governments. For almost three years the farmer-soldiers fought and defeated the pride of the British Army.

The Boers only agreed to end the fighting after 27,000 of their women and children died in inhuman concentration camps set up by Lord Kitchener and Alfred Milner, a servant of the Rothschilds. With their cattle slaughtered, their farms burned to the ground and their women and children dying in the thousands as a result of the vindictive Lord Milner's genocidal policies, the Boer warriors were compelled to come in from the field and lay down their arms.
Throughout the struggle, Rhodes kept his masters, the Rothschilds, fully briefed and carried out their instructions to the letter. Today, N.M. Rothschild still controls the gold trade from London. Rhodes operated in a period when the British Empire was the most powerful political, economic and military force in the world, yet the Boers were not afraid to take on the Empire in a war they knew they could not win, but which they fought with astonishing courage, determination and bravery.

The British Empire was like the Persian, Assyrian, Babylonian and Roman Empires, built upon twin pillars of stripping the assets of their "Dominions" and using virtual slave labor of the inhabitants to accomplish the task.

The "noble" families of England could be traced back to the Venetian and Genoese Black Nobility and the great banking families of those city-states. They were the masters of propaganda and have not lost their touch, which was their most successful weapon in the Boer War and the First and Second World Wars. Behind the government stood the banking families, of which the Rothschild banks were the most powerful and influential. Some historians have held to the belief that the fortune they received from South Africa "made the Rothschilds rich."

It is a belief with which I do not agree. The Rothschilds were wealthy beyond belief well before their agent, Cecil John Rhodes, a master of deceit and cunning, a man who hated Christianity — secured the gold and diamond treasures of South Africa as the monopoly of the Rothschilds. From documents and papers I studied in the British Museum in London, it was clear that shortly before the death of Mayer Amschel, his fortune exceeded the combined fortunes of the world's richest men.

The full extent of the Rothschild fortune was never made known, but what is known is that it grew at an astronomical rate. Amschel knew the power of money and like old John D. Rockefeller who aped his philosophy of secrecy Mayer knew that secrecy is paramount to success. His religious belief that the Jews were God's chosen people never wavered, and he flaunted his belief on every occasion, public and private.

To give some idea of the Rothschild wealth I provide the following:

His son Lionel was the friend and counselor of the Prince Consort and of Disraeli whose Sidonia in Coningsby is a (thinly disguised) ideal portrait of him. . .

He brought about the enactment of the disabilities bill which permitted Jews to hold office in England. He advanced the British government the money for the Irish famine loan (about $40,000,000) and also for the Crimean War (about $80,000,000) and for twenty-four years he acted as the agent for the Russian government.

He had a large share in the successful funding of the United States national debt, provided the funds for the immediate purchase of the Suez Canal shares; he was also active in facilitating the payment of the French indemnity to Germany; in directing the finances of the Austrian Empire and the Egyptian loan of 8,500,000 pounds (about $40,000,000). (The Jewish Encyclopedia, Vol. 10, pages 501-502)

Jacob (James) Rothschild's fortune, which was independent of Lionel's or any of the other family members, was estimated by historians to be $200 billion at the time of his death according to author Armstrong who wrote. . . "But this was only an estimate, since no inventory of his estate was filed." It was of course in keeping with one of the principles laid down by Amschel that secrecy was to be maintained. Above all else, the Rothschilds were always involved in financing wars.

Hymym Solomon (also known as Haim) was involved in financing the American Revolution. Seligman Brothers and Speyer and Company financed the North and Messrs Erlanger the South in the Civil War. More recently, in the great development of railway finance the firm of Kuhn, Loeb and Company has taken a prominent role.

Although it does not say so in so many words, it is clear to anyone who knows anything about banking of the period, that the Rothschilds' financed the North and South through front men and front banks. There have been various estimates of the wealth of the Rothschilds, and one who knew perhaps better than others, Count Cherep-Spiridovich estimated that they made $100 billion out of WWI alone.

Historian John Reeves in The Rothschilds: Financial Controllers of Nations gives a good accounting of the Rothschilds achievements:

Little could Mayer have anticipated that his sons would in after years come to exercise such an unbounded sway that the peace of nations would depend on their nod; that the powerful control they exercised on the European money markets would enable them to pose as the arbiters of peace and war, since they could at their pleasure, furnish or withhold the pecuniary means required to carry on a campaign.

But this, incredible as it may seem, was what their vast influence, combined with their enormous wealth and unlimited credit, enabled them to do, for no firms existed strong enough to oppose them for any length of time, or rash enough to take up a business which the Rothschilds had refused.

A short note of explanation:

It happened that the Rothschilds would refuse an offering although sound, simply to punish, that particular nation, or company, for some wrong doing, imagined or real. Had any other bankers have taken up what the Rothschilds rejected, their punishment would be swift.

Kitap: The Rothschild Dynasty
Yazar: John Coleman
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