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Jerico'nun Duvarları Tepetaklak Aşağıya Geliyorlar

Mesajgönderen TurkmenCopur » 04 May 2011, 18:42


Earlier I referred to the fact that only five hundred Jewish families were allowed to live in Frankfurt Germany. The manner in which Mayer Amschel handled the problem was to become his trademark. On the birth of Napoleon's son, Grand Duke Dalberg of Frankfurt wanted to go to Paris and pay his respects, but none of the banks would lend him the money to make the trip.

Old Amschel however, saw the possibilities of putting Dalberg in his debt, and lent him eighty thousand gulden at five percent. No pressure was put on the Grand Duke to repay the loan as long as the interest was paid, but at the same time, there was no favor asked by the Rothschilds that the Grand Duke could or did refuse.

Amschel and his family were engaged in extensive smuggling operations in defiance of the French boycott of England out of which the Rothschilds made a great deal of money. Suspicion fell on Amschel, and a raid was set for May 1809.

Dalberg, who never missed a chance to borrow money from Amschel at lenient rates, tipped him off about the pending raid through his executive Commissioner of Police, von Eitzlein. Frantic activity placed contraband and incriminating documents with reliable friends, so that when

Inspector Savagner and his men arrived they found old Mayer Amschel in bed, and a search failed to turn up anything incriminating. Although Napoleon's Trade Boycott inspectors had come up empty-handed, Amschel was nevertheless still fined 20,000 francs, a mere pittance, but he escaped going to prison, which would have happened had the contraband been discovered by the inspectors.

When the fuss had died down, Amschel tackled the problem of restrictions on the number of Jewish families allowed to reside in Frankfurt. He approached Dalberg, who still owed him the principle sum of the loan.

By law, each Jewish family had to pay an annual fee of 22,000 gulden to remain in the city. Amschel and one of his partners, a certain Gumprecht, persuaded the Grand Duke to accept one lump sum that would give the Jews citizenship rights in Frankfurt, the very thing so strongly opposed by the Christian majority. More than that, Amschel demanded not only equal citizenship, but in addition, the Jews would be allowed to establish their own ruling bodies and councils.
The greedy Dalberg demanded that the lump sum proposed by Amschel be twenty times the total annual fee. Amschel and his friends met the demand with 294,000 gulden in cash and the balance in bearer debentures.

In a letter to the Grand Duke confirming the arrangement and terms, Amschel showed that when humble obsequious behavior was necessary he was a master of the art:

If I could be the messenger of the good news, as soon as it has been signed by His Royal Highness our most excellent Lord and Great Duke, in favor, and that I can inform my nation of their great joy, you will graciously inform me of it through the post, confess I abuse your goodness and grace, but I do not doubt that your Highness and your honored family have to await great heavenly rewards and will receive much happiness and blessing because in truth our whole

Jewry, if they have the happiness to obtain equal rights will gladly pay with great pleasures all dues the citizens have to pay.

Note how Amschel boldly asserted that the Jews of Frankfurt were a separate nation. The agreement was some time in getting passed, but when it did, Amschel immediately announced the establishment of the Governing Body of the Israelite Religions Community with von Eitzlein (a Jew) the first president, perhaps rewarded for tipping Amschel to the planned raid for contraband in May 1809. The Senate and the Christians were furious and immediately attacked the agreement as giving special privileges to the Jews.

Rumors flew thick and fast that Dalberg had received a substantial payment, which he had not made public. Feeling against Dalberg and the Jews reached fever pitch. Accusations of bribery for exchange for equal rights filled the air. With the fall of Napoleon, Dalberg was deposed and replaced by Baron von Hugel of the Hessians.

Amschel was not afraid of Austria or Prussia, he had their governments in the palm of his hand, but he feared that when the Congress of Vienna decided the status of Frankfurt in 1814, the Dalberg agreement would not be honored. He sent Jacob Baruch and a certain Gompers as his representatives, but the Vienna police had them under surveillance as revolutionaries and ordered them to be expelled.

However, Prince Metternich, who had been created by Nathan Rothschild, just as Adam Weishaupt, Napoleon, Disraeli and Bismarck were all mere puppet-creations (or "valets") of the Rothschilds, cancelled the order. Bribery and corruption were quite openly practiced.
Humbold was offered three beautiful emerald rings worth a fortune, plus four thousand ducats, which he refused. Metternich's secretary, Frederick von Gentz however accepted the bribes offered, and was forever thereafter a most valuable conduit to the powerful Austrian nobility and political leaders for the Rothschilds.

When news of Napoleon having landed on French soil from his exile in St. Helena reached the Congress, the "Jewish question," had to be shelved. The Congress of Vienna was the first world conference to be dominated by the international bankers, and the Rothschilds contributed very heavily to the control the banker's exercised over the decisions that were taken.

Kitap: The Rothschild Dynasty
Yazar: John Coleman
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