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Adolf Hitler'in Kaçışı

Birinci Dünya Savaşının galibi İngiltere'dir. İngiliz devletini yöneten unsur kraliyet hanedanlığıdır. Bilindiği gibi İngilizler, Almanlar, Hollandalılar ve Fransızlar gibi Cermen milletinin bir mensubudurlar.
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İşte bu İngiltere devleti, kendisinin bir uzantısı olan Amerikan devleti ve Almanya devletindeki bazı aile şirketlerini, şeytani tarikatları ve hükümet nezdindeki önemli kişileri kullanarak(ve ayrıca onları büyütüp, ünlü yapıp, sahneye çıkartıp ve sonrasındada besleyip), Devlet+Mafya-Tarikat-Gladyo sistemini İkinci Dünya Savaşı öncesinde ve sırasında kurmaya çalışmak istemiştir ve başarılı olmuştur.
Nasıl başarılı olmuştur ve bu Devlet+Mafya-Tarikat-Gladyo sisteminin içinde kimler var?
Devlet: İngiltere-Amerika.
Devleti Yöneten Hanedan(İngiliz/Cermen Milletine Hizmet Ediyor): Windsor(İngiliz Cermen Kökenli) ve Rothschild(Hazar Türk Kökenli) sülalelerinin karışımı
Mafya: Rockefeller-Rothschild-JP Morgan gibi sülale şirketleri
Tarikat: İlluminati, Mason, Bilderberg gibi şeytani tarikatlar
Gladyo: İngilizlerin kontrolünde olan Faşist İktidarlar: İngiliz Ajanı Kukla Hitler ve Kukla Nazi Devleti/Hükümeti, ve İngiliz Ajanı Kukla Stalin ve Lenin'in Sovyetler Birliği'nin Yıkımını Amaçlayan Yeni Sovyet Devleti/Hükümeti.
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Adolf Hitler'in Kaçışı

Mesajgönderen TurkmenCopur » 04 May 2011, 13:50


It was well known and publicly reported that Hitler often made use of doubles, men who closely resembled him, for use at certain public presentations. Pauline Koehler, a maid at Hitler's Berghof in Berchtesgaden, insisted that she knew of at least three men who doubled for Hitler.

Did Hitler make use of one final double in the bunker? After all, the few persons who testified that he was dead were ardent Nazis who were eager to please their captors—whether Russian, British, or American—with accounts of the leader's death. Was the strange execution of Eva Braun's brother-in-law, Hermann Fegelein, due to his knowledge of Hitler's escape plan with the use of a double? Fegelein had left the bunker but protested when captured by an SS search party that he planned to return. He was later shot by a firing squad in the chancellery garden for desertion. Yet, days earlier, Hitler had urged others in the bunker to flee. "Get out! Get out!" he cried. "Go to South Germany. I'll stay here. It is all over anyhow." Why make Fegelein the exception?

Evidence that Fegelein was privy to secret knowledge comes from Kristina Reiman, an actress who met with Fegelein in Berlin on April 27. She told author Glenn B. Infield, "He was very worried. We had several drinks together and he kept repeating that there were two Hitlers in Berlin. . . . I thought he was drunk. Just before he left me, however, he said that if the fuehrer ever discovered that he, Fegelein, knew his secret, Hitler would kill him."

To fake Hitler's death would have been simple. A Hitler double could have been secreted into the bunker any time prior to his reported suicide. After Hitler got Eva to take poison—or a dead duplicate Eva brought in—the double, dressed in the fuehrer's clothing, could have been shot, a poison capsule placed in his mouth, and left to be covered by Bormann and retrieved by the unsuspecting valet Linge.

Hitler could have then passed from the study through his living quarters to a small conference room containing a stairway to the garden above. Hitler had instructed Linge to wait "at least ten minutes before entering the room." While Linge and others from the entourage waited in the hallway outside Hitler's study, the fuehrer's party and an armed SS escort could have made their way to a secluded spot to await darkness.

Under the cover of night, Hitler could have moved along Hermann Goering Strasse, then cut across the Tiergarten to the Zoo Station near Adolf Hitler Platz. From there, they could have followed the rail lines to the Reichssportfeld and crossed the Scharndorfestrasse to the Piechelsdorf Bridge, a short walk to the Havel River, where a Ju-52 floatplane would have been waiting to fly the fuehrer out.

Indeed a Ju-52 pontoon plane had landed on the Havel the previous night, at the radioed request of someone in the Fuehrerbunker. It took off that same night. Author Infield has suspected this was a practice run for the following night.

Once away from Berlin, an airplane could have taken Hitler almost anywhere in territory not under direct control of the Allies—Switzerland, Spain, or any number of other friendly locations.
But did this happen?

Conventional history says that Hitler and Eva Braun committed suicide in the bunker—end of story, despite tantalizing tidbits of information that have surfaced since the war. On July 17, 1945, during the Potsdam Conference, Soviet leader Joseph Stalin reportedly told U.S. president Harry S. Truman that Hitler did not commit suicide but probably escaped. Years later, the Russians produced photos purporting to be of Hitler's dead body, which contradicted their earlier accounts that the bodies of Hitler and his mistress had been immediately burned.

Today, while Hitler's fate may be intriguing and undoubtedly will be argued for years, it is immaterial, a moot point. What is certain is that Hitler's legacy—National Socialism—lives on.

THE HISTORY OF how the Nazis, armed with advanced technology and the greatest hoard of treasure in history, were able to escape justice at the end of World War II is perhaps the greatest untold story of the twentieth century.

From the days of Lyndon B. Johnson to those of George W. Bush, there has been talk of "Amerika" turning "fascist." Most people, this author included, dismissed this as radical rhetoric. Unfortunately, as shall be seen, this might not be so far from the truth.
The Germans were defeated in World War II . . . but not the Nazis. They were simply forced to move. They scattered to the four corners of the world. Many of them came to the United States and penetrated what President Dwight D. Eisenhower termed "the military-industrial complex."
They escaped with the loot of Europe as well as rocket science and even more exotic technologies. Some of this technology was so advanced that it remains classified in U.S. government files even today.

Both Nazi science and ideology were brought to America in the after math of World War II with the aid and assistance of the very same self-styled globalists who created National Socialism in the first place. Their agenda matches that of the old Bavarian Illuminati, who were long thought to have perished soon after the time of George Washington. But if the order died, its credo lives on—power and control through wealth by any means possible. From the seeds of Nazism planted in America during the Cold War sprang a whole new nation, one that today has become the greatest superpower in history but has also incurred a growing hatred among the nations of the world as well as alienation and dissension among its own citizens.

At the beginning of the third millennium after Christ, by most criteria, the once-free constitutional republic of the United States had become a National Socialist nation, an empire of the creators of the Third Reich—a Fourth Reich. If this assessment seems harsh and unbelievable, read on. Be advised that this work has no political conviction to advocate, no conspiracy theory to press, and no hidden agenda. It is a collection of supportable facts that leads to certain conclusions, uncomfortable and unconventional as they may be.
But first, one must understand the definition of the terms under consideration.

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