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Benjamin Disraeli: Rothschidler İçin Usta Bir Casus

Birinci Dünya Savaşının galibi İngiltere'dir. İngiliz devletini yöneten unsur kraliyet hanedanlığıdır. Bilindiği gibi İngilizler, Almanlar, Hollandalılar ve Fransızlar gibi Cermen milletinin bir mensubudurlar.
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Devlet: İngiltere-Amerika.
Devleti Yöneten Hanedan(İngiliz/Cermen Milletine Hizmet Ediyor): Windsor(İngiliz Cermen Kökenli) ve Rothschild(Hazar Türk Kökenli) sülalelerinin karışımı
Mafya: Rockefeller-Rothschild-JP Morgan gibi sülale şirketleri
Tarikat: İlluminati, Mason, Bilderberg gibi şeytani tarikatlar
Gladyo: İngilizlerin kontrolünde olan Faşist İktidarlar: İngiliz Ajanı Kukla Hitler ve Kukla Nazi Devleti/Hükümeti, ve İngiliz Ajanı Kukla Stalin ve Lenin'in Sovyetler Birliği'nin Yıkımını Amaçlayan Yeni Sovyet Devleti/Hükümeti.
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Benjamin Disraeli: Rothschidler İçin Usta Bir Casus

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It was a two-way street; with the Rothschilds always ready to bail Benjamin out of financial trouble, particularly in 1835, 1849, 1857 and 1862 when his debts amounted to what today would have been about $300,000 without means of payment. With his enemy, the Duke of Portland hounding him, he was "loaned the money" by a front man for Baron de Rothschild, one Philip Rose, who just happened to be staying at the same resort and spa hotel in Torquay at the same time as the Baron Rothschild. We are led to believe, that Rose persuaded Rothschild to loan the money Disraeli needed. Situated on the East Coast of England, Torquay was a fashionable resort town, boasting fine hotels and spas, often patronized by royalty and its hangers on.

In a letter to his sister in December of that year, Benjamin wrote:

He likes to give to his friends, not to lend, as he never takes interest from me. ..

I propose to look at the history of some of the world's best-known figures and to attempt to discover what role the Rothschilds played in their lives. I shall also examine revolutions and wars for the same reason. This is a daunting task, but it is one that is long overdue.

There have been so many lies in establishment history that our senses reel and I wonder how the truth can ever be made known to the ordinary people of this world, who have had to bear the brunt of those upheavals and have never known why they had to make such terrible sacrifices. Of course they have the propaganda explanations which satisfy most, but to the thinker, it has never been enough just talk about "patriotism," "love of country," "making the world safe for democracy" and fighting a "war to end all wars." I cannot go too far back in history, so let us begin with some of the most explosive upheavals to hit the world beginning with the 18th century and the personalities involved and then continue through to the 20th century. Limitations of space restrict to the more salient features of these events.

Although there is no hard evidence that the Rothschilds were involved in the cataclysmic "French" Revolution, historians tend to believe that they were behind it, acting through some of their agents. Their well-known hatred of Christianity and their desire to rid France of the Christian monarchy that it represented was the driving force behind the revolution. Opposition to Christianity was the factor believed to have motivated the Rothschilds to take indirect action to confront it at every opportunity.
One thing has emerged clearly from the past; every war fought since then has been for the advancement of International Socialism, of which the Rothschilds were avid supporters.

It is stated in papers in the British Museum that the Rothschilds were deeply involved in all revolts and wars since 1770. Indirectly, there is evidence that a branch of the Rothschilds was involved in financing the French Revolution through the bank of Moses Mocatta, uncle of Sir Moses Montefiore, whose brother, Abraham Montefiore, was married to Jeanette, the daughter of Mayer Amschel.
Mayer Amschel's son, Nathan, married the sister-in-law of Sir Moses Montefiore in 1806. Another daughter of Abraham Montefiore, Louisa, married Sir Anthony Rothschild in 1840.

History records the Jewish banking houses of Daniel Itzig, David Friedlander, Herz Geribeer and Benjamin and Abraham Goldsmidt, were the principal financiers of the "French" Revolution. It is interesting to note of the fifty-eight marriages contracted by the descendants of Mayer Amschel; twenty-nine and a half were between first cousins.

From 1848 onward, the pace quickened. Marx established that all wars must be for the advancement of International Socialism and Lenin and Trotsky enshrined it in the Communist doctrine. The First World War was fought to establish Bolshevism in Russia; to establish a "home for the Jews in Palestine," to destroy the Catholic Church and dismember Europe.

The first attempt at One World Government was launched in the disguise of the League of Nations. The Second World War was fought to destroy Japan and Germany, to establish the USSR as a Communist world power and extend the reach of Bolshevism over three quarters of the world. In the aftermath the United States was gulled into joining the next attempt at One World Government, the United Nations.

The Second World War changed the make-up of the United States, which was forced by its large contingent of International Socialists in positions of power to wean itself from its Constitution and its Republican form of government, and take on the role of the world's new Roman Empire. In short, the United States was turned from its Christian Republican form of government into an imperial power to conquer the world for and on behalf of International Socialism.
Behind these powerful changes stood the power, the money and the guiding hand of the Rothschilds. I shall attempt to make way through the major events that triggered these and other wars.

At the time the revolution burst upon France, the nobility and clergy were liberal toward French citizens. They had freedom to work and freedom of the press according to the book by Louis Diste, Freemasonry and Terror, which he says is proved in the archives prior to August 10, 1789 -everything that the French people wanted in the way of liberty, freedom from excess taxes and freedom of religion had all been granted. If there is one thing I learned from history it is that there is an evil power that hates and fights to the death all forms of liberty, freedom and justice for the ordinary men of the world.

Each time such a system of government was established — these evil, secret rulers came along and overturned those benevolent governments by means of extreme violence and extreme cruelty. An example is Russia, where Tsar Alexander II had agreed to a new constitution.

His minister, Stolypin, had set the machinery in motion to grant lands to peasants and to nationalize banks; Nicholas had forbidden wars by his threat to "fire on the first who fires" and the Tsars were known as the most cultured, learned and gracious people in the world. Stolypin was cruelly murdered by Bolshevik revolutionaries to prevent the freedoms and reforms promised by the Tsar from being put into practice.

On August 4, 1789, eighty three unknown men, shouting "we are the 300," (thereby inadvertently exposing the hidden hand of their controllers) seized the City Hall in Paris.

The City Hall in France is typically the center of the civil administration. Robespierre and Danton did not immediately join the blood lust that followed.

Stephane Lausanne, editor of La Matin of Paris said in an article on January 6, 1923:

We French believe, that we know all about the forces of our planet. But we know nothing of the men whose names the masses could not even rightly spell. These men, more powerful than Caesar or even Napoleon, rule the fate of the Globe. These men rule the Chiefs of States, control and subdue the governing personages, manipulate the exchanges, and initiate or suppress revolutions.

Of course he was writing about the 7 Rothschilds and the Committee of 300. What he did not know was that the Rothschilds created and controlled Napoleon as their instrument, and that they disposed of him once the Corsican genius woke up to this fact and went into a state of rebellion, the first manifestation of which came when he divorced his wife, the Creole, Josephina.

Philip Francis, writing in the New York American under the title The Poison in America's Cup stated:

Nominally we govern ourselves; actually we are governed by an oligarchy of the American branch of The International Banker's Federation, Plunderbund. The British Government is the camouflage behind which the money kings of the world have hitherto hid their economic warfare upon the masses of the people.

There is no direct proof that the Rothschilds were implicated in bringing on the French Revolution to happen, but there is ample evidence that Mirabeau was a member of the Les Amis Reunis as was his partner, Talleyrand. Mirabeau and Talleyrand discovered Napoleon, an obscure army officer. It is believed that many of the details of the French Revolution were discussed at the palace of the Landgrave of Hesse at Wilhelmsbad where it is known the leading Freemasons often gathered, which is the connection with Mayer Amschel, who headed "the deadly secret conclave beyond the masons and unknown to them" where the "French" Revolution was plotted.
There was also the connection with Adam Weishaupt, founder of the Illuminati through Wilhelmsbad.

The Rothschild Money Trust, page 17 states:

It is also admitted, as they allege, that the Illuminati played a major role in bringing on the bloody days of 1789, that it was founded and reputedly financed by Jews and that the great House of Rothschild was then just rising to financial heights. There is evidence that it was in fact financed by the 'great House of Rothschild' and that the French Revolution was in fact brought about by Jews. It was the final act that freed the Jews from their political and civil disabilities in France.

Unfortunately for history, The Rothschild Money Trust does not provide sources that could support the claim that the French Revolution was financed by the Rothschilds.

In 1782 after "acquiring" the huge fortune of the Landgrave of Hesse-Cassel, Amschel sent for Weishaupt who at the time was living the life of a beggar. Weishaupt was a man of low degree then struggling to find money to pay for an illegal abortion that had been performed on his sister-in-law. After his interview with Amschel, Weishaupt appeared in Paris with millions of francs at his disposal. He "imported" at least 30,000 criminals of the worst type and set them up in dens in Paris. He did the same thing in Germany. When all preparations were completed and the stage was set in 1789, all hell broke loose in Paris. According to author Pouget St. Andre, a chronicler of the revolution that burst upon France, Danton was a Jew as was Robespierre whose real name was Ruban.

Pouget St. Andre, author of Les Auteurs de la Revolution Francaise, posed the question which to this day has never been answered:

Why did the Convention shed so much blood? They say that the bloodshed was caused by the hatred of the people against the privileged class. How could the small percentage of executed aristocrats be explained by only 5% of all condemned? Why were

the reforms bought for 4 billion francs and 50,000 heads when Louis XVI was already offering them free?"

Ernest Renan in his work, La Monarchic Constitutionally en France, wrote:

The murder of King Louis XVI was an act of the most hideous materialism, the most shameful profession of ingratitude and baseness, of most roturiere villainy and forgetfulness of the past. Nothing, but bloodlust was served by those who put the king to death.

Kitap: The Rothschild Dynasty
Yazar: John Coleman
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