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Alomon Rohschild Mali Prestijine Gösteriyor

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In Vienna, Salomon was not allowed to buy a house, so he rented an entire luxurious hotel for himself and then refused the King of Wurtemberg the apartment he had occupied for many years.
Salomon was granted diplomatic immunity and had the title "Baron" bestowed upon him.

Metternich then appointed James and Nathan as Consuls, an "unthinkable honor for a Jew" as Salomon noted:

James did not renew his appeal. Metternich's evident power and protection relieved his anxiety. Thanks to the Chancellor, in fact, the Rothschilds would acquire diplomatic immunity.

Having granted them a useful and flattering title, he would now do considerably more. Nathan and James, at the price of numerous skillfully negotiated loans conceived the idea of having themselves appointed Consuls to represent Austria in London and Paris. A Jew entering the diplomatic corps! It was unthinkable. However, despite the enormity of the proposal, Metternich agreed.

Only the evil-minded would suspect some connection between the advantageous personal loans made by the Rothschilds to the Chancellor. All court functions lead to new business especially when it has to do with Austria. If James should be appointed in Paris, he could, God willing, take charge of everything related to the liquidation of the debt owed by France to Austria, since the Consul would be allowed to treat with the King in person. {Souvenirs Augustus de Fremilly, page 232, 1908)

In trying to establish a pattern of powerful Jews attempting to use their influence at international conventions, The Conference of Aix la Chapelle in 1818 was also confronted with uninvited Jewish representatives. Lewis Way, an English clergyman, acted as the Jewish mouthpiece, and introduced a petition to the Conference advocating Jewish emancipation in Europe. Jewish influence in the 1856 Congress of Paris and the 1858 Congress of Paris is evident in the work of both meetings. It does not appear that that Jewry was permitted official representation at either of these two conferences. (Olivia Maria O' Grady)

That did not sit well with the Rothschilds who then demanded more and more from those they held in their power. After receiving titles of barons and consuls, they now desired more visible signs of their power to be displayed.
Their "love of distinctions" was immoderate to say the least.

Von Gentz was instructed to let the public know that medals and ribbons were being granted to them, and to advertise the fact:

"Salomon von Rothschild and his brother in Paris have received the order of Saint Vladimir in recognition of loans negotiated for Russia."

Von Gentz wrote to a number of leading German journals. It would be as well that you publish the news. Make it Vladimir rather than Saint Vladimir.

In a letter to Count von Neipberg, in 1830, Metternich privately criticized the Rothschild's vanity:

The Rothschilds would like a small Saint George. What vanity. Despite their millions and their generous loyalty, the Rothschilds have an astonishing appetite for honors and distinction. (British Museum Documents)

The Christian religious nature of the decorations made it all the more extraordinary that the Rothschilds were able to secure them, and point to the power they exercised over Metternich and Bismarck, especially as it is known that Metternich began to object to the Rothschilds demands on the grounds that as non-Christians they were not entitled to receive certain decorations, but that did not stop the flood of requests for special honors.

In 1867 Alphonse, the eldest son of James wrote to his cousins in London:

The most notable outcome of Bismarck's visit (to London) has been the distribution of decorations. My father received the Great Ribbon of the Red Eagle, the highest and most distinguished decoration. No Jew in Prussia has received it. (Gold and Iron, Fritz Stern, page 1150)

Continuing with O'Grady's work, her theme of unofficial, but powerful representation at world conventions where Jews had no standing, she refers to American efforts on their behalf:

American Jewry influenced the United States to present their demand for full and equal rights' to the Bucharest Peace Conference of 1913, although the United States was not officially represented at the Conference.
On October 1913, the Anglo Jewish Association addressed a joint memorial to Sir Edward Grey, urging that the new affirmative guarantees for the Jews to be secured, pointing out that Romania had repeatedly ignored and repudiated similar assurance.

Elihu Root, the United States Secretary of State had issued strong instructions at the direction of President Theodore Roosevelt, to Ambassador White, representing the United States at the Algerian Conference of 1906, directing him to urge upon the conference the consideration of guarantees of religious and racial tolerance in Morocco.

The work of World Jewry at the Peace Conference is nowhere better indicated than in the provisions imposed on Poland by the Versailles Treaty. A ruthless conqueror could not have been more severe. The Polish representatives signed the Minority Treaty on June 28, 1919, thereby committing Poland to divide sovereignty and a superior and privileged class of citizenry. (Olivia Maria O'Grady, pages 344-347)

It has been commented on many times in history that the average person in most countries has little or no time to spare to think beyond making a living, raising a family and holding down a job making these objectives possible, leaving little or no time to attend to politics or matters of economics or other vital issues, such as war and peace, that affected their lives and their nation.

Yet it seemed, that certain groups of people were immune from such restrictions, and always seemed to know where important issues were to be decided, and by whom, and seemed to have a world-wide network that kept them abreast of all political and economic developments. Highly organized and vocal, such groups always had the edge over the local citizenry.

According to The Hidden Hand authored by Cherep-Spiridovich and the extensive work of author Olivia Maria O'Grady, such highly effective groups were always Jewish or Jewish dominated and controlled.
Both authors cite numerous and extensive examples to prove their contention, perhaps two of the more convincing examples being the Paris Peace Conference of 1919 and the establishing of the State of Israel.

Continuing with the account by Olivia Maria O'Grady:

The dawn of 1919 found Paris literally flooded with Jews from all over the world-rich Jews, poor Jews, Orthodox Jews, Socialist Jews, financiers and revolutionaries, they poured into the French capital, -and they went to work.

The Comite de Delegation Juives aupres de la Conference de la Paix (The Committee of Jewish Delegations at the Peace Conference) was fully organized by March 25, 1919. In addition the delegates of the World Zionist Organization and the B'nai B'rith were included in the Committee's membership, purporting to speak for ten million Jews.

Woodrow Wilson, Georges Clemenceau and other international figures were putty in the hands of these International Jews. Although the idea of a world super state had long been a Jewish dream, Wilson's conceit in believing it as his own particular creation was pandered and puffed on all sides by the Jewish delegation and their controlled world press. 'The principles of national self-determination and homogeneity were not allowed to be carried to extremes,' writes one Jewish historian with obvious satisfaction.

The finesse of the Jewish delegation is clearly discernible in the finished product of Versailles. The groundwork for the destruction of sovereignty throughout Christendom was well laid by the mastermind behind the Comite de Delagation Juives. Absolute sovereignty was restricted. As the basis for the Second World War 'the new and enlarged states' were compelled 'to assume an obligation to embody in a treaty with the principal Allied and Associated Powers, such provisions as might be deemed necessary for the said Powers to protect the inhabitants who differed from the majority of the population in race, language, or religion.'

Included in the Jewish delegates to the Paris Peace Conference was Jacob Schiff, who was later to become one of the Wall Street bankers who financed the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia. The crowning Jewish triumph was the provision that brought 'domestic group rights' under the International guarantee and jurisdiction of The League of Nation -- not one of them was concerned with 'making the world safe for Democracy'. (Wilson's statement of intent, Olivia Maria O'Grady)

Wilson may have been fooled by the intent and purpose of the League of Nations, but a group of wide-awake United States Senators was not. They saw the League of Nations exactly for what it was; an attempt to destroy United States sovereignty, the United States Constitution and the Bill of Rights, and rejected it as such when the treaty was presented to the United States Senate for ratification.

Leading the opposition in the Senate were Senators Hiram Johnson and William E. Borah whose patriotism was unbounded. The treaty was rejected on November 11, 1919. British Prime Minister Lloyd George also saw the dangers of the strictures imposed on nations by the Treaty of Versailles.

In 1919 he put his fears on paper during a weekend break in meetings of the Conference:

When nations are exhausted by wars in which they have put forth all their strength and which leave them tired, bleeding and broken, it is not difficult to patch up a peace that may last until the generation which experienced the horrors of war has passed away. . . It is therefore comparatively easy to patch up a peace that may last for thirty years. What is difficult, however, is to draw up a peace which will not provoke a fresh struggle when those who have practical experience of war have passed away...

You may strip Germany of her colonies, reduce her armaments to a mere police force and her navy to that of a fifth-rate power; all the same, in the end if she feels that she has been unjustly treated in the peace of 1919 she will fund the means of extracting retribution from her conquerors.

The imposition, the deep impression made upon the human heart of four years of unexplained slaughter will disappear with the hearts upon which it has been marked by the terrible sword of the Great War. The maintenance of peace will then depend upon there being no cause of exasperation constantly stirring up the spirit of patriotism, of justice, of fair play. . . Although Lloyd George made a valiant effort to see that justice was done for Germany, he failed, not for the want of trying, but because of the implacable forces of Internationalism arrayed against him, characterized by the vicious and brutally ugly behavior, attitudes and demands of Georges Clemenceau of France.

That Lloyd George was far-seeing can be gathered from his almost prophetic words written at Fontainebleau in March of 1919. Lloyd George was defeated by the revolutionary forces that had been gathering power since the 18th century. Well organized and financed, they were virtually unstoppable. In a sense Lloyd George was hampered by the presence of his controller. Sir Philip, A.G.D. Sassoon, Bart, related through marriage and blood ties to the Rothschilds. As a member of the British Privy Council, Sassoon was able to join the secret deliberations of the conferees.

Spelling out the French policy at Versailles and its aftermath, TIME Magazine of May 17, 1940 in a rare lapse of Rothschild censorship also confirmed it:

To the vital Ministry of the Interior, Premier Reynaud appointed energetic, 54-year old Georges Mandel, until then Minister of Colonies. This was no new job for the sharp-nosed stocky little Clemencist, who as the Tiger's chef de cabinet during the last war ran the country's domestic affairs and kept up civilian morale.

Born Jeroboam Rothschild, Mandel has often been called France's Disraeli; a super politician in a country of politicians, lately showed in the Colonial (and Post Office) Ministry that he had lost none of his drive and administrative flair that made him indispensable to Clemenceau. . .

From my studies at the British Museum it is obvious the success of the Paris Peace Conference and the Treaty of Versailles that followed was dependent upon universal acceptance of the League of Nations, the first organized attempt to set up a One World Government that would usurp the sovereignty of all nations, and give Palestine to the Zionists.

This opinion is borne out by what Wilson said on his arrival in Paris in January 1919: The League of Nations is the central object of our meeting.

As is well known Wilson had been thoroughly coached and instructed by Mandel House, the servant of the Rothschilds and he knew that he had to obey orders. In researching the papers of Lloyd George at the British Museum, it became obvious to me that the British Prime Minister had put up a good fight against Wilson, but to no avail. In spite of vigorous protests from Lloyd George, Wilson insisted that the first item on the agenda had to be the proposals to establish The League of Nations.

I concentrated many months of research of The League of Nations at the British Museum and discovered that Wilson went to Paris armed with instructions indirectly received from Lord Rothschild via Mandel House as to his agenda.

Wilson had endeared himself to the Rothschilds through Mandel House, when as a professor at Princeton University; he tried to end what he called "snobbery" by banishing student clubs. He was not successful, but this very early indication of his Socialist beliefs drew the attention of House and eventually landed him the governorship of the State of New Jersey, and ultimately, the job of President of the United States.

Chairman Will Hayes of the Republican Party National Committee said of Wilson:

He wants to rebuild the world unimpeded in conformity with whatever Socialistic doctrines, whatever unlimited government-ownership notions, whatever hazy whims that may happen to possess him.

My study of Wilson's presidency shows that Hayes was on the right track, but had no way of knowing anything about the persons who were directing Wilson's agenda. There was nothing hazy at all about the clear instructions he was constantly receiving from London via Mandell House. One such set of instructions from London concerned Wilson's Fourteen Points. In fact the Fourteen Points he was to present to the Paris Peace Conference was authored by the Rothschilds and Justice Brandeis, who passed it to Wilson with orders to use as his own at the Conference, under the watchful eye of Bernard Baruch. The second set of instructions, the League of Nations instructions, was also passed off as Wilson's work. His speech at the beginning of WWI, that America was fighting the "ruling class and not the German people" was pure House rhetoric.

To continue with quotes from Olivia Maria O'Grady:

President Wilson, surrounded by the Jewish financial fraternity, pushed hither and yon by the sinister Colonel House, and counseled by the Zionist Brandeis, imagined himself the great "peace maker' of all history. He was a historian who proved that he knew nothing about history.

In the hands of the Jews, who used him for their own particular purposes, he plunged this country [the United States] into a disastrous war, and started a chain of events that were meant to ultimately destroy America.

Flattered and eulogized by those who bent him to their will, he fancied himself playing God, remaking the world and its people in his own image. Sworn in his high office, to protect and advance the interests of the American people, he suddenly believed he had been given a mandate to save the world.

He called for 'peace without victory' and declared that he was plunging the United States into a 'war to end war' and to 'make the world safe for democracy.' History has been busy ever since underscoring the asininity of his double talk.

Peace and victory came on November 11, 1918 and Wilson rushed to Paris where he lost both. (Olivia Maria O'Grady)

This is perhaps a trifle hard on Wilson who was, after all surrounded and hedged in by advisors:

We can now properly appraise this treacherous criminal peace treaty, out of which has grown the present war (WWII).

It was not Wilson who betrayed the German government by the promise of his Fourteen Points, nor Lloyd George who was false to the Arabs to induce them to enter the war; — it was Jeroboam Rothschild, Sir Philip Sassoon and Bernard Baruch. Wilson, Lloyd George and Clemenceau are culpable only to the extent that they acted in obedience to a power they dared not oppose. These three Jews, representing the money power of the Rothschild family, determined the essential provisions of the infamous peace treaty.

They established the International Labor Board; they made provisions for the Reparations Commission and the Brussels Financial Conference; they gave Palestine to the Jews; they established without our membership the League of Nations and the World Court.

It was our refusal to join that prevented the consummation of their grandiose elaborate machine for the government of the World. (Rothschild Money Trust, pages 67, 68)

Although the name of Colonel House is not mentioned in this account, nevertheless it was House who more than Baruch represented the Rothschild interests in the United States at the conference.

Continuing from The Rothschild Money Trust:

These three Jews are responsible for the abandonment of President Wilson's Fourteen Points and of the flagrant violations of the promises upon which Germany laid down her arms. If President Wilson's pledges had been observed we would have no World War II. Perhaps if we had joined the League of Nations there would be none, for we would be the subjects of the 'King Despot' who would rule us with an iron hand...

Jeroboam Rothschild (Mandel) was a member of the Reynaud cabinet and resigned with him and fled with him when France refused to be merged into the British Empire, but decided instead to surrender. The people of France now appear to realize, according to the press, that they are now the victims of warmongers . . .

The League of Nations scheme did not originate with President Wilson. He made no such claim. Its precise origin is unknown, but the Jews claim credit for it. It is no doubt their baby; for it has all the earmarks of their craftiness. . . The London Daily Mail said of it that it is 'the most elaborate sham which history has yet perpetrated.'

Under the pretense of writing a peace treaty with Germany this peace conference established Palestine as a home for the Jews and invested the British Government with a mandate for the government of the country. The Jews have been at war with the Arabs since and the situation has become so intolerable that the British Government sought to divide the country between the Jews and the Arabs and surrender its responsibility, which pleased neither Jew nor Arab.

The people of America do not want a super-government or to be ruled by the pope of Rome or a despot of the blood of Zion. We barely escaped it when the Republicans with the aid of twelve willful democrats defeated the League of Nations project by a very small margin; for the League of Nations was meant to be that very thing. (Olivia Maria O'Grady, pages 68, 69 and 85)

A fitting epitaph (and perhaps a dire warning to the world) was written by O'Grady:

By the end of 1938 the collapse of the League of Nations was almost complete. Of the sixty-two nations that had constituted its membership, only forty-nine remained. At the close of 1940 it had ceased to exist.

It had gone the way of its predecessors - the Holy Alliance (so greatly feared by the Rothschilds-author) the Concert of Europe, and the Permanent Court of Arbitration.

It had failed because the United States had refused to participate, and because humanity had not yet been reduced to its common denominator of mediocrity.
'Mother,' 'home,' 'the flag,' 'heaven' and 'God and Country' were still deeply rooted in the minds and hearts of the people. Another war, and perhaps yet another, would be necessary before such 'reactionary bourgeois' concepts were blasted from the breasts of human beings.

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